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{Collecting Rainbows} Playing Cards


Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards ($12.99)

This isn’t the first time we’ve had Fredericks & Mae games on Daydream In Color and I’m sure it won’t be the last. They are always spot on with colorful and fun!

What’s your favorite card game?

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{Daydream In} Honey & Pumpkin For The Home


Illume Heirloom Pumpkin Glass Candle ($21.97) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Ginger Beer ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Cranberry & Raspberry Presse Soda ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Apple Plum Cinnamon Cordial ($15) | Papier Mache Wall Art ($199) | Geode Sun Catcher ($128-$328)| Sungrove Flower Bowl ($38) | Space Dye Leaf Pillows ($19.97) | Layla Wool Rug ($189-999)

It’s been a super hot summer here in the Northwest and we are ready to focus on the cooling temperatures of Fall. That along with our recent Kondo adventure, we are spending a lot of time indoors clearing the house of things that do not bring us joy. With all the fun 70s Fall trends popping up, I thought I’d share some finds that pair the trend with homewares. Honey and pumpkin give off the perfect Fall and 70s vibe. To top it all off, enjoy your new digs with some pretty cocktails made with that delicious sounding apple plum cinnamon cordial or the ginger beer and cranberry raspberry soda.

We have also been focusing our summer attention on home repairs. If you are in the UK and looking for some great tradesmen in your area, check out to connect to some reputable people. (Note: They are a Daydream In Color partner.)

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{Color Palette} End Of Summer Cool Down


Don’t these end of summer grapefruit popsicles by Paper & Stitch just make you want to savor the last little bits of sunshine?

How are you celebrating the end of summer?


Your Future Finances: The Importance Of Making A Plan


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In life, it is impossible to make plans to cover every eventuality. As a result, many people just coast along with little thought about the long term and their financial future.

However, when it comes to finances, it is extremely important to have a good idea of what is happening at any one time and how it will impact your future. Because it is never too early to start planning for a comfortable retirement, your short-term financial goals need to be part of your long-term outlook strategy.

Plans and options

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget that what happens now can determine how your future will unfold. Everyone wants to enjoy the fruits of their labor and a secure retirement. For some, paying off the mortgage is their main goal, while others aim for detailed planning in order to maintain a certain standard of living.

Ken Fisher, the noted Forbes writer and highly respected financial expert, has shared 99 Tips from Ken Fisher, a free guide to help novice investors with their financial and retirement planning. His investment advice centers around a common sense approach to investments, which involves looking for trends and influences that might not necessarily be mentioned on the financial pages.


Taking Fisher’s advice means doing research and looking at your own financial situation from a personal point of view. Do you have extra funds that could be used in high risk/high return investments? Do you have a company pension that could fund a comfortable retirement on its own? With all of these choices from the range of options available, making sure you have the right kind of help and advice can be the difference between success and failure.


The earlier you put a retirement plan into action, the better the chances are of it succeeding. Setting up automatic monthly contributions to a retirement plan may be the easiest, most straightforward thing you can do. Making the most of tax advantageous schemes is also a no-brainer.

Most retirement plans offer significant tax advantages because money put into the account is not usually taxed as income at the time of the contribution. However, employer-sponsored 401(k) savings plans can have restrictions on contributions. These restrictions are designed to make sure that highly compensated employees do not gain too much tax advantage.

Both the Roth IRA and the Roth 401(k) offer different advantages. Contributions to these must be made with money that has been taxed as income, and after meeting various restrictions, withdrawals are received tax-free.


Being financially prepared for the future can be one of the most positive, family-orientated aspects of personal financial planning. It also means that the plans you make in your working life will take you forward on a path that ultimately leads to an enjoyable and worry-free old age.

Note: This post was provided by a Daydream In Color partner. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration. Thanks for tuning in!

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{Collecting Rainbows} Torched Wood









A has been in the process of setting up his wood shop in the garage after moving his dad’s workbench and tools over. We have been dreaming up all sorts of things we’re going to make. We’ll see how far we actually get… In the mean time, it’s fun to imagine all the beautiful things we could make with this torched and stained wood from Delta Millworks of Austin, Texas, and reSawn Timber Co. of Telford, Pennsylvania.

What color would you choose?

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{Partnered Post} Skinny Teatox

Skinny-Teatox-Logo Daydream-In-Color-Skinny-Teatox-14-Day-Program Warm weather is here! With that comes the dreaded swimsuit season. Every year I make resolutions I can’t keep the second I lay my eyes on ice cream. When I heard about Skinny Teatox, I realized it’d be the perfect new thing to try this year. I opted for the 14-day program (currently on sale!). I also got the adorable strawberry tea infuser, which was perfect for the teaspoon of loose leaf tea serving. Daydream-In-Color-Skinny-Teatox-Cup The program is simple. A serving of the skinny teatox tea a day and the evening detox weight loss tea every other night. The included information pamphlet talks about making sure to eat well and exercise while on the program. A and I just started our pushup program to reach 100 nonstop pushups, so it worked out great. The warm weather has also made it easier to make nice healthy salads for lunch and dinner. Daydream-In-Color-Skinny-Teatox-Tea-Leaves The first thing I noticed was how good the day time tea smelled. A little bit of citrus and floral notes. We just started having a lot of overtime days at work and a cup of the tea in the morning was just the thing to perk me up in the early mornings. I also felt like my tummy was flatter. Daydream-In-Color-Skinny-Teatox-Evening-Tea The evening tea tastes good and clears you up by morning. I love the way they make me feel overall. Less “puffy” and more energy. Give it a whirl and let me know how it works out for you!

Thank you for tuning in. Posts like these help provide our other colorful posts. Thanks to Skinny Teatox for giving me a chance to check out their lovely product. 


{Collecting Rainbows} PINO Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs



Since A sported a bow tie for our wedding, I haven’t been able to get over them. These ones from PINO ($88) are some of the most colorful around. Plus, I love those handkerchief rounds ($58)! The contrasting edging makes for a special touch.

Which one would you choose?



{Partnered Post} Making Sure Your Customers Form an Orderly Queue

The term crowd control barriers may conjure up all sorts of different images in your imagination. You’ll probably think about burly bodyguards keeping hoards of screaming teenagers back from the latest pop sensation or Hollywood superstar.

Whereas this is one use of this type of use they are also utilized in many more areas of the world around us. The chances are that you’ll come across some sort of barrier every day in your normal daily routine.  It’s not only boy bands and movie stars which need to be kept behind these barriers (or is it the fans which are behind them, I’m never quite sure), but they are also used in many other situations.

Barriers are used to keep the general public safe from harm on building sites and construction areas. It’s simply a way of herding the public where they are safe to be and protecting them from holes, obstacles and dangerous situations.


They are also used in many stores and offices. Think about the confusion and trouble there could be if everybody wasn’t persuaded to form an orderly queue while waiting to pay for their things in the department store. Instead of just milling around and queue jumping these barriers are used to keep everybody in line and under control.

The same can be said of banks and post offices. Any office which has a busy flow of customers coming through the doors can benefit from having some sort of crowd control system in place. Okay, the crowd may only be 4 or 5 different people but it can still help to keep everything under control.


Airports use barriers as a means of protecting passengers safe too. Imagine how dangerous it would be if people were allowed to wander around on the runway every time they went to board a plane or disembark at the other end? Barriers funnel you into the safe areas and help to make sure that everybody is safely on board as quickly as possible.

Fun fairs and theme parks often have to cope with pretty large crowds waiting for their turn on the rides and attractions and without some sort of barrier system in position it could soon fall into pandemonium.


A crowd control system is also used in many cinemas with the ticket collector removing the temporary barrier to all those who have the relevant ticket to see the movie in question. Without this type of control how would they be able to stop people from sneaking in to the cinema without paying?

So you see, it’s not only celebrities on the red carpet and boy bands who need to take control of the crowds, barriers have their place in many other walks of life too.

If you think that your business could benefit from some sort of crowd control barrier system then take a look at YescomUSA. They’ve got some incredibly stylish and portable systems which can be used as semi permanent or temporary ways to keep people in some sort of order. Barrier post systems certainly don’t detract from the décor or ambiance of an office or store; they are actually pretty stylish and can add something to the surroundings.

All businesses need to ensure that they customers are kept safe and orderly and that everyone will be seen at the appropriate time and when it is their turn. This is why so many businesses these days rely on the rope barriers or belt barrier systems available at the above website. They’ve got wall mounted ones too for added stability.

Thank you for tuning in. Posts like these help provide our other colorful posts.

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} The Color Condition




I ‘ve found my newest color idols in The Color Condition. They pop up at events, displays, and whatever to streamer the place up into a beautiful flowy explosion of color and movement. The streamers are made from tablecloths, painter drop cloths, shower curtains, etc. So pretty and fun!

Where would you want a streamer installation?

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{Color Palette} Colorful Row Boats


An old post had be thinking of life on the water and I went looking for some colorful row boats to begin the relaxing thoughts of spending time afloat. (Photo by David & Bonnie)

Have you ever been in a rowboat?