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DIY Paper Party

{Loved & Noted} DIY Paper Feathers, Paper Bows, & Simple Kraft Boxes


With the holidays coming up, my mind is swimming with wrapping possibilities.

These natural looking paper feathers by Lia Griffith are a cute option.

The cartoony and fun look of this DIY paper bow by How About Orange would be so perfect for my niece and nephew!

These sophisticated kraft boxes would look so prim and proper under the tree.

What’s inspiring your wrapping this year?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Art Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Béatrice Coron




{Béatrice Coron}

This amazing woman studied art but went on to hold many an odd jobs from shepherdess and truck driver to factory worker and a New York City tour guide. At 40, Béatrice Coron came back to NYC from France to be an artist. Her intricate paper cuttings tell stories. In her statement:

My creative inspiration comes from everything I see and everything I read. For each theme, one story leads to the next, and the creation process weaves different layers of our relations to the universe. In papercutting as in life everything is connected.

I love staring at each piece and imagining their interactions with each other, which is just as she intended!

What interactions today has you thinking?

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Daydream In Honeycombs


1 - Honeycomb Cake Pan ($36) | 2 - Hexagon Name Cards | 3 - Honeycomb Vintage Photograph Display | 4 - Honeycomb Mirror Tiles | 5 - Pastel Hexagon Potholders | 6 - Honeycomb Statement Necklace ($18) | 7 - Trina Turk Hexagon Open Lace Top ($178) | 8 - Gold Honeycomb Earrings ($48) | 9 - Honeycomb Card Case ($24) | 10 – Pastel Orange Honeycomb Plate ($25) | 11 – Honeycomb Sunglasses ($159) | 12 – Honeycomb Terrarium Kit ($168)

Honeycombs, hexagons, whatever you want to call them. They are hip and they are catchy. I can’t stop thinking they’re the perfect shape for pretty much anything to give it a modern vibe! Let’s daydream together in this fun shape!

If you’re into colorful honeycomb balls, check out this post!

Do you like honeycombs or hexagons?

DIY Home Decor Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Mini Happy Birthday Garland


It was the birthday of two of my coworkers last week and previous, so I’ve got birthdays on the brain! You may remember my garland bombing post. I still love doing this, but I was looking for some fresh ideas when I came across this adorable garland by Angela Hardison for her even more adorable baby girl’s 1st birthday (Photo above by Angela Hardison).

I wanted a mini cube friendly version of my own to surprise my coworker on her birthday. Be sure to check out the DIY Floral Monograms, which I paired with this garland on her wall.




  • Printer
  • Copy Paper
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape


  1. Click on template to open.
  2. Print on copy paper.
  3. Cut along the letter outlines (basically cut out anything white).
  4. Tip: If you want a garland other than black, staple the template to your color/patterned paper and cut the two pieces of paper together.
  5. Tape the letters to string.
  6. Hang, garland bomb, and celebrate away!


Daydream-In-Color-Freebie-Friday-Mini-Happy-Birthday-Garland Daydream-In-Color-Freebie-Friday-Mini-Happy-Birthday-Garland-Template

Do you have friends with upcoming birthdays?

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Daydream In Maps


1 – Map Thermos ($24) | 2 – Tangram Map Postcards ($15/15) | 3 – Paris Map Locket ($39) | 4 – Concrete Trivet ($8) | 5 – Corkboard Map ($48) | 6 – Subway Map Bowtie ($54) | 7 – Crumpled City Maps ($20) | 8 – You’re Great Poster ($40) | 9 – Map Magnets ($12/4) | 10 – City Quilt ($450) | 11 – Map Print Tunic Dress ($100) | 12 – Map Pillow ($52)

After working many a weekends this month with more to go, A & I have the travel bug like no other. We just want to fly away somewhere and escape for a while. Luckily we have a Mexico trip planned with some of my best pals in August.

You may also not know that I had a really crazy globe collecting phase. It’s over now, but the entire collection is all over the house. It’s kind of ridic. I will always have a soft spot for maps. They are just so interesting and seeing how they’ve changed through the years. So, let’s daydream in maps today! I love that Topshop dress!

If you’re after even more, check out this globetrotting lust list.

PS: I’m trying this new thing with the numbers. Is it easier to find the link you’re looking for?

Are you into maps?

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{Freebie Friday} DIY Floral Monograms


I’ve been obsessed with flowers for the past few months now. I wanted to make something else fun for my coworker’s birthday garland bombing. Then it struck me, what better way to spell out her name than in flowers! Plus, luckily it’s flower week here! Stay tuned for the happy birthday garland freebie.




  • Printer
  • Template
  • Copy paper
  • Tape
  • Foam board (I got mine at the dollar store) – You can probably get about 7-8 letters per board
  • A mix of small and big fabric flowers (I got mine at the dollar store) - I used 1-2 bunches for each letter, if you want to fill the whole letter with flowers plan on 2-3 bunches per letter. You can also use tissue paper flowers (DIY to come).
  • Exacto knife / Scissors / Pruning scissors (depending on how hard your fabric flowers are to cut)
  • Self healing mat or extra board to protect work surface
  • Hot glue gun or any strong glue
  • If hanging: Hang Tab template, Cardstock, Hole punch, String


  1. Click on letter template to open. Decide what you want to spell out and print out those letters onto copy paper.
  2. Tape template onto foam board. Trim white parts of template if you’re trying to fit as many as possible on the foam board.
  3. Place self healing mat or an extra foam board on work surface to protect. Use the exacto knife or scissors (depending on thickness of board) to cut out letters.
  4. If using fabric flowers, cut them from their stems. Some fabric flowers and leaves can just be popped off their stems. I chose to pop off the leaves and hot glue gun them to each flower because I liked the green in the mix. It’s up to you if you want to use the leaves.
  5. Arrange flowers on your cut out letter.
  6. Once you’re happy with the look, hot glue gun the flowers down. Allow time for the glue to dry.
  7. If hanging, click on hang tab template to open. Print on cardstock. Cut along solid lines. Punch holes out at “X.” Glue as many as needed to top back  or sides of monograms. Allow glue to dry. Loop string through the punched holes and knot to hang or if hanging against a wall, just stuck the pin through the hang tab.








What will you spell out in flowers?

Art Nature Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Rebecca J Coles





{Rebecca J Coles} Twitter

With my new gardening obsession, I’m figuring out what to include in my plants to make a good habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies. My newly spawned intrigue with all things butterflies led me to the work of Rebecca J Coles. She cuts hand drawn butterflies from paper destined for the trash and arranges them beautifully.

For more butterfly inspiration, visit this post or to make your own check out this post.

If you’re looking for flower inspired art, check out these big blooms.

Are you a fan of butterflies?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Vintage

Daydream In Peach And Gray


Carpe Diem Peach & Gray Pillow ($55) | Fabric Peach & Gray Bouquet ($90) | Peach & Gray Birdcage Veil ($100) | Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief ($7) | Peach & Gray Fabric Bunting ($32) | Lace Peach & Gray Dreamcatcher ($20) | Bloom & Grow Tote ($25) | Peach & Gray Dresser ($425) | Peach Botswana Agate White Coral Bracelet ($50) | Peach & Gray Infinity Scarf ($22)

The light with a touch of sherbet combo of peach and gray is really striking a chord with me lately. It started with that awesome applique pillow and now I can’t get the pair out of my head.

Do you like the combination of peach and gray?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Party

{Lust List} Put A Bird On It


Flying Swan Lampshade ($88) | Pink Spinel Claw Stud Earrings ($118) | Embroidered Bird Clutch ($128) | Songbird Coasters ($11/25)

I’ve finally stopped being so obsessed with gardening lately and it’s not because I’m no longer interested. Crows and squirrels have been digging up everything I’ve been planting lately and not even to eat them. Just to sabotage! I caught a squirrel lifting up a plant I just put into the ground and rolling around in the loose dirt and then I saw crows nipping the tips of my lilies and roses and gourds that were just about to bloom and throwing them aside. But at times like these, I need to remind myself that they’re just wild animals and look at pretty pictures of them before I have dreams of buying a BB gun.

Are you a bird fan? Have you caught them digging up your garden?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Party Patterns

Daydream In Black and White Polka Dots



Zimmermann Resort 2014 Polka Dot Ruffle Dress | Polka Dot Wallpaper | Polka Dot Pillows In Room | Polka Dot Bridesmaids Photo by Amy Majors Photography | Polka Dot Baby Annoucements ($350) | J.Crew Minuit Big Dot Linen Dress ($148) | Deborah Lippmann Staccato Nail Polish ($19) | Kate Spade Polka Dot iPhone Case ($40) | Black & White Polka Dot Luggage Tag ($9) | Black & White Polka Dot Bow Heels ($58) | Sweet Dot Jeans ($62) | Black & White Polka Dot Washi Tape ($3.50) | Black & White Polka Dot Leather Tote

I have a white dress filled with black polka dots and every time I wear it, it makes me feel extra summer-y. It got me thinking about how fun yet classic this pattern is. Come daydream with me today in all things black and white polka dot.

Do you like this pattern?