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{Collecting Rainbows} Torched Wood









A has been in the process of setting up his wood shop in the garage after moving his dad’s workbench and tools over. We have been dreaming up all sorts of things we’re going to make. We’ll see how far we actually get… In the mean time, it’s fun to imagine all the beautiful things we could make with this torched and stained wood from Delta Millworks of Austin, Texas, and reSawn Timber Co. of Telford, Pennsylvania.

What color would you choose?

Home Decor Nature

{Color Palette} Ornamental Antlers


I’m always intrigued by animal heads. They speak to me and freak me out at the same time. But, I’m loving this holiday version decorated with sparkly ornaments (via I Suwanee). Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you celebrating today?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Leah Flores



Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Leah-Flores-Let's Run-Away


Portland based Leah Flores is inspiring me with her hand lettering combined with retro feel photography for a match made in heaven. A and I used to get excited when we discovered a new place in the neighborhood and beyond and we’d just look at each other and say “Adventure!” (yes, we’re total dorks like that). I definitely need to order some prints, but which ones?

{Leah Flores} Society 6 Shop

Which is your fave?

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Daydream In Banana Leaves


1 – Milly iPhone Case ($40) | 2 – Topshop Banana Leaf Print Top ($76) | 3 – Whit Banana Leaf Print Clutch ($102) | 4 – Palm Beach Pillow ($65) | 5 – Poplin Banana Leaf Silk Pajamas ($395) | 6 – Banana Leaf Wedding Cake by Cheryl Kleinman | 7 – Banana Leaf Coaster DIY | 8 – West Hollywood Salad Recipe via Tory Burch | 9 – Nicky Hilton’s Banana Leaf Wallpapered Room

We are headed to Cabo this weekend to meet up with some of my best friends. I’m so excited. After the crazy hours at work for the past month, it’s much needed for both of us! In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy some beach time, lounging in the sun, and shopping so I’ll be back posting on Wednesday. I’m in total resort mode thus the banana leaves! I’m loving their bold pattern flair!

PS: If you’re more into banana print, check out this post.

Did you go anywhere this summer? Are you a fan of banana leaf print?

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{Color Palette} Three Wooden Oars


I’ve kayaked once in the past with A’s parents, but I’ve yet to try my hand in an old fashioned row boat. These beautifully worn oars have summer thoughts written all over them. (via Prepfection)

Have you ever rowed before?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Jason DeMarte





These works of art with photography by Jason DeMarte are playful yet are really thought-provoking. I love the mix of nature with consumer products we see every day.

{Jason DeMarte} Panacea Book

Which is your favorite?

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{Color Palette} Desert Of Flowers


Vintage looking desertscapes are inspiring me today (via Nasty Gal). It’s funny how many colors can actually show up in the desert. If you’re into deserts, you might be into this color palette too.

What’s catching your eye today?

DIY Home Decor Nature Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} DIY Floral Monograms


I’ve been obsessed with flowers for the past few months now. I wanted to make something else fun for my coworker’s birthday garland bombing. Then it struck me, what better way to spell out her name than in flowers! Plus, luckily it’s flower week here! Stay tuned for the happy birthday garland freebie.




  • Printer
  • Template
  • Copy paper
  • Tape
  • Foam board (I got mine at the dollar store) – You can probably get about 7-8 letters per board
  • A mix of small and big fabric flowers (I got mine at the dollar store) - I used 1-2 bunches for each letter, if you want to fill the whole letter with flowers plan on 2-3 bunches per letter. You can also use tissue paper flowers (DIY to come).
  • Exacto knife / Scissors / Pruning scissors (depending on how hard your fabric flowers are to cut)
  • Self healing mat or extra board to protect work surface
  • Hot glue gun or any strong glue
  • If hanging: Hang Tab template, Cardstock, Hole punch, String


  1. Click on letter template to open. Decide what you want to spell out and print out those letters onto copy paper.
  2. Tape template onto foam board. Trim white parts of template if you’re trying to fit as many as possible on the foam board.
  3. Place self healing mat or an extra foam board on work surface to protect. Use the exacto knife or scissors (depending on thickness of board) to cut out letters.
  4. If using fabric flowers, cut them from their stems. Some fabric flowers and leaves can just be popped off their stems. I chose to pop off the leaves and hot glue gun them to each flower because I liked the green in the mix. It’s up to you if you want to use the leaves.
  5. Arrange flowers on your cut out letter.
  6. Once you’re happy with the look, hot glue gun the flowers down. Allow time for the glue to dry.
  7. If hanging, click on hang tab template to open. Print on cardstock. Cut along solid lines. Punch holes out at “X.” Glue as many as needed to top back  or sides of monograms. Allow glue to dry. Loop string through the punched holes and knot to hang or if hanging against a wall, just stuck the pin through the hang tab.








What will you spell out in flowers?

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Daydream In Daisies


Fluttered Daisy Top ($118) | Triple Daisy Head Wrap ($28) | Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain Studs ($48) | Topshop Moto Daisy Ripped Shorts ($60) | Daisy Garland ($33) | Daisy Braid | Knitted Daisy Net Tights ($16) | Daisy Star Cosmetics Case ($58) | Daisy Print Dress ($17) | Jeffrey Campbell Lita Daisy Boot ($165) | Vans Daisy Sneaker ($55)

Daisies are the perfect thing to daydream about during our flower week! In fact, they’re A’s favorite flower. So simple yet it packs so much happiness. So today is dedicated to these cute flowers and all that they inspire!

Do you like daisies?

Art Nature Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Rebecca J Coles





{Rebecca J Coles} Twitter

With my new gardening obsession, I’m figuring out what to include in my plants to make a good habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies. My newly spawned intrigue with all things butterflies led me to the work of Rebecca J Coles. She cuts hand drawn butterflies from paper destined for the trash and arranges them beautifully.

For more butterfly inspiration, visit this post or to make your own check out this post.

If you’re looking for flower inspired art, check out these big blooms.

Are you a fan of butterflies?