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{Color Palette} Colorful Row Boats


An old post had be thinking of life on the water and I went looking for some colorful row boats to begin the relaxing thoughts of spending time afloat. (Photo by David & Bonnie)

Have you ever been in a rowboat?

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{Color Palette} A Trunk Full Of Books


With the cooling weather, I can’t imagine a more satisfying afternoon than one curled up with a book (via Lovely Rice). But now…which one?

What’s your favorite book?

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{Color Palette} Entertaining In France


Entertaining in France in my head looks like this. A beautifully high ceiling loft setting with exposed brick and painted walls past. A lovely purple night glow filled with city lights. Faded colors hinting at history in the chairs under the sparkle of a chandelier (via Pink Lemonade Designs). I’ve most definitely been transported.

Do you like these colors?

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{Lust List} Capturing Colorful Memories


My head is still in Cabo by the pool with my friends. So, I’m naturally daydreaming about how to capture and keep those thoughts forever. We brought back a water bottle full of Cabo San Lucas sand. It’d be super cute in that colorful glass terrarium ($34). I’m also loving those rainbow instax mini pictures ($18) and the perfect metallic picture frame ($11) in multiple colors of course!

 How do you like capturing memories?

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Daydream In Maps


1 – Map Thermos ($24) | 2 – Tangram Map Postcards ($15/15) | 3 – Paris Map Locket ($39) | 4 – Concrete Trivet ($8) | 5 – Corkboard Map ($48) | 6 – Subway Map Bowtie ($54) | 7 – Crumpled City Maps ($20) | 8 – You’re Great Poster ($40) | 9 – Map Magnets ($12/4) | 10 – City Quilt ($450) | 11 – Map Print Tunic Dress ($100) | 12 – Map Pillow ($52)

After working many a weekends this month with more to go, A & I have the travel bug like no other. We just want to fly away somewhere and escape for a while. Luckily we have a Mexico trip planned with some of my best pals in August.

You may also not know that I had a really crazy globe collecting phase. It’s over now, but the entire collection is all over the house. It’s kind of ridic. I will always have a soft spot for maps. They are just so interesting and seeing how they’ve changed through the years. So, let’s daydream in maps today! I love that Topshop dress!

If you’re after even more, check out this globetrotting lust list.

PS: I’m trying this new thing with the numbers. Is it easier to find the link you’re looking for?

Are you into maps?

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{Color Palette} Rookie Road Trip


Photo via Urban Outfitters

I’ve been dying to go on a road trip lately. I’m not sure why. A mini vacay with no destination and lots of memory making and picture taking along with way please! This vintage color palette has me thinking we should treasure hunt along the way too!

Have you taken a road trip lately?

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{Lust List} An Italian Summer


BKLYN Larder Gelato ($110/4) | Born Landis Wedges ($145) | Handmade Bocce Ball Set ($320)

My mom and I always imagined a trip through Italy. Sightseeing and tasting deliciousness along the way. The thought of playing outside with colorful Bocce balls brought these ideas all back to me. What better way to pretend being there this summer than with some housemade gelato and Italian leather sandals.

Have you been to Italy?

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Daydream In The Tropics


Tropical Bikini Top ($19) | Tropical Bikini Bottom ($16) | Urban Outfitter Sunglasses ($10) | Opening Ceremony Tropical Intarsia Sweater ($173) | Tropical Scarf ($30) | Tropical Maxi Dress ($70) | Click and Grow Starter Kit ($80) | Tangelo Tropical Clutch ($45)

It’s supposed to finally be heating up here in the Pacific NW and I can’t wait! We’ve been going between sunshine and sprinkles for a few weeks now (I guess because we got let off easy rainwise this spring). My mom is visiting from California first the first time since I bought the house, so it’ll be giggles and sightseeing this weekend. In the mean time, I hope ya’ll are enjoying the weather and if not, maybe indulge in some retail therapy with these items that remind me of hot tropical places.

How are you embracing tropical print?

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{Color Palette} Fields Of Orange


This beautiful photo via Sara Gossett reminds me of when my cousins and I visited the poppy fields as kids. I remember being so blown away as a kid at the pure intensity of color. I may need to find and share that photo soon.

Have you ever visited the poppy fields or wild flower fields nearby?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Calm The Ham

Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Calm-The-Ham-City-Skylines-London Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Calm-The-Ham-City-Skylines-New-York-City Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Calm-The-Ham-City-Skylines-Paris
I love it when someone does a modern or simple take on something. In this case, Calm The Ham has simplied and beautified the skylines of many major cities with their City Skyline collection. I’m also loving their takes on Hitchcock movies and other movie posters.

{Calm The Ham} City Skylines | Minimalist Film Prints | Hitchcock Movies

Which city poster would you want to get?