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{Collecting Rainbows} Playing Cards


Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards ($12.99)

This isn’t the first time we’ve had Fredericks & Mae games on Daydream In Color and I’m sure it won’t be the last. They are always spot on with colorful and fun!

What’s your favorite card game?

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{Daydream In} Honey & Pumpkin For The Home


Illume Heirloom Pumpkin Glass Candle ($21.97) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Ginger Beer ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Cranberry & Raspberry Presse Soda ($10) | Belvoir Fruit Farms UK Apple Plum Cinnamon Cordial ($15) | Papier Mache Wall Art ($199) | Geode Sun Catcher ($128-$328)| Sungrove Flower Bowl ($38) | Space Dye Leaf Pillows ($19.97) | Layla Wool Rug ($189-999)

It’s been a super hot summer here in the Northwest and we are ready to focus on the cooling temperatures of Fall. That along with our recent Kondo adventure, we are spending a lot of time indoors clearing the house of things that do not bring us joy. With all the fun 70s Fall trends popping up, I thought I’d share some finds that pair the trend with homewares. Honey and pumpkin give off the perfect Fall and 70s vibe. To top it all off, enjoy your new digs with some pretty cocktails made with that delicious sounding apple plum cinnamon cordial or the ginger beer and cranberry raspberry soda.

We have also been focusing our summer attention on home repairs. If you are in the UK and looking for some great tradesmen in your area, check out to connect to some reputable people. (Note: They are a Daydream In Color partner.)

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{Collecting Rainbows} Torched Wood









A has been in the process of setting up his wood shop in the garage after moving his dad’s workbench and tools over. We have been dreaming up all sorts of things we’re going to make. We’ll see how far we actually get… In the mean time, it’s fun to imagine all the beautiful things we could make with this torched and stained wood from Delta Millworks of Austin, Texas, and reSawn Timber Co. of Telford, Pennsylvania.

What color would you choose?

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{Partnered Post} Creating Your Very Own Walk In Wardrobe


4-Door Wardrobe

Creating a walk in wardrobe does not necessarily mean sacrificing a bedroom; there are a number of creative approaches that can definitely help. Some enticing tips that can be learned from the fashion trade mean it’s possible to organize all your preferred style essentials in such a way as to enhance access to your clothes and other accessories and to maximize the storage capacity in your home without sacrificing precious space. Here are a few ideas about how to make the most of the very best options available.

Floor to ceiling design 

Every inch counts so if planning to annex a corner of a relatively large bedroom start by deciding how much space can be sacrificed; some smaller walk in wardrobes can be created in an area that is roughly five by seven feet, with a ceiling height of about eight feet. A soft, velvet curtain across the opening is sufficient in place of a door, providing a little bit of allure as well as saving space.

In a small wardrobe choose a pale or neutral shade of paint or wallpaper to make the most of the petite dimensions. Shelves and drawers can be lined with favorite fabrics; while a high shelf placed all around the room, close to the ceiling, is a perfect resting place for hats, scarves, bags, belts and other accessories.

Underneath this high shelf and to one side it’s a good idea to layer two clothes rails, so that shorter items such as tops, trousers and shirts are accommodated. On the opposite wall, a single rail will cater for longer dresses, coats and skirts. Make the most of the corners too by inserting up to five or six shelves or drawers in both corner units so that smaller items can be stacked, stored and retrieved as required.

There should be plenty of floorspace for shoes all around the wardrobe, however those with an extensive collection of Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin creations might want to consider dedicating the under-ceiling shelf (or shelves) to their designer shoes instead.

Larger wardrobes

The possibilities for a supremely satisfying walk in closet can be magnified if there is more space available. Those who have an eye for creating a more sophisticated ‘dressing room’ effect can do so in a walk in wardrobe with the addition of a few simple pieces of really lovely furniture. For example, a full-length mirror; essential for viewing the completely perfect outfit, and an elegant chair or two, for checking out whether it’s possible to sit as well as stand in a costume, will enhance the effect of a dressing room space.

To make the most of a walk in wardrobe it helps to sort out all the clothes beforehand. Focus on those that will migrate to the new space, because this will help with planning the layout, such as the amount of shelving that will be needed and its optimum height, plus the dimensions required for clothes rails.

Note: This post was provided by a Daydream In Color partner. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration. Thanks for tuning in!

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{Partnered Post} Matching Your Windows To Your Interior Color Scheme


Windows don’t just frame our view of the outside world; they are an integral part of any interior design scheme. Exciting window treatments are one area which often get overlooked when putting a room together, which is unfortunate; unlocking the potential around a room’s window area can often transform that room from “Ok” to “Oh wow!”

Practical considerations

To start with, let us consider the question: What are windows for? In general, windows let the light in and allow us to see out, as well as providing a room with fresh air in the summer and helping keep it warm in the winter. Although windows are a vitally important part of our interior space many of us are guilty of taking our windows for granted – but to ignore the windows in our home is to miss out on a whole area where simple, stylish design tweaks can really impact the overall look of a room.

Colorful windows

It is important to any room design that the window treatments blend in with the room’s color scheme. Using shades and finishes that directly echo the palette in a room gives a sense of unity and calm. Whether window treatments are made of wood, steel, or plastic, it is usually possible to splash color near them, if not directly on them. Some people love the drama and opulence of floor to ceiling drapes that ooze style and make the window area the focal point of the room, while others prefer the tasteful, streamlined minimalism of plantation shutters. Wooden shutters look fabulous when color-matched with a room’s interior design, elegantly melting into the background while at the same time offering great practical benefits in terms of privacy, light control, and insulation. Alternatively, the budget-friendly simplicity of a roller blind in the right shade provides a solid block of color when extended and can tie in with furnishings in the room for maximum impact.

Many shades of harmony

A unified color scheme doesn’t require every surface to be an identical shade, but drawing from the same areas of the color spectrum will give a feeling of cohesion that promotes calm. To create a feeling of moving through space in the home, colors should change gradually from room to room; when all rooms are painted the same shade, it has the effect of shrinking the space.

Harmonious color schemes can be created by riffing on different versions of the same color in one space. For example, sage colored walls against lacquered window shutters in duck-egg green, soft furnishings in darker shades of moss, and door frames, base boards, and chair arms in contrasting meadow green will give a room layers of color and texture that appeal immediately to the eye. This layered-type of approach works for all rooms and with almost all colors, and is a simple way of re-vamping an interior which has turned stale.

If painting and decorating is on the ‘to do’ list, remember to include window treatments in the overall design. Consider using light reflective colors that complement the other colors in the room and give focus to the space. If the job is done well, it could be that visitors spend more time appreciating the view around the windows than what lies beyond them.

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{Color Palette} Ornamental Antlers


I’m always intrigued by animal heads. They speak to me and freak me out at the same time. But, I’m loving this holiday version decorated with sparkly ornaments (via I Suwanee). Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you celebrating today?

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{Lust List} Breakfast In Bed


Dualit Architect 2 Slot Toaster | TWG Magic Moment Tea | Harrods Raspberry and Cassis Jam | MacKenzie Childs Flower Market Enamel Tea Kettle | Deshoulières Seychelles Teacup and SaucerRoberto Cavalli Bedding

I just discovered Harrods new Home department and can I say I’m in love? I’m decorating the master bedroom after our favorite boutique hotel and Harrods bedding is right up my alley.

On top of that, what’s better than breakfast in such a beautiful bed, so I’ve rounded up my favorites to make it happen!

Note: This post is written in partnership with Harrods. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

What are you favorite items in Harrods new home department?

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{Color Palette} A Trunk Full Of Books


With the cooling weather, I can’t imagine a more satisfying afternoon than one curled up with a book (via Lovely Rice). But now…which one?

What’s your favorite book?

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{Lust List} Let’s Get Wallpapered!





Stained Charcoal Brick | Indulgence Turquoise | Antique World Map From 1777 | Eight Studies Of Wildflowers

You know I love patterns. I can’t get enough, so naturally I want to wallpaper my whole house. I love all the options at Wallpapered. They have a whole textures section with brick, wood planks, and concrete. There’s also a new maps section that includes antique maps and even a customized local map. Plus, they work with designers to offer pretty patterns like the turquoise one above by Yuyu. I also love how you can even upload your own patterns or pictures! How neat would it be to have such personalization in your home? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and design blog for more ideas.

Which would you choose?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Wallpapered. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

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{Lust List} Remodo Design


Recently, I was lucky enough to pair up with Remodo to try out their new design packages. It’s primarily for teens, kids, and the college-bound to figure out their style and have Remodo‘s awesome design team help them and you design their room. Since I don’t have kids in the house, I thought I’d try it out on my own bedroom. Since I love pretty much want everything in their shop, I knew the designers had my back and would design a room I would love.

The process was simple. You fill out a questionaire with questions about what you like and don’t like as well as the current state of the room like if there are pieces you want to stay in the room, the flooring, color, etc. You give them a budget and their in house designers get to work to make something just for you. How fun is that!

After that, you can purchase the designer selected items directly from their cute shop.

Check out what my designer designed for me above! I’m loving that little pink basket hamper & the black and white city photos.

You lucky readers are in for a treat!

Remodo is offering $10 off your order. Use code Shop10 at checkout.

They are also offering 25% off their design package, which is valued at $125, to work with a real designer. Use code WWAD2013 at checkout.

Note: This post is written in partnership with Remodo. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

What room are you going to design?