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{Freebie Friday} Fotor: Free Online Photo Editor


Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce Fotor, a free online photo editor. I played around with it and I just love all the options! The above collage was put together on Fotor. They have a variety of preset collage templates to choose from, but you can customize it from there! Want no white border? A different border? Filters? You can change it all!

The photos above for for Lan Su Gardens in Portland, OR. They are one of the venues we are looking at for the wedding. I just uploaded the pictures from my computer (you can also grab them from the web, your Facebook, webcam, Picasa, etc.) and dragged them into the template. I applied a warm filter to give it an instagram or vintage postcard look. Everything is super user friendly. You can then add text (all fonts installed on your computer are options). I used the font Lighthouse (for personal use) above.

There are also plenty of clip art options you can insert and you can even make personalized greeting cards!

What are you going to edit or create with Fotor?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Fotor. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

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{Color Palette} Clad In Plaid And Tie


This adorable photoshoot inspired by Fantastic Mr. Fox is putting me in the mood for more plaid. Her awesome jacket is also reminding me of this jacket. This is also the perfect outfit for Halloween!

Are you a plaid fan?

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{Color Palette} A Trunk Full Of Books


With the cooling weather, I can’t imagine a more satisfying afternoon than one curled up with a book (via Lovely Rice). But now…which one?

What’s your favorite book?

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{Lust List} Let’s Get Wallpapered!





Stained Charcoal Brick | Indulgence Turquoise | Antique World Map From 1777 | Eight Studies Of Wildflowers

You know I love patterns. I can’t get enough, so naturally I want to wallpaper my whole house. I love all the options at Wallpapered. They have a whole textures section with brick, wood planks, and concrete. There’s also a new maps section that includes antique maps and even a customized local map. Plus, they work with designers to offer pretty patterns like the turquoise one above by Yuyu. I also love how you can even upload your own patterns or pictures! How neat would it be to have such personalization in your home? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and design blog for more ideas.

Which would you choose?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Wallpapered. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

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{Color Palette} Entertaining In France


Entertaining in France in my head looks like this. A beautifully high ceiling loft setting with exposed brick and painted walls past. A lovely purple night glow filled with city lights. Faded colors hinting at history in the chairs under the sparkle of a chandelier (via Pink Lemonade Designs). I’ve most definitely been transported.

Do you like these colors?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Leah Flores



Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Leah-Flores-Let's Run-Away


Portland based Leah Flores is inspiring me with her hand lettering combined with retro feel photography for a match made in heaven. A and I used to get excited when we discovered a new place in the neighborhood and beyond and we’d just look at each other and say “Adventure!” (yes, we’re total dorks like that). I definitely need to order some prints, but which ones?

{Leah Flores} Society 6 Shop

Which is your fave?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Brent Couchman





 {Brent Couchman} Shop

San Francisco based illustrator and designer, Brent Couchman, is making me itching to try my hand at hand lettering. His work’s vintage vibe is fun and fresh. I’m loving his work for Fossil as much as I’m loving his “fun” work!

Have you ever tried hand lettering?

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{Color Palette} Three Wooden Oars


I’ve kayaked once in the past with A’s parents, but I’ve yet to try my hand in an old fashioned row boat. These beautifully worn oars have summer thoughts written all over them. (via Prepfection)

Have you ever rowed before?

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Daydream In Maps


1 – Map Thermos ($24) | 2 – Tangram Map Postcards ($15/15) | 3 – Paris Map Locket ($39) | 4 – Concrete Trivet ($8) | 5 – Corkboard Map ($48) | 6 – Subway Map Bowtie ($54) | 7 – Crumpled City Maps ($20) | 8 – You’re Great Poster ($40) | 9 – Map Magnets ($12/4) | 10 – City Quilt ($450) | 11 – Map Print Tunic Dress ($100) | 12 – Map Pillow ($52)

After working many a weekends this month with more to go, A & I have the travel bug like no other. We just want to fly away somewhere and escape for a while. Luckily we have a Mexico trip planned with some of my best pals in August.

You may also not know that I had a really crazy globe collecting phase. It’s over now, but the entire collection is all over the house. It’s kind of ridic. I will always have a soft spot for maps. They are just so interesting and seeing how they’ve changed through the years. So, let’s daydream in maps today! I love that Topshop dress!

If you’re after even more, check out this globetrotting lust list.

PS: I’m trying this new thing with the numbers. Is it easier to find the link you’re looking for?

Are you into maps?

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{Color Palette} Desert Of Flowers


Vintage looking desertscapes are inspiring me today (via Nasty Gal). It’s funny how many colors can actually show up in the desert. If you’re into deserts, you might be into this color palette too.

What’s catching your eye today?