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{Freebie Friday} Mad About Plaid Floral Note Cards

It’s finally the weekend and I can finally take a breather before I have to work through the next two weekends. Boo! I’m sure many of you are tuning in to the royal wedding today. For those of you that aren’t, you can look to this post to make your own little stash of note cards for those last minute situations. You know the ones I mean! “Oh, you got me a present? How unexpected!”

A lot of you loved the plaid jacket from this color palette post with a picture from Seoul Fashion Week 2011 by StreetFsn. I thought I’d make it into a note card for ya’ll that wished they could own that very awesome jacket. With the help of the free tea roses through a collaboration of Katrina of Pugly Pixel & The Gilded Bee, I also have a floral version that matches the photo.


  • Template
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Optional: envelopes


  1. Click the one you fancy to open.
  2. Print them out on cardstock.
  3. Cut along the solid lines/edge and fold the cards halfway.
  4. If you print and cut out a bunch, you can pair them with envelopes and tie with a ribbon to make a cute note card gift set for a friend. No one can be with too much stationery.


Daydream In Color – Plaid Cards Blank

Daydream In Color – Plaid Cards Hello

Daydream In Color – Plaid Cards Thanks

Daydream In Color – Plaid Floral Cards Blank

Daydream In Color – Plaid Floral Cards Hello

Daydream In Color – Plaid Floral Cards Thanks

This week we’ve:

Tell me what you think? Do you love plaid and colors?

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Daydream in Royal Blue

With Royal Wedding fever upon us and in full swing tomorrow, I thought it’d be appropriate to look for some ways us romance loving onlookers can celebrate in a colorful way. What could be more fitting than royal blue! With it’s deep richness, it says bring on the classy, but don’t forget the vodka! Do you love it or hate it? Are you following the royal wedding? Here are some ways to use royal blue celebrate with the beautiful couple in style.

Cookie Recipe Collection as Wedding Favors DIY Project by Weddings & Cookies

$80 by Julia Vallelunga of La Raffinerie via Creature Comforts via That’s Happy

$30 via Nordstrom

$49.99 via ModCloth

$678 via Neiman Marcus

$6 via Your nearest drugstore (I recently bought this color & it’s so lovely especially layered on)

$89.99 via ModCloth

By Mary McDonald Interiors via Prepfection via Design Darling

$28 by Yves Saint Laurent via Hip Hip Gin Gin

Skyy Vodka via Your local liquor store

By Bespoke Press via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Spa at Parker Palm Springs via Paris Hotel Boutique

Art Design

{Wish I Was Wednesdays} Lim Heng Swee of I Love Doodle

I recently discovered the works of Malaysian illustrator Lim Heng Swee and I wish I had sooner. He’s been He’s worked as an illustrator since 2003 and won the Threadless Bestee of the Year in 2009. He says with his work he hopes to bring a smile to people’s faces and he achieves just that! I figure I’d spread the happiness by sharing it with you.

Lim Heng Swee of I Love Doodle: WebsiteFacebookTwitter Etsy ShopShop - Flickr

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Butterflies Fluttering

The butterflies and bees are a buzzing as the flowers bloom and the air warms. I can’t tell you how excited I am to say goodbye to the rain and finally enjoy what it brings us!

Via Paris Hotel Boutique via Mary Vican

Fashion News

{In the News} MyBestFit

I’ve always thought different sizing in different stores and even different styles in a store was a ploy for retailers to keep us gals shopping. Every time I see something I like, I have to grab one in every size because I’m not sure how each one will fit on me.

I saw this article in the New York Times today and I LOVE this idea. They are opening kiosks in malls across America to give you a quick scan airport security style to give you a report of what sizes you are in about 50 major stores. It will even suggest different sizes for different styles within a store. How cool is that?

I’m always an advocate for efficiency. Besides that, it takes away that horrible feeling of “what is wrong with me!” and replaces it with confidence. All you have to worry about now is what you WANT to buy instead of what fits.

Read the article here.

Color DIY Nature Paper Party Printables

{Freebie Friday} Ombre Tulip Party Set

This week’s printable was inspired by both the beautiful tulip fields I visited last weekend and my Daydream in Ombre post. For you Easter procrastinators out there, this would be perfect for any brunches or get togethers you might be having this weekend. If you’re one of the plan ahead types, then this will be perfect for your next garden or tea party, shower, or even a birthday!

I’ve made a few items in four  different ombre colorways for you to enjoy!

There is an invitation with fill-in-the-blanks that can be used for any occasion. Just print them on cardstock, cut along the solid lines, and fill in the blank.


The place cards can be used to seat your guests, label the food, or even as mini note cards. Just print them on cardstock, cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, and write whatever you’d like!

Next are the little 3-D tulips. These can be used for decoration on the tables, place cards with guests’ names written on the flower, or simply to spruce up your desk.

3-D Tulip Instructions:

Just print them on cardstock, cut around the flower as close as you’d like, cut the small black solid line on the bottom of each flower, and cut out the ovals on all the solid lines as seen below.

Insert the half oval where it is cut into the base of the flower that you have also cut as shown below.

Twist the paper base so that it makes an X to stand up on its own as shown in the pictures below.

Last but not least, there are thank you tags that can be attached to goody bags as shown below. You can also print this out on full sheet label paper and cut them out to adhere to whatever your heart desires!

It’d be really sweet attached to a bunch of tulips for your guests to take home too. Just print them on cardstock, cut around the flower as close as you’d like or into a rectangle, punch holes as needed to attach to your goody bag/flowers, and tie them on with string/yarn/ribbon. I’ve included pictures below to show you how I made my thanks a bunch favors.

First, I cut a strip from the grocery bag my flowers came in to wrap around my bouquet, so that when I tie it, the string/ribbon/yarn doesn’t dig into the stems and bruise them.

Punch holes in the tag as you like. Or if you’re lazy like me, snip a little hole with your scissors. A hole at the top works too.

Put the string through one of the holes and wrap it around the bouquet as many times as you’d like before bringing it through the other hole and tying a bow. See pictures below for clarity.

Click on the image or link to download your desired files.


Daydream In Color – Tulip Invites Pink

Daydream In Color – Tulip Invites Purple

Daydream In Color – Tulip Invites Blue

Daydream In Color – Tulip Invites Yellow

Place Cards / Mini Note Cards

Daydream In Color – Tulip Place Cards Pink

Daydream In Color – Tulip Place Cards PurpleDaydream In Color – Tulip Place Cards Blue

Daydream In Color – Tulip Place Cards Yellow

3-D Paper Tulips

Daydream In Color – 3-D Tulips Pink

Daydream In Color – 3-D Tulips Purple

Daydream In Color – 3-D Tulips Blue

Daydream In Color – 3-D Tulips Yellow

Thanks A Bunch! Tulip Tags

Daydream In Color – Thank You Tulips Pink

Daydream In Color – Thank You Tulips Purple

Daydream In Color – Thank You Tulips Blue

Daydream In Color – Thank You Tulips Yellow

P.S.: The 3-D tulips seems real enough for the Easter bunny (aka: Jake) to want to stomp on them. See pictures below.

This week we’ve:

There are so many ways you can you these little tulips! What are you going to use them for?

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Daydream in Ombre

Ombre is a French term for shaded. It’s usually in the form of gradually changing from a light to dark color or gradients of different colors. It can be woven directly into the fabric or sometimes it’s achieved through dip dyeing.

I’m not sure when my love affair of ombre began. Probably when I was young before I could even figure out how to pronounce the word. It probably goes right along with my desire to own things (dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc.) & supplies (ribbon, sequins, paper, fabric, etc.) in pretty much every color available just so I can arrange them in rainbow order and enjoy the ombre-like effect in the shades of each color. You should see my closet!

Before I go any futher into discussing my rainbow coding everything I own, I’d like to share with you some of my ombre finds! I’ll confess. I had to finally post this post because my ombre inspiration folder was bursting at the seams! It’s a popular trend indeed.

What’s your favorite color to see in ombre? Do you love it most on cakes? clothes? hair? paper?

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake Photo By Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty

Gray Ombre Shoes By Luisacativo via Design is Mine

$55 Via Accessorize

$73 by KronKron From Olive Shoppe via Modish

Via Freshly Picked via You Are My Fave

$ 48 By Perch Ceramics via Fancy House Road

DIY via Once Wed

$58 by Ayofemi Jewelry

Via You Shall Above All Things, Be Glad and Young

$470 By Bottega Veneta via Net-A-Porter

Turkish Antique Kilim Rug from Sukan via SF Girl By Bay

Via The Beauty Department

$120 via ABC Home

Invitation by Studio Lin via Oh Joy!

$149 by Tutu Du Monde via Hip Hip Hooray!

$2195 by Jayson Home & Garden via SF Girl By Bay



Watercolor Style Dyes & Ruffled Silk by Felicity Brown via Ali Loves Curtis

Art Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Jim Denevan

A man. A stick.

A car.

And nature.

People often wonder how they will leave their mark on the world. Whether it will be lasting or fleeting. Jim Denevan has that part all figured out. He leaves his mark on the earth and sand and leaves it up to Mother Nature’s weather and waters to leave his work be or wipe it away. You know that feeling when you look down on cities as you take off in an airplane. You look down on the things we’ve built and they look like miniatures. People and cars looks like mere ants. That’s what I feel like when I see Jim’s work. The shear magnitude of the “marks” he leaves are incredible. Take a look for yourself below. Also check out his website for more!

Food Photography Portland

Eater PDX: Overlook Restaurant

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see my photo featured on today’s post at Eater PDX. Sweetness! You may remember this photo from a past Wordless Weekend Recap post.

Eater PDX has all the scoop on the food news of cities across the US. It’s a fun read. Read the post here: Eater PDX

Color Fashion Photography

{Color Palette} Seoul Fashion Week 2011

The vibrancy of color is unbelievable.

Via B is for Bonnie By StreetFsn