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{Weekend Recap} Bob’s Red Mill, Wooden Shoes, Fields of Tulips

Have you ever seen so much Bob’s Red Mill before? I felt like I was in some alternate heaven! This was just the flour aisle! There were probably 10 other aisles just as full of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, gluten-free flours, soup mixes, spices, cookie and cake mixes, etc. It was insanity.

They still use good old fashioned stone-like grinding wheels there. This sample machine above was powered by this:

Doesn’t this just remind you of the banana stand in Arrested Development? “The money is in the banana stand!”

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{Freebie Friday} Ikat Tags

After my Daydream in Ikat post, they updated the fashion posters in the hallway and they had these cute flow-y ikat maxi dresses. It made me wish I could pull one off. I’m too vertically challenged for that trend. I figured I’d better find a way to satisfy my ikat desires, so I began trying to incorporate the resulting pattern into a printable. Since my skills with the Adobe Creative Suite aren’t up to par (believe me I tried!), I had help from the pattern people to create the printable tags I have for you today.

The little orange tags would be great for gift toppers, bookmarks, or scrapbooking.


  • Template
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String, twine, or ribbon


  1. Click below to open the file.
  2. Print them out on cardstock.
  3. Cut out the tags.
  4. Punch the hole.
  5. Tie on some twine or ribbon and you’re good to go!

Daydream In Color – Ikat Tags

How would you use them? Do you like ikat or other patterns?

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Daydream in Ikat

As an engineer, how and why things work naturally intrigue me. It’s part of my job to think of unique ways to achieve the same thing with different methods. And that refers to both the physical sense (e.g., how can I made something that will work the same, but using a simpler method) and the emotional sense (e.g., how can I make the transition for this employee to a different and more efficient workstation without resistance). It’s no surprise that when I found out about the process of producing those bright patterns, I was reading it up like a sponge. There are of course many ways of dying textiles and I am definitely NOT an expert, but I’d love to share with you what I’ve found as well as many items I love that show off the beautiful pattern created using ikat.

The word Ikat comes from the Indonesian language and means either cord, thread, or knot. It is actually a method and not any particular pattern and it’s used in many cultures all over the world. It’s a method of weaving that involves resist dyeing the threads before weaving. The dyeing can be applied to either the threads that are on the loom (warp) or the threads that are being weaved into the threads on the loom (weft fibres). The material, such as cotton or wool, is tied into bundles and dipped into wax so that the dye can’t permeate into those areas. The bundle is then dipped into dyes and often in mutiple colors depending on the result desired. The skillful weaver then has to decide which threads to use to create an often symmetrical pattern.

Isn’t that just incredible? Such much skill and work is invested into make such unique patterns. What art/design/craft processes intrigue you? Do you love learning about how things come about? What else would you love to learn the process of?

Meanwhile, below are some great ways to incorporate this wonderful style of dying and weaving or things inspired by ikat into your lives.

$16 for set of 3 Via Furbish Studio

$34 each Via Nordstrom

$20 for set of 2 via Furbish Studio

$25 for set of 3 via Furbish Studio

$71.20 for one place setting Via Best Wishes of Boca By Vera Wang

$35 each via Furbish Studio

$14.90 Via Avenue

$230-$245 via ABC Home

$15 Via The 15 Dollar Store

$138-$198 via Anthropologie

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Alexander Crispin

Besides having an awesome last name, Alexander Crispin’s work really draws me in with his unique use of lighting and playful subjects. It makes me unsure of what is real and what isn’t. I first saw his work on Dude Craft and loved his little plate scenes. I used to make little 3D scenery in my porridge and pretend broccoli and cauliflower were trees in my imaginary world. Here’s a sampling of his work, but be sure to check out his portfolio for more!

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{Color Palette} Cherry Blossom Crown

Every year in Portland, it’s the abundance of blush pink cherry blossoms in bloom that remind me it’s Spring at last. It’s even more gorgeous when the breeze blows just light enough to trigger a shower of petals that make you just want to hold your palms up, close your eyes, and twirl as the soft pink raindrops fall into your hair. This little photo would let you capture that moment in your outfit at least for the day.

Via A Tell-Tale Ensemble

Nature Photography

{Wordless Weekend Recap} Think Spring, Secret Lakes, and Fishing

Design DIY Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Citrus Labels & Cards

Today’s printable was inspired by my Tuesday’s Color Palette post. The colorful citrus squeezed the idea for little labels out of my head and into a little freebie for you to enjoy!

I’ve been asked by one of my coworkers to make cupcakes and cake for her wedding. While I’m really excited for the job, I’m also kind of scared of having it not turn out wedding perfect. One of her cupcake flavor requests is lemon. This weekend I’ll start making some versions with different decorations for her to choose and sample. I’m also in the process of figuring out how she wants to label her flavors, so I started thinking about cupcake picks. Since I bake a lot in general, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have little flavor labels on hand for pound cakes, cookies, curds, jams, and anything else that might be citrus flavored.

I’ve also made some blank versions in case I haven’t made your fruit of choice. Then, I went a little crazy with filters and made a small tent card with the citrus patterns. You could use them for little summer thank yous, attach them to little gifts, or even as place cards for a citrus themed soiree! The possibilities are endless. I hope you’ll share with me how you make use of these little yellow, green, and orange printables!


  • Template
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch for tags


  1. Click your desired template to open.
  2. Print on card stock.
  3. Cut along solid lines.
  4. Punch a hole if using as a tag or fold in half if using tent card.


Lemon Labels – Daydream In Color

Lemon Blank Labels – Daydream In Color

Lemon Blank Cards – Daydream In Color

Lime Labels – Daydream In Color

Lime Blank Labels – Daydream In Color

Lime Blank Cards – Daydream In Color

Orange Labels – Daydream In Color

Orange Blank Labels – Daydream In Color

Orange Blank Cards – Daydream In Color

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Daydream in Elephants

Since my trip to Thailand a few years ago, I’ve loved elephants. They are sweet gentle giants. Of course, they don’t ride bicycles and paint in the wild like they do at the shows and zoo there, but their fuzzy faces and large eyes just make me smile. I’ve noticed these cute little animals on just about everything nowadays and I thought it’d be fun to show you how you can surround yourself with them if you also share my love of elephants. A lot of these home items would be oh so cute in a nursery or children’s room as well! Do you like elephants? What other animals do you love?

Via Furbish Studio

Via Jonathan Adler

Via ABC Home

Via ABC Home

Via ABC Home

Via Jonathon Adler

Via ABC Home

Via Thrift-ola

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Andrea Kang

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a cool blog by designers, artists, and the like called OK Great after reading Hello Friend’s latest column The Handsome, which is a cute spotlight on the men behind women bloggers. It was there that I saw a post on Andrea Kang. Nicole said in her post that said Andrea’s work made her smile and I had the instant same reaction. It’s so cute, sweet, and imaginative. I felt like I was in a different little world after looking at all her work. Andrea is a toy designer and how can anyone not wish they were a toy designer. You never have to grow up. In fact, you’re probably encouraged not to to feed your creativity. I thought everyone could use a smile on this Wednesday, so I wanted to share Ms. Kang’s awesome skills with you. Check out her website for more goodies!

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{Color Palette} Frida’s Suitcase for Vogue Turkey

Citrus & tropical foliage. Who knew they could look so amazing together? Apparently Hans Feurer did!


Alana Zimmer photographed by Hans Feurer for the editorial
“Frida’s Suitcase” in Vogue Turkey March 2011 via Iiiinspired