{Freebie Friday} I Heart Alphabet Lists

My girl bestie and I used to talk about how much we loved lists. We used them to remember every little bit of our lives. When all else failed, we would make a list, reference a list, or add to our lists. We had one for books we wanted to read, movies we’ve always meant to watch, assignments we had due, recipes we wanted to try, chores we still needed to finish, projects we hoped to make, and even skills we hoped to acquire someday. They were filled with everything we wanted to do in the near and far future and a way to clear our minds for the present.

After my Daydream in Alphabets post, I started thinking of ways I could still incorporate alphabets into my every day life. Then I began to wonder why all my lists were bulleted or numbered. Why couldn’t they be “lettered” instead? So with that I made a little printable to share that you will enjoy if you love lists as much as I do! There are 4 different color ways. You could even print and cut a stack and secure them at the top with a binder clip so they’ll always have them on hand. Let me know if you like them and I might make some mini lists to pair with them.


  • Template
  • Copy paper
  • Scissors or paper cutter


  1. Click desired template to open.
  2. Print on copy paper.
  3. Cut along solid lines.


This week we’ve:

Which one is your favorite? What are you going to make a list of? Do you love lists as much as I do?


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