{Freebie Friday} Month of Thanks: Thank You Paper Bags With Flaps


Happy Veteran’s Day! Today is the perfect day to say “Thank You!” to all our country’s veterans for protecting us and our country. Thank you to all those that have and do serve our country.

Today is the second Month of Thanks Freebie Friday! If you missed last week, we made Thank You dessert flags. Today we’re going to make some Thank You paper bags with a closing flap. This is based on the popularity of my flat bag template. Sometimes, it’s fun to be a little more secretive with what you’re giving. Also, it’s a great medium for fun stickers and seals!

I’ve made two options. One with a straight closing flap and one with an angled closing flap and as usual there is both a Thank You and blank version for all your other fun gift giving needs. These will be perfect for any upcoming party as a favor holder or even with a little note to tell your classmates and coworkers about the latest gossip (oh, you know you do it!).

P.S.: You’re getting a sneak peek at one of the items that will be in the Daydream In Color shop! The plaid seals! I’ll be sharing more on them soon.


  • Template
  • Copy, colored, or patterned paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Optional: Scoring tool, stickers, seals, etc.


  1. Click on desired template to open.
  2. Print template on copy, colored, or patterned paper.
  3. Cut along the solid black lines.
  4. Score or fold along the dotted lines.
  5. Apply adhesive to the grayed out area labelled “GLUE” and the bottom flap.
  6. Press the side flaps together and then fold up the bottom flap to close the bag.
  7. Fill with a note or treats, fold the closing flap shut, and apply a sticker or seal.









This week we’ve:

What are you going to put in your little flat paper bags and who are you going to give them to?


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