Daydream In Horses

Today’s post is an early birthday dedication to my dearest cousin D. We are the only two girl cousins on my mom’s side and so we’ve been really close since we were teeny tiny.

I remember beign in Kindergarten and we built every puzzle in their game closet ver a few days to fill a room and making tickets for our relatives to come to our puzzle museum.

If I were to have a sister, she would be her.

Although our family moved away when we were young, we’ve remained close while growing up. She was my very original pen pal. We’d mail each other long letters with little finds from our lives tucked inside. Somehow we’ve found love in food, arts, and crafts on our own, but we share our love for it together. I can always count on her for advice or to have a heart to heart and we both feel a bit lost without knowing the latest about the other.

She always had a thing for horses. I remember her horse painting hanging on the wall. I think her friends and I have really blown her love of them out of proportion because we always think of her when we come across them. I’ve always made it my goal to give her at least one horse related thing with her birthday gift each year, so it only seemed fitting to have a whole Daydream post devoted to these beautiful creatures.

After looking through this collection of things and pictures, I think I might be falling for them too…

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like horses?



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  • Diana
    November 25, 2011 - 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Awww! I looove this post! Memories! Thank You! I wish I was the girl on the beach riding that horse! (sans balloons). And no, I don’t think you blow my love of horses out of proportion – I love them all! ha. the horsey lights are just too cute. Re: “Somehow we’ve found love in food, arts, and crafts on our own” – I know right! It’s funny. Although you are much better in all three of them than I am!
    I’m at home now and I see the boxes of your letters that you wrote to me. I should re-read them…. hehe.

    • Connie
      November 26, 2011 - 10:05 am | Permalink

      Diana – Aww! Let me know if there are embarrassing letters! No I’m not! We compliment each other with our skills! You’re such an amazing photographer & painter! I’m so glad you liked this post.

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