{Weekend Recap} Signs of Spring, Crepes, Lanterns

I had a weekend full of picture taking, but I thought I’d just share with you a sliver – little Saturday brunch and stroll.

When did Goodwill become fancy? A new boutique style version opened on Hawthorne a bit ago and it was filled with trendy and vintage things. They had designer handbags and clothing for the girls and Pendeltons, Ben Shermans, and vintage Levis for the guys. There were themed displays like this cowboy/western one. There was even a case with expensive watches and jewelry with printouts of their value they found online and how they were selling it for cheaper. I was blown away! Who sorts through all the donations to find this stuff to sell specifically at this store for higher prices?

Sorry about the blurb. I was just so confused! On with the walk..

Isn’t this little guy creepster? He also kind of reminds me of The Never Ending Story dog, so he might fly in and save me from some monster I battle some day. I guess he’s not that bad then.


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