{Collecting Rainbows} The 10 Best Of Year One

{Collecting Rainbows} was started because I realized I have a hoarding problem, but more importantly I realized I buy things in every single color sometimes just because I don’t want to hurt another color’s feelings (aka: I’m totally being an indecisive girl). This series is dedicated to people that do the same thing and to discover what colors you gals would choose.

I hope you’ve been loving “window shopping” with me each Saturday.

Here is a selection of the faves for you and me.


1. Frenchie Ruffled Clutches


2. Honeycomb Pot


3. Holga Style


4. J.Crew


5. Gold+Neon


6. 24 Issey Miyaki Store


7. Nelle Bow Clutches


8. Fresh Flowers Paper


9. Pochi Silicone Coin Purses


10. Entertaining in Color

What’s your favorite Collecting Rainbows post?


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