{Collecting Rainbows} I Am Fragrances


The idea behind I Am fragrances is to encourage daily affirmations and to fulfill life goals. I remember back in Berkeley, I loved to eat at Cafe Gratitude because with eat dish you’d order, the wait staff would say it back to affirm you as well as your order. For example, I’d order by saying “I am extraordinary” (a BLT made with coconut bacon) and the waitress said back to me “You are extraordinary.” There’s something about hearing it and saying it that makes you believe it and ready to tackle what obstacles may come your way.


So, not only do I love these I Am fragrances for their colorfully labelled bottles, but I love their mission. You can never hear how wonderful you are too many times. Plus, you get to walk around with an aura of this affirmation around you all day. You can buy them from their online store ($2-72).


What “I Am” fragrance are you? What color of the rainbow would you choose?


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  • Anna @ IHOD
    February 5, 2012 - 4:57 am | Permalink

    This is such a fantastic branding idea! Love the colors and names:)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Connie!

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