Daydream in Mountains

Mountains both frighten and intrigue me. I see Mt. Hood on the way home from work each day and it’s extra bulky with snow in the wintertime, which it still definitely feels like here in the Northwest still. There’s no doubt that the resurgence of geometric shapes have brought back these little triangular things in patterns and fun items to fill your life. Hope you enjoy the roundup below!

By Afton Hakes via Gretchen Jones
By Fine Little Shop

I know these technically aren’t mountains, but they remind me of cute little ranges. By¬† French Connection via Creature Comforts
By Leah Duncan via You Are My Fave
Magical Lands Fabric by Saffron Craig via True Up

Aren’t these just brilliant? I love how they have the height of each mountain. I’d love to fill a corner with these and climb them when I’m digging into a good book. Wouldn’t you? By Little Red Stuga


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