Daydream at a Picnic

When my friends were visiting last week, we planned to have a picnic out in the Columbia River Gorge. We stopped by Olympic Provisions, which you may recognize from my Wish I Was Wednesday: The Official Manufacturing Co. post because they designed their branding, for some cured salami. We got the Louanika, Chorizo Navarre (cayenne version of chorizo), and Saucisson Sec (French style with black pepper & garlic). The Loukanika (Greek seasonings of garlic, cumin, and orange zest) was our favorite. All of them were incredible. The fat just melted in your mouth! Then, we hopped over to City Market and picked up a baguette fromĀ  Grand Central Bakery, ciabatta from Pearl Bakery, some honey macaroons, and several cheeses including my old time fave Fromager d’Affinois (French double cream soft cheese from cow’s milk) and a Switzerland cave-aged gruyere. Sorry, I went totally foodie on you in the last few sentences. OK OK pretty much in the whole paragraph.

Anyways! After a day of hiking to waterfalls and being in the lovely forest-y mountains, a picnic was just the thing we were craving. We laid out our picnic blankets, unpacked our treasures from my wicker picnic basket, brought out the leatherman, and my guy BFF started slicing away at the meats and cheese for us. I sliced into the apples, laid out the grapes, and we paired it all with some herbs de provence spiced mixed nuts I had made earlier. It was incredibly delicious and relaxing. A ray of sunshine even decided to join us as other park goers looked on with curiosity and eventual jealousy.

Since then, I’ve been daydreaming about having another picnic and decided to share with you a few things that would’ve made it just a tad more fancy as well as inspiring picnic-y things I’ve found in the blogosphere.

~$48 Via Cox & Cox

$175 Via Sewn Natural

$28.95 Via Amazon By Picnic Time

100 sets for $39.99 Via Ecoware Products

$1.70/Mini Basket Via Baby Favors & Things

It would’ve been so fun to label all the little treats we brought:

Via Tokketok

Picnicking under ribbon dangled lanterns would be simply breathtaking:

Via The Bride’s Cafe Via Denise At Home

Would love to have indoor picnics next to a tree with birdhouses even though this is a little place for children to have creative parties. I’ll never grow up. Who am I kidding?:

Via Eat Drink Chic Via Apples and Jam

I’d love to just throw out all my linens, pillows, and other random furniture on the lawn for a gorgeous picnic in the backyard or park. The scattered flower petals definitely don’t hurt:

Via The Bride’s Cafe By Serena & Lily


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