{Taste} Austin: Torchy’s Tacos


Having grown up in California, good Mexican food will always have my heart. But, sometimes, an innovative Mexican twist on tacos will steal my heart. Torchy’s Tacos totally did this. We shared some green chile queso dip & chips. Yum! I ordered The Democrat (barbacoa & avocado). My friends ordered the Dirty Sanchez (scrambled eggs & fried poblano), Trailer Park (fried chicken & green chiles), and Baja Shrimp (fried shrimp & pickled jalapenos). They were all more yummy than the next! We had to indulge in some nookies too, which are basically fried balls of cookie dough. I did not know such a thing could be so addicting!

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but we also bought some tater tots from Man┬áBites Dog next door to share. They’re really good with the queso!

There are several locations, but we went to the one below.

Torchy’s Tacos| 3005 S Lamar, Austin, TX 78704 | 512-614-1832


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