Daydream In Paper Sailboats

Belle & Boo Paper Boat Greeting Card ($4.17) | Sail It Fabric Fat Quarter ($11) | Paper Boat Candles Designed By Roman Ficek | Sagaform Paper Boat Serving Set ($32.63) | Cloth Paper Boat Necklace By Alt Design($18) | White Sailboat Automated Box By Cartoon Monster ($23) | Sailboat Print Dress ($250.67) | Saily Lamp By Pagani Perversi (€85)

As the weather warms people came from all over town to the docks nears my place to kayak, sail, and lounge in their yachts. You may remember my paper sailboat freebies from last year and how I placed them by the waterfront. I was inspired again by paper sailboats for upcoming long weekend. It kind of makes me want to build a giant one to climb into and float on under all the bridges.

Do you like boats? Have you ever sailed?


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