{Smell The Roses} A Trip For A Slurpee


There are a few snippets in my life that I remember vividly as “Wake up and smell the roses” moments. It usually revolves around not realizing something incredible was just right next door and just tingles all of my senses. One of these moments was when A & I found this amazing bike trail through a butterfly sanctuary and little white fluffies were falling from the trees as we rode through discovering this “secret” little path. It was magical. This time, we had our cameras with us and began as an innocent trip for a slurpee after we got frustrated with one of life’s small curve balls.

I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate life’s little moments in a series called {Smell The Roses}. I’ll try to capture little snippets of my daily life that bring me and hopefully you a little smile. They remind me that small frustrations are not only a part of life, but make the wonderful parts stand out even more and in the big scheme of things, it’s all these little perfect moments that make up our days and memories.

This series will be intermittant with the {Taste} and {Weekend Recap} series. Let me know what you think and I’ll work on bring you more!

The trip began with a walk over a beautiful green bridge draped with abundant and sweetly fragrant white lilacs.

With a lock that I’d like to imagine was filled with promises and happiness.

Through this awesome graffiti tunnel that made me wish I had my Polaroid.

Past this building with a neon sign I like.

And success (grape & pina colada success to be specific)!

What {Smell The Roses} moment have you had recently? 


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