{Lust List} A Vintage Red Dresser

Salt Marquee Sign ($2185) | White Antique Horse ($2495) | Vintage Leather Books ($150) | Vintage Red Dresser ($1195) | Vintage Tulu Rug ($1750)

I’m really excited to accounce that our offer on a home has been accepted! We’ve been working through all the details and the house inspection is Monday. I’ve been finding myself more and more drawn to the possibilities of our new home and home decor inspiration on Pinterest. I will fully admit to starting to photoshop furniture together like the one above. I’m no interior decorator, but I am a collector of all things vintage so I could definitely see the above in my home. I’ve never treated any of my apartments like a home (I think it was because I had gotten used to travelling for much for a while). So, I’m excited and scared!

How did you get inspiration for your home? How did you feel when you were purchasing your first home?


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