Daydream In Faux Fur

Beanbag ($54-159) | Velvet Tech Case ($48) | Faux Fur Earmuffs ($36) | Faux Fur Throw ($74) | Faux Fur Stocking ($38) | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow ($18) | Faux Fur Wrap ($35) | Faux Fur Wine Bag ($9)

I often joke that I just want to use my pet bunny Jake as a pillow. He’s so soft and sits there all day cleaning himself, which makes him even softer. Furry and soft things remind me of him when he’s not in the room and make me so happy. He uses his softness to bribe us for sweet treats such as carrots and berries, so he definitely wouldn’t approve of other furry things in the house. Maybe I’ll sneak a furry stocking for him or earmuffs for the cold when he’s not looking.

Do you like furry things? Which is your favorite?


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