{Freebie Friday} Heart Flat Paper Bags

I love giving treats on Valentine’s Day because it gives me an excuse to use pink and red sparkly sugars. These little heart treat bags would be perfect for packaging up some sweet goodies to give out.



  • Template
  • Paper (plain copy or colored)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Sticker or washi tape to seal the bag


  1. Click on desired template to open.
  2. Print on copy or colored paper.
  3. Cut along solid lines.
  4. Fold along dotted lines.
  5. Glue in grayed out area and press side flap together to adhere.
  6. Glue bottom flap and fold up to adhere.
  7. Fill with goodies & use a sticker or washi tape to seal!






If you are looking for bags, but hearts aren’t your thing? Looking for packaging ideas with these bags? No prob! Here are some others:

What will you fill these goody bags with?


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