Daydream in the Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese new year everyone! This year happens to be the year of the rabbit. A few days ago also happened to be the one year birthday of my little pet bunny, Jake! He was given a little candle made of hay, which he graciously and quickly “blew out” (ate up). 

You know when you’ve never seen a brand or never heard of a word or saying and then suddenly you realize you’re seeing it everywhere and hearing it all the time? Granted, it was probably always there, but I just never noticed. Anyways, this has happened since getting my new furry BFF Jake. I’ve noticed bunnies left and right and I can resist squealing everytime. I’m such a girl, right? A and I were talking about how easily excited girls and kids get over simple things and that guys rarely ever get that excited in general, which makes me very happy to be a girl. 

Well! Without further ado, to celebrate the new year and a birthday bunny, here are some rabbit-y things that make me happy. 

The British illustrator Belle And Boo squeezes my heart with her art (shown below). The little girl even looks like me when I was little and probably even me a couple of years ago when I had a bob like that! 

And last but definitely not least! It’s Mr. Jake himself. 

Baby Jake when I first got him from a farm in Salem (his ears hadn’t flopped yet).

Jake’s 1st birthday.

Chinese New Year Cookies by I am Baker | Bunny Silhouette Plate via Chik Designs | Wild Animals Book by Rop van Mierlo | Jackalope (or “Jakealope”) Embroidery by ktburrr via Feeling Stitchy | Bunny Glass Display for their anniversary by Something’s Hiding in Here | Bunny Sugar Cube | Bunny Wallpaper from Anthropologie | Belle And Boo Mosaic | Jake Photos by Daydream In Color

Do you like rabbits? Have you ever had one?


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