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{Collecting Rainbows} PINO Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs



Since A sported a bow tie for our wedding, I haven’t been able to get over them. These ones from PINO ($88) are some of the most colorful around. Plus, I love those handkerchief rounds ($58)! The contrasting edging makes for a special touch.

Which one would you choose?


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Daydream In Honeycombs


1 - Honeycomb Cake Pan ($36) | 2 - Hexagon Name Cards | 3 - Honeycomb Vintage Photograph Display | 4 - Honeycomb Mirror Tiles | 5 - Pastel Hexagon Potholders | 6 - Honeycomb Statement Necklace ($18) | 7 - Trina Turk Hexagon Open Lace Top ($178) | 8 - Gold Honeycomb Earrings ($48) | 9 - Honeycomb Card Case ($24) | 10 – Pastel Orange Honeycomb Plate ($25) | 11 – Honeycomb Sunglasses ($159) | 12 – Honeycomb Terrarium Kit ($168)

Honeycombs, hexagons, whatever you want to call them. They are hip and they are catchy. I can’t stop thinking they’re the perfect shape for pretty much anything to give it a modern vibe! Let’s daydream together in this fun shape!

If you’re into colorful honeycomb balls, check out this post!

Do you like honeycombs or hexagons?

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Daydream In Macarons


Macarons Silk Scarf ($110) | Macaron Candles ($24/4) | MOR Macaron Lip Balm ($10) | Macaron Party Jar ($21) | Macaron Bracelet (€39) | Fabric ($4.60) | Macaron Wrapping Paper Background ($2.50-8) | Macaron Cafe Box of Macarons ($53) | Macaron Pill Box ($10) | Water Transfer Nail Stickers ($4.80) | French Macaron Cushion ($32) | Laurdee Illustration ($11) | Macarons Art Cards ($10)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love each and everyone of your for making my blog worthwhile.

Last year A got me a beautiful pink and gold tulle wrapped box of macarons and flowers arranged in a milk glass vase for Valentine’s day. I’m excited to see what today has in store! Meanwhile, I’ll be daydreaming in in one of my favorite cookies ever. They’re so colorful and yummy. How can you resist!

Do you like macarons?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Clutch Love

There is a colorful clutch from k. slademade ($72-96) for every outfit. I love the fun zipper and leather combinations!

Which one is your favorite?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Totem Tights

Halloween will be soon upon us. I’m debating whether or not to dress up. I know that if I don’t for work, I should at least wear some funky tights. These totem tights from Patternity (£48) via Honey Kennedy fit the bill. Love how cool the pattern is!

What color would you choose?

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Daydream In Zebras

Zebra Bust ($68) | Letterpress Zebra Coasters ($14) | Zebra Necklace (£12) | Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Julio Case ($48) | Orange Zebra Scarf ($17) | Zebra Wallpaper ($395) | Pink Zebra Notebook (€66) | Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19) | Zebra Woven Tunic ($68)

Looking through my half unpacked closet, I was trying to see what I might actually be for Halloween this year. I realized I had a lot of black and white stripes in shirt, dress, and sweater form. Suddenly ideas of becoming a zebra seemed likely. I’ll probably need some ears, mask, and a tail, but these all seem very DIY-able. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in zebras.

Do you like zebras?

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Daydream In Oxblood

Curb Chain Triangle Necklace ($32) | Free People Opaque Tights ($12) | Biba Ruby Clutch Bag (£149) | Cross Stitch Knit Hat ($28) | Ralph Lauren Lamp ($330) | RGB Nail Polish ($16) | Long Sleeved Dress ($27) | Rivulets Bedding ($68-368) | Oxblood Pumps ($44)

No color is more appropriate for Autumn and Halloween with its name. This deep hue is all the rage this season. I’m loving how it can be romantic and almost gothic, but also classy. It’s perfect paired with neutrals, leather, and metallics like the gold above.

How are you wearing or incorporating oxblood into your life?

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Daydream In Leaves

Dorothy Perkins Cream Leaf Print Dress ($50) | Greek Leaf Headband ($160) | Maple Floating Candles ($6) | Leaf Belt ($16) | Gold Leaf Earrings ($16) | Sleepy Hollow Cheese Knife Set ($70) | Leaf Cup ($17/case) | White Heels With Leaves (£40) | Gooseberry Pierced Bowl ($400-550) | Midsummer Black Wallpaper ($40/roll) | Vertical Garden Lamp ($998) | Leaf Jewelry Stand ($24)

As much as I don’t want to admit the arrival of Fall (I’m big on summer and sunshine), it’s here with its crisper air and changing of the leaves. I’m so excited to fill my new home with leaf goodies and cinnamon aromas to make the place cozy even if it will be filled with unopened boxes for a while. Above are a few fun finds to celebrate the arrival of Fall!

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{Wish I Was Wed} Kristina Hultkrantz

Marilyn Monroe | Audrey Hepburn | Jackie Kennedy | Elizabeth Taylor

{Kristina Hultkrantz} Shop

I love sneak peeks into people’s home to get a better understanding of how a person lives. For girls, what they stash in their purse is even more of an indicator of how they are and what they value. I love these “What’s In My Bag” illustrations by Kristina Hultkrantz because girls are bound to relate to one of these iconic female figures. If not, she does custom “What’s In My Bag” illustrations as well. Wouldn’t this be so chic propped up against your vanity mirror?

What’s in your bag? Which icon do you relate to most?

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Daydream In Pressed Flowers

Skull Print ($15) | Cube Earrings ($39) | Studio Sign ($50) | Washi Tape ($15.50) | Rug ($19) | Candle ($6) | Switchplate ($9) | Scarf ($62) | Tray ($15) | Red Resin Bangle ($44) | Blouse ($60) | Mt. Rainer Flower Map ($25)

As the summer continues going strong, wildflower hills are slowly becoming golden fields. I remember how I used to love picking a few blooms each year and leave them in the pages of books I was reading in hopes of keeping them around forever. I thought I’d find some pretty pressed flower goodies so that these pretty colorful petals may live on.

Do you like pressed flowers? Have you ever pressed your own?