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{Color Palette} Ornamental Antlers


I’m always intrigued by animal heads. They speak to me and freak me out at the same time. But, I’m loving this holiday version decorated with sparkly ornaments (via I Suwanee). Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you celebrating today?

Art Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Miss Foo’s Pleatybunny

Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Miss-Foo-Pleatybunny-Sample-Of-Work Daydream-In-Color-Wish-I-Was-Wednesday-Miss-Foo-Pleatybunny-Dogs-Parrots


Anything bunny just has me hooked. I’m loving these cheeky little animal portraits by Miss Foo for her brand Pleatybunny (via The Finders Keepers). The collages are so unique and cute at the same time.

{Pleatybunny} Shop | Facebook | Twitter

Which animal would you want a “portrait” of?

Art Nature

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Daniel Mackie




Watching all the wildlife in the backyard is one of the most fun things of spring (I’ve definitely seen my share of bird/squirrel wars now). That’s why I’m loving Daniel Mackie’s work. Influenced by printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period and navy tattoos, each of the creatures’ habitat are represented inside each animal.

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What’s your favorite animal?

Color Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lavender


Urbanears Headphones ($60) | Mini Chandelier ($60) | Michael Kors Griffin Sunglasses ($105) | Open Back Contrast Panel Dress ($25) | Faceted Triangle Bracelet ($11) | Maybelline Eye Shadow ($3) | Pauls Boutique Maisy Suede Patent Bag ($114) | Skinny Belt ($11) | Plum & Bow Corsage Shower Curtain ($44) | Cordy Roy Mouse ($24)

I’ve always been drawn to all shades of purple. Maybe because my birthstone is amethyst. The light hue of lavender has been fluttering my heart lately especially with the coming spring.

Do you like lavender?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} John Pusateri

{John Pusateri} Website

Not many people know this, but when I was young my mom told me I could collect one thing. After much thought, I chose to collect owls. They were known to be wise and I love their big eyes and majestic wings. Every time we were near a thrift shop, I’d rush in to find vintage owls. I stopped my collection around 4th grade because it was already huge. I’ll have to show you one day. They’re all carefully packed away in my parents’ garage. I pulled them out last year and it’s kind of ridiculous how many there are! I find it extra cool that they are so in now. I digress. My point is that I’ve always been drawn to owls and these amazing works of art by John Pusateri were no different. They almost look like he took a paintbrush to real owls. I love them!

Do you like owls?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Sharon Montrose

{Sharon Montrose} Animal Print Shop | Blog

These animal portraits make me smile and melt my heart at the same time! I want a whole wall of them for my own personal zoo. Maybe in my pet rabbit Jake’s room.

Which animal is your favorite?

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{Color Palette} Cozy Couch With Animals

Photo via Anthropologie

With the winter in full swing (this morning was 22 degrees here!), there’s nothing cozier than sitting on the couch with our fuzzy beasts and warm blankets with hot cocoa and a good book. Aww this makes me want to snuggle with my pet bunny Jake.

Do you have pets?

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Daydream In Faux Fur

Beanbag ($54-159) | Velvet Tech Case ($48) | Faux Fur Earmuffs ($36) | Faux Fur Throw ($74) | Faux Fur Stocking ($38) | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow ($18) | Faux Fur Wrap ($35) | Faux Fur Wine Bag ($9)

I often joke that I just want to use my pet bunny Jake as a pillow. He’s so soft and sits there all day cleaning himself, which makes him even softer. Furry and soft things remind me of him when he’s not in the room and make me so happy. He uses his softness to bribe us for sweet treats such as carrots and berries, so he definitely wouldn’t approve of other furry things in the house. Maybe I’ll sneak a furry stocking for him or earmuffs for the cold when he’s not looking.

Do you like furry things? Which is your favorite?

Art Paper

{Wish I Was Wed} Rinna Clanuwat


Becoming a person that sketches and paints where ever they go has always been a little dream of mine. Looking through Rinna Clanuwat’s work inspires me to try to do it. She paints little things to remind herself as well as adorable animals and even on the plane. I’m loving them!

{Rinna Clanuwat} Facebook | Blog | Flickr

Have you ever carried an art journal with you?

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Daydream In Squirrels

Advent Pillow Cover ($40) | Squirrel Sweater ($50) | Gold Squirrel and Acorn Earrings ($10) | Squirrel Print Dress ($40) | Silver Squirrel Nutcracker ($13) | Squirrel Ankle Socks ($6) | Ceramic Squirrel Speaker ($49) | Bag ($77)

Since being in the new place, we experience a lot more wildlife than we did downtown. Just the other day we saw a woodpecker. Squirrels scamper about and it makes me so happy! Thinking about Thanksgiving and decor, I’ve been notcing these little furry cuties everywhere. I bought a little orange version offering an acorn just the other day at Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping. It just makes me smile. I thought I’d share the inspiration!

Do you see wildlife where you live?