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{Color Palette} Floating Balloons


Today is my Dad’s birthday. So, these “virtual balloons” are dedicated to him. Plus, they make an awesome color palette. (Photo by Natsuki Photography)

What’s your favorite time to give balloons?

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Daydream In Balloons



Girl With Balloons photographed by Coliena Rentmeester for Lucky via Black Eiffel | National Geographic Up House | You Did It Balloon Wall | Save The Date photographed by Sarah Layne Photography | Balloon Arch In Tokyo | Jalouse Fashion Shoot photographed by Skye Parrott via Oh Joy | Heart Balloon DIY | Confetti Balloons DIY | Picnic Balloons | House With Balloons Photo by Tim Walker via Suz And The City

I don’t know what took me so long to write this post, but I love balloons probably just as much as I love confetti and sprinkles! They’re colorful accents and include a natural dose of fun in just about anything! When I lived down on the Portland waterfront, one of my dreams was to fill the whole grassy hillside with balloons for people to take (like I did with the paper sailboats). Who knows? I still might do it someday!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate balloons into your life?

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{Wish I Was Wed} Beth Retro

{Beth Retro} Blog | Flickr | Shop

I’d like to think of myself as an old soul, but A often tells me I’m more of a little girl at heart. The combination of the two are probably what make me fall in love with Beth Retro’s feminine yet vintage style photographs. I love how she captures colors and lovely light in all her work. Definitely check out her other links for more inspiration.

Are you more of a child at heart or an old soul?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Elena Kalis’ Alice In Waterland

Happy 4th of July! The weather is finally cooperating with us today for summer, so I’m dreaming of the water…

I have a soft spot for Alice In Wonderland. I love how magical and possible everything is there. I also grew up on the Disney version. Elena Kalis’ photo series Alice In Waterland take me there. They evoke curiousity and innocence. I absolutely love them!

{Elena Kalis} Website | Alice In Waterland | Blog | Shop

Do you like Alice In Wonderland?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Lissy Elle Laricchia’s Let’s Play Pretend

Girls grew up on fairy tales. I won’t deny that I still hope to someday wake up and land in one. Not so much for the story line or plot, but simply to live in a world where anything is possible, animals talk, and things can be oversized or miniature without a second glance. It’s truly something magical. Photographer Lissy Elle Laricchia has found a way for this world to come alive. In her world and in her photographs. This series aptly named “Let’s Play Pretend” is hauntingly and playfully beautiful. I’ll trade in my tape measure for a giant tea cup any day. (Via Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard.)

{Lissy Elle Laricchia} Let’s Play PretendFlickr

What’s your favorite fairy tale?

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Daydream In Hot Air Balloons


 I kind of have this thing for hot air balloons. It started when I thrifted a large wood cage version when I first moved to Portland. It’s hung over my desk at home. Then, this past Valentine’s Day A got me a little charm for my bracelet (shown above). I haven’t stopped thinking about how fun they are. Colorful and carefree. Let’s daydream and fly away today!

Hot Air Balloon Dress Photograph via The Green Goddess | Sweet Indeed Fly Away With Me Dessert Table via Amy Atlas | O-Check Hot Air Balloon Cards ($12 AUD) | Vintage Pink Hot Air Balloon Print Dress from The Vintage Shop | Vector Cloud Hot Air Balloon Necklace ($28) | Tsumori Chisato Hot Air Balloon Silk Dress (€480) | Juicy Couture Hot Air Balloon Charm ($70) | Hot Air Balloon Coat Hooks ($25/6) | Martha Stewart Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons | Hot Air Balloon Costume from Country Living | Hot Air Balloon Party (Tags, red balloons, etc) by Stephmodo

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Daydream In Gray & Yellow

Modern Studio with Girl Photograph via iiiinspiredDessert Table via Hostess With the Mostess | Gray Dresses & Yellow Heels Bridesmaids by Wayne Yuan Photography via Style Me PrettyGin Fizz Shift Dress via Sandy a la Mode | Gray and Yellow Chevron Necklace via i am a greedy girl | Potholder Crochet Patterns via Julie’s Blog | Gray and yellow striped pillow ($15) | Chevron Wallet Clutch ($32) |  Marimekko Unikko Gray & Yellow Flower Mug ($22) | Yellow Doorway via Fancy House Road | Gray & Yellow Balloons by Martha Stewart via A Cup of Jo

Do you like gray and yellow?

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{Color Inspiration} Oliver Schwarzwald Colour

Oliver Schwarzwald’s beautiful portfolio is completely mesmerizing, but it was the Colour album in his projects that delighted me with the idea of coming across one of these little colorful pieces in my every day.

Would you ever make an installation inspired by color out in the open?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} The 10 Best for Year One

The {Wish I Was Wednesday} was my way of showcasing the incredible talent that surrounds us. There is so much to learn from illustrators, photographers, designers, and others that pursue their life’s passion. It’s so rewarding to delve into their portfolios and websites to better understand their thoughts, background, and influences so that I can introduce them to you each week.

Here are your 10 favorites of Year One:

1. Marc Johns

2. Jen Wick Studios

3. Sasha Prood

4. Klas Fahlen

5. Dave Hakkens & Interview

6. Andrew B. Myers

7. Klaus/Leontjew

8. Myeongbeom Kim

9. Jordan Elsie of Horrible Adorables

10. Tatsuro Kiuchi

What was your favorite {Wish I Was Wednesday} this year? Who would you like to see featured?

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{Color Palette} The 10 Best Of Year One

Being a lover of color, it’s always fun to draw a {Color Palette} from photographs and artists that inspire me. These have helped me so much when I’m coming up with Freebie Friday posts and even in my own doodling. I’m never without a beautiful palette for my next project.

Here is a roundup of the favorites for you and me in year one of Daydream In Color.

1. Bubble Bead Ribbon Necklaces

2. Popping Up Poppies

3. Flower Chikara

4. A Geisha’s Kimono

5. Jill Stuart SS2012 Collection

6. Seoul Fashion Week 2011

7. Miss Dior Cherie

8. Vintage Cars & Plaid

9. Balloon Girl in Misty Forest

10. Pink Flowers Set for Company

What was your favorite Color Palette post?