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{Color Palette} Sprinkle Ombre Birthday Cake


I’m a big fan of sprinkles & a big fan of ombre. That’s why this cake is perfect for celebrating my BFF’s birthday! We all went to Cabo for an “early celebration” this month and I miss her already. (Get the recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes.)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

Party Photography

{Color Palette} Floating Balloons


Today is my Dad’s birthday. So, these “virtual balloons” are dedicated to him. Plus, they make an awesome color palette. (Photo by Natsuki Photography)

What’s your favorite time to give balloons?

DIY Home Decor Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Mini Happy Birthday Garland


It was the birthday of two of my coworkers last week and previous, so I’ve got birthdays on the brain! You may remember my garland bombing post. I still love doing this, but I was looking for some fresh ideas when I came across this adorable garland by Angela Hardison for her even more adorable baby girl’s 1st birthday (Photo above by Angela Hardison).

I wanted a mini cube friendly version of my own to surprise my coworker on her birthday. Be sure to check out the DIY Floral Monograms, which I paired with this garland on her wall.




  • Printer
  • Copy Paper
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape


  1. Click on template to open.
  2. Print on copy paper.
  3. Cut along the letter outlines (basically cut out anything white).
  4. Tip: If you want a garland other than black, staple the template to your color/patterned paper and cut the two pieces of paper together.
  5. Tape the letters to string.
  6. Hang, garland bomb, and celebrate away!


Daydream-In-Color-Freebie-Friday-Mini-Happy-Birthday-Garland Daydream-In-Color-Freebie-Friday-Mini-Happy-Birthday-Garland-Template

Do you have friends with upcoming birthdays?

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{Freebie Friday} DIY Floral Monograms


I’ve been obsessed with flowers for the past few months now. I wanted to make something else fun for my coworker’s birthday garland bombing. Then it struck me, what better way to spell out her name than in flowers! Plus, luckily it’s flower week here! Stay tuned for the happy birthday garland freebie.




  • Printer
  • Template
  • Copy paper
  • Tape
  • Foam board (I got mine at the dollar store) – You can probably get about 7-8 letters per board
  • A mix of small and big fabric flowers (I got mine at the dollar store) - I used 1-2 bunches for each letter, if you want to fill the whole letter with flowers plan on 2-3 bunches per letter. You can also use tissue paper flowers (DIY to come).
  • Exacto knife / Scissors / Pruning scissors (depending on how hard your fabric flowers are to cut)
  • Self healing mat or extra board to protect work surface
  • Hot glue gun or any strong glue
  • If hanging: Hang Tab template, Cardstock, Hole punch, String


  1. Click on letter template to open. Decide what you want to spell out and print out those letters onto copy paper.
  2. Tape template onto foam board. Trim white parts of template if you’re trying to fit as many as possible on the foam board.
  3. Place self healing mat or an extra foam board on work surface to protect. Use the exacto knife or scissors (depending on thickness of board) to cut out letters.
  4. If using fabric flowers, cut them from their stems. Some fabric flowers and leaves can just be popped off their stems. I chose to pop off the leaves and hot glue gun them to each flower because I liked the green in the mix. It’s up to you if you want to use the leaves.
  5. Arrange flowers on your cut out letter.
  6. Once you’re happy with the look, hot glue gun the flowers down. Allow time for the glue to dry.
  7. If hanging, click on hang tab template to open. Print on cardstock. Cut along solid lines. Punch holes out at “X.” Glue as many as needed to top back  or sides of monograms. Allow glue to dry. Loop string through the punched holes and knot to hang or if hanging against a wall, just stuck the pin through the hang tab.








What will you spell out in flowers?

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Daydream In Honeycomb Balls

Daydream-In-Honeycomb-Balls-1 Daydream-In-Honeycomb-Balls-2


Honeycomb Figures | Honeycomb Chandelier DIY | Geometric Honeycomb DIY | Party Chandelier | Honeycomb Balls On Sticks | Glittered Honeycomb Ball DIY | Honeycomb & Tassel DIY | Honeycomb Balls In Vintage Basket

I’m so in love with all things honeycomb ball! Seriously, how can you not smile at the sight of them? Besides, a bunch of my friends & my birthday are coming up starting today. My college friend A’s is today, mine is the 23rd, my other good college friend E is 25th, and my high school friend M’s is the 27th. I’m drawn to fellow pisces, I suppose. Lots of reason to celebrate!

Have you used honeycomb balls for celebrations before?

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{Color Palette} Blue Ombre Cake

Photo by Sweetapolia

A blue ombre cake seemed perfect for celebrating my brother’s birthday. I hope you have a fun day with A and little V & E today!

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

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{Smell The Roses} Picking Wildflower Bouquets

It was two of my coworkers’ birthdays last month and my favorite thing to do is surprise them with a desk full of happiness. I garland bombed one of them with twisted crepe tassels, bought yummy things from Olympic Provisions and Pix Patisserie, and I picked giant bouquets of wildflowers that looked like they sprouted from the vase and overtook their tabletops. Seeing their faces is always my favorite, but in this case picking the wildflowers covertly in the night with A was part of the fun. A hillside near my place was completely full of sweet peas, clovers, lupine, thistle, asters, wheat, queen’s anne lace, and more. All the mixing and matching was already done for me! (Photos by A.)

Have you ever picked wildflower bouquets?

Art Party Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Elena Kalis’ Alice In Waterland

Happy 4th of July! The weather is finally cooperating with us today for summer, so I’m dreaming of the water…

I have a soft spot for Alice In Wonderland. I love how magical and possible everything is there. I also grew up on the Disney version. Elena Kalis’ photo series Alice In Waterland take me there. They evoke curiousity and innocence. I absolutely love them!

{Elena Kalis} Website | Alice In Waterland | Blog | Shop

Do you like Alice In Wonderland?

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{Freebie Friday} Message Flip Books

I remember making flips books in art class when I was young. I made one of a bursting star and I thought they were just about the coolest things ever. I wanted to incorporate this fun in a little message flip book. These would be so cute as a card substitute, the thank you’s as part of the favors for a kid’s party, or just to brighten someone’s day. You can’t go wrong. Everyone reverts back to a smiling kid when a flip book is involved!


  • Template
  • Cardstock and/or copy paper
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Stapler
  • Decorative tape
  • Optional: Pliers


  1. Click on template to open.
  2. Print onto card stock.
    • If you are making a bunch, you can just print the cover on card stock & the pages on copy paper.
  3. Cut along solid lines.
    • This is the perfect job for a paper cutter because all the liens are straight. You can also cut through several papers at once.
  4. Place a cover set around each set of pages and straighten.
  5. Staple the edge of the pages together.
  6. Flatten the staple with pliers, if desired, and cover with decorative tape.
  7. Flip through & smile!








This week we’ve:

Have you ever made a flip book? Do you like them?

Food Portland

{Taste} Portland: Little Bird

Almost a month ago I experienced one of my favorite meals in Portland to date for my birthday. For some reason, my birthdays are always French themed and we head to a French inspired restaurant. Maybe it’s the decadence. We’ve gone to Le Pigeon in the past, but something about Little Bird was just amazing.

A quick run through of what we had. Almond soda was like a sophisticated cream soda. Chacuterie plate was so delish with the foie gras creme brulee being my fave (the one with the brioche stick in the picture). I had a potato crusted fish with escargot and hollandaise and A got the steak frites. The steak had a wonderful savory crunchy crust. The creme caramel. Wow! I had no idea that creme caramel could even be this good! Then there was a little treat of mini oatmeal raisin macarons. Arent’t they adorable? It was a very yummy night indeed!

Little Bird | 219 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 | (503) 688-5952

Do you like French food?