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{Color Palette} A Trunk Full Of Books


With the cooling weather, I can’t imagine a more satisfying afternoon than one curled up with a book (via Lovely Rice). But now…which one?

What’s your favorite book?

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{Loved And Noted} DIY Marbled Scarf, Homemade Chai, & DIY Gold Lucite Bookends


Fall came to the Northwest swiftly following summer this year. A and I are loving cozying up at home lately. I’m bringing out all my scarves and can’t wait to try this DIY marbled scarf. We are also spending a lot more time drinking warm beverages like this homemade chai and reading books. No better time to get our bookshelves in order too with these DIY gold and lucite bookends.

What Fall things are you loving lately?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

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{Color Inspiration} Page By Page Lamp


Remember when I said that sometimes I panic from indecisiveness and I don’t end up making any decision at all? Well, this totally solves my problems. At least when it comes to choosing a lamp ($59). I can change it daily with my mood. Kind of like these flowers. This would be a fun gift for anyone on your list!

Which lamp do you like most?


{Lust List} For The Traveler

Mini Scratch Map ($19) | Taschen Guide Book Box Set ($60) | Map Watch ($39) | I Was Here Travel Journal ($12) | Tocca Travel Candle Set ($42) | Neck Pillow ($17) | Saddle Leather Luggage Tag ($8) | Mobile Travel Kit ($85) | Stitch Zipper Bag ($10-12)

I’m travelling from Portland to San Jose today to visit family for Christmas. I’m definitely wishing I had some of these fun items to take along with me even though it’s a short flight. These little gifts are perfect for those with wanderlust and love to travel! You may also like these items from a globetrotting lust list.

Do you like to travel or have friends that do?

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{Color Inspiration} Josef Alber’s Interaction of Colour

Although I don’t yet own the book, I’m very intrigued by this online version with exercises. It’s really fun to make color palettes and test myself on how well I actually know my colors as well as their relationship with each other! Via Present & Correct.

Have you read this book?

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{Lust List} The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Cover Redesign | Art Deco Dark Green Gold Bracelet ($225) | Alice And Olivia Fringe Dress ($550) | Mirror ($298)

The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite reads when I was in high school. I remember doing an ink and watercolor painting with all the symbolism from the book. My english teacher so much she asked if she could keep it. Nowadays I’m just lusting after the style of that time with a hint of green light…

“a single green light, minute and faraway, that might have been the end of a dock.” -The Great Gatsby

Did you ever read The Great Gatsby?

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{Lust List} A Vintage Red Dresser

Salt Marquee Sign ($2185) | White Antique Horse ($2495) | Vintage Leather Books ($150) | Vintage Red Dresser ($1195) | Vintage Tulu Rug ($1750)

I’m really excited to accounce that our offer on a home has been accepted! We’ve been working through all the details and the house inspection is Monday. I’ve been finding myself more and more drawn to the possibilities of our new home and home decor inspiration on Pinterest. I will fully admit to starting to photoshop furniture together like the one above. I’m no interior decorator, but I am a collector of all things vintage so I could definitely see the above in my home. I’ve never treated any of my apartments like a home (I think it was because I had gotten used to travelling for much for a while). So, I’m excited and scared!

How did you get inspiration for your home? How did you feel when you were purchasing your first home?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Rose Sanderson’s Bugs On Book Covers



Field guides are my favorite. I love learning about the different plants, flowers, and bugs and their characteristics. The best part are all the pretty yet accurate drawings. I just want to frame them and hang them up! This is what appeals to me so much about Rose Sanderson’s work via Unruly Things. She makes both old books and bugs look so appealing.

{Rose Sanderson} Website | Bug On Book Covers | Blog

What’s your favorite bug?

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{Color Inspiration} Rainbow Serpent Book

Australia-based Rhonda Ayliffe took bookbinding to a whole new level when she made this rainbow serpent book. She used the pages of 5 volumes of an enclyclopedia, arranged them in color order, and created this colorful and winding creature. Amazing!

Have you made anything from books before?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Dave Hakkens’ Plugbook


I love Kickstarter. It gives any talented individual a chance to make a product that people love and for fans to back them up! You may remember Dave Hakkens’ work from my blog (here and here). His latest is a plugbook that touches on so many things I deem important! Organization and innovation all in a simple and stylish “book.” Check out his Kickstarter page. I know I will definitely be getting one of these. Maybe even one for each bookcase and each in a different color. If you love it too, back him up! This is definitely one of those {Collecting Rainbows} posts where you’ll want to collect them all!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?