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{Loved & Noted} DIY Rhinestone Bracelet, Bow Ring, & Crystal Cuff


I’ve been a member of For The Makers craft subscription for a few months now and I’m always excited to get my goody box. These really simple and pretty jewelry DIYs have a similar elegant look and look so fun to make! That rhinestone bracelet by Henry Happened can be made in a bunch of colors to go with any outfit. You have to know that I can’t turn down bows and so this bow ring tutorial is right up my alley. Raw and jagged, that crystal cuff by Stripes And Sequins is the perfect amount of edgy.

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

What jewelry DIYs are you all over lately?

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Daydream In Peach And Gray


Carpe Diem Peach & Gray Pillow ($55) | Fabric Peach & Gray Bouquet ($90) | Peach & Gray Birdcage Veil ($100) | Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief ($7) | Peach & Gray Fabric Bunting ($32) | Lace Peach & Gray Dreamcatcher ($20) | Bloom & Grow Tote ($25) | Peach & Gray Dresser ($425) | Peach Botswana Agate White Coral Bracelet ($50) | Peach & Gray Infinity Scarf ($22)

The light with a touch of sherbet combo of peach and gray is really striking a chord with me lately. It started with that awesome applique pillow and now I can’t get the pair out of my head.

Do you like the combination of peach and gray?

Color Fashion

Daydream In Aqua & Neon Yellow


Matchstick Diamond Sham ($18-22) | Colorblock Utility Shirt ($66) | Ivory Spotted Bandeau Dress (£76) | Sperry Audrey Boat Shoe ($48) | Aqua and Neon Yellow Tassel Earrings ($25) | Perfect Dot Lounge Pants ($58) | Multi Bead Bracelet Set ($8.31) | The Wild Thing bareMinerals Eyeshadow ($30) | Sasha Skirt (Girls) ($36)

The neon trend has been keeping its staying power and recently I’m loving the pairing of neon yellow with one of my all time faves – aqua. It’s a light hearted combo that has me daydreaming of sunny skies.

Do you like the combo of aqua and neon yellow?

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Daydream In Lucite


CC Skye Lucite Clutch ($275) | Louis Ghost Chair ($410) | Lanvin Lucite Wedge Sandal ($1590) | Alexis Bittar ($275) | Lucite Trunk | Jonathon Adler Lucite Lamp ($487) | Natasha Couture Bead & Chain Necklace ($24) | Nesting Tables ($130)

With Spring around the corner, lucite is bound to be another fun trend. Since getting the nesting tables above, I can’t seem to stop looking at any piece of furniture that features lucite. It not only helps make a space look bigger, it’s fun when they’re injected with a hint of color. That clutch and those wedges (a pretty splurge!) would definitely go with everything.

Are you a fan of lucite?

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Daydream In Lavender


Urbanears Headphones ($60) | Mini Chandelier ($60) | Michael Kors Griffin Sunglasses ($105) | Open Back Contrast Panel Dress ($25) | Faceted Triangle Bracelet ($11) | Maybelline Eye Shadow ($3) | Pauls Boutique Maisy Suede Patent Bag ($114) | Skinny Belt ($11) | Plum & Bow Corsage Shower Curtain ($44) | Cordy Roy Mouse ($24)

I’ve always been drawn to all shades of purple. Maybe because my birthstone is amethyst. The light hue of lavender has been fluttering my heart lately especially with the coming spring.

Do you like lavender?

Fashion Partner

{Lust List} You’re A Gem


Sunbeam Lemon Quartz Pendant (£60) | Ametrine & Amethyst Ring (£60) | Pink Blue Gray Chinese Jade Bracelet (£82) | Ethiopian Opal & White Topaz Earrings (£24)

I love it when unique gems and stones are used in jewelry. They really make the piece with their sparkle and unique colors. I’m lusting after all of these pieces above. There are a bunch more where that came from too. Click here for more.

What’s your favorite lesser known gem?

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Daydream In Macarons


Macarons Silk Scarf ($110) | Macaron Candles ($24/4) | MOR Macaron Lip Balm ($10) | Macaron Party Jar ($21) | Macaron Bracelet (€39) | Fabric ($4.60) | Macaron Wrapping Paper Background ($2.50-8) | Macaron Cafe Box of Macarons ($53) | Macaron Pill Box ($10) | Water Transfer Nail Stickers ($4.80) | French Macaron Cushion ($32) | Laurdee Illustration ($11) | Macarons Art Cards ($10)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love each and everyone of your for making my blog worthwhile.

Last year A got me a beautiful pink and gold tulle wrapped box of macarons and flowers arranged in a milk glass vase for Valentine’s day. I’m excited to see what today has in store! Meanwhile, I’ll be daydreaming in in one of my favorite cookies ever. They’re so colorful and yummy. How can you resist!

Do you like macarons?

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Daydream In Ice Blue


Eiffel Tower Headband ($23) | Polka Dot Candles ($5) | Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Earrings ($118) | Giant Bicycle ($410) | Blue Mushroom Woodland Scene ($28) | Powder Blue Dress ($75) | Wish Bracelet ($19) | Glass Tumblers ($24) | Sunshine Showers Raincoat ($158) | Topshop Cat Sweater ($76) | Handknit Blue Over The Knee Socks ($50) | Delphite Juicer ($55)

On New Years Eve, A’s parents, A, and I headed to Mt. Hood to go sledding. I’d never sledded before & I was totally freaked out, but once I saw how much fun they and A were having I had to join in. It was a blast! We loved stomping in the snow and making snow angels. The ice was such a pretty powder and an ice blue that I can’t get out of my mind. So, today’s post is all about this chilly and pale yet beautiful color.

Do you like ice blue?

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Daydream In Pressed Flowers

Skull Print ($15) | Cube Earrings ($39) | Studio Sign ($50) | Washi Tape ($15.50) | Rug ($19) | Candle ($6) | Switchplate ($9) | Scarf ($62) | Tray ($15) | Red Resin Bangle ($44) | Blouse ($60) | Mt. Rainer Flower Map ($25)

As the summer continues going strong, wildflower hills are slowly becoming golden fields. I remember how I used to love picking a few blooms each year and leave them in the pages of books I was reading in hopes of keeping them around forever. I thought I’d find some pretty pressed flower goodies so that these pretty colorful petals may live on.

Do you like pressed flowers? Have you ever pressed your own?

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{Lust List} The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Cover Redesign | Art Deco Dark Green Gold Bracelet ($225) | Alice And Olivia Fringe Dress ($550) | Mirror ($298)

The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite reads when I was in high school. I remember doing an ink and watercolor painting with all the symbolism from the book. My english teacher so much she asked if she could keep it. Nowadays I’m just lusting after the style of that time with a hint of green light…

“a single green light, minute and faraway, that might have been the end of a dock.” -The Great Gatsby

Did you ever read The Great Gatsby?