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{Color Palette} Ornamental Antlers


I’m always intrigued by animal heads. They speak to me and freak me out at the same time. But, I’m loving this holiday version decorated with sparkly ornaments (via I Suwanee). Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you celebrating today?

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{Color Palette} A Trunk Full Of Books


With the cooling weather, I can’t imagine a more satisfying afternoon than one curled up with a book (via Lovely Rice). But now…which one?

What’s your favorite book?

Garden Nature

{Color Palette} Ladderful Of Apricots


Summer’s all about the bright sun and bountiful fruit trees. I can’t wait for the tress I planted to bear fruit so that I can eat them sun warmed and fresh off the branch (via Bell Bottom Blues).

What’s your favorite summer fruit?

Color Nature

{Color Palette} The Sun Is Shining


Photo via Stay Gold

Even after buying a home in Oregon, I still am and will probably always be a California girl. I miss the sun and the palm trees and all my colorful sun dresses (which I try to wear here anyways with tights). I’m definitely longing for summer!

How are the Summers where you are?

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{Color Palette} A Simple Boxwood Wreath

Photo by La Buena Vida

Merry Christmas! I hope you are spending time with loved ones on this day.

What are you plans for today?

Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Faux Fur

Beanbag ($54-159) | Velvet Tech Case ($48) | Faux Fur Earmuffs ($36) | Faux Fur Throw ($74) | Faux Fur Stocking ($38) | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow ($18) | Faux Fur Wrap ($35) | Faux Fur Wine Bag ($9)

I often joke that I just want to use my pet bunny Jake as a pillow. He’s so soft and sits there all day cleaning himself, which makes him even softer. Furry and soft things remind me of him when he’s not in the room and make me so happy. He uses his softness to bribe us for sweet treats such as carrots and berries, so he definitely wouldn’t approve of other furry things in the house. Maybe I’ll sneak a furry stocking for him or earmuffs for the cold when he’s not looking.

Do you like furry things? Which is your favorite?


{Color Memory} Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Topshop Diamond Print Shirt ($36) | Diamond Girl

I love all the beautiful facets and bounced light that come from the cuts of diamonds and crystals. This printed top would be cute under a leather jacket with bright skinnies.

What’s your favorite gem?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Chocolate Mugs

My favorite thing to wrap my paws around when the air starts cooling down is hot chocolate. There is something so comforting about it. Topped with a few marshmallows and this adorable pastel chocolate cup ($17) and I’d be golden!

What’s your favorite warm drink?

Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Squirrels

Advent Pillow Cover ($40) | Squirrel Sweater ($50) | Gold Squirrel and Acorn Earrings ($10) | Squirrel Print Dress ($40) | Silver Squirrel Nutcracker ($13) | Squirrel Ankle Socks ($6) | Ceramic Squirrel Speaker ($49) | Bag ($77)

Since being in the new place, we experience a lot more wildlife than we did downtown. Just the other day we saw a woodpecker. Squirrels scamper about and it makes me so happy! Thinking about Thanksgiving and decor, I’ve been notcing these little furry cuties everywhere. I bought a little orange version offering an acorn just the other day at Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping. It just makes me smile. I thought I’d share the inspiration!

Do you see wildlife where you live?

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{Color Memory} Jeffrey Campbell Bow Wedges & A Fluttery Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Mint Wedges ($145.99) | Morning Music Mint & Tan Dress ($49.99)

Do you like the mint and tan with bow combo?