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{Lust List} Cooking With Kids


Stove Top Popcorn Maker (£32)| Popcorn Bowl (£3.50) | Stoneware Bowl Set (£42) | Glass Biscuit Jar (£25)

What is it about these adorable kids in these pictures that make me want to stock up my kitchen for rainy day movies & baking? Sigh! I wish my niece and nephew were closer so I could reenact these scenes.

Has the spring rain hit where you are?

Color Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lavender


Urbanears Headphones ($60) | Mini Chandelier ($60) | Michael Kors Griffin Sunglasses ($105) | Open Back Contrast Panel Dress ($25) | Faceted Triangle Bracelet ($11) | Maybelline Eye Shadow ($3) | Pauls Boutique Maisy Suede Patent Bag ($114) | Skinny Belt ($11) | Plum & Bow Corsage Shower Curtain ($44) | Cordy Roy Mouse ($24)

I’ve always been drawn to all shades of purple. Maybe because my birthstone is amethyst. The light hue of lavender has been fluttering my heart lately especially with the coming spring.

Do you like lavender?

DIY Home Decor Nature

{Color Palette} Sweet Indoor Fort


DIY on A Subtle Revelry

Since watching Moonrise Kingdom, A and I have been talking about converting our secret attic room into a cute “tent.” This beautiful inspiration on A Subtle Revelry had me lusting after a sweet and feminine version. I’m extra loving those stars & giant flowers.

Do you have an attic room? What have you done with it?

Art Color Design Fashion Paper

{Color Inspiration} Jump From Paper Bags

These colorful Jump From Paper bags are so fun! They don’t even look real. As a cartoon fan, I love the idea of living them in real life!

Which one is your favorite?

Art Color DIY

{Color Inspiration} Art Bombs

Throwing art bombs on canvas to make art. This just looks like tons of fun. Maybe even for an art bomb fight? A would totally be on board…Find the art bomb tutorial here.

What would you do with your art bombs?

Color Home Decor

{Collecting Rainbows} Colorful Garden Hoses

Gone are the days of running through the sprinklers and setting up the slip and slide in the summers. At least until I get my own house with a yard! When that happens, I’ll be sure to get one of these colorful garden hoses ($70). What could sound more appealling?

What color of the rainbow would you choose?


{Collecting Rainbows} Animal Erasers

I remember collecting erasers as a kid. They weren’t all that crazy. I’d get really excited for one shaped like a book or a popsicle, But, I probably would’ve gone crazy for these little animal erasers and wanted them in every color.

Unicorn | Monkey | Hamster | Elephant | Koala | Pig | Hedgehog | Giraffe ($1 each)

Which animal is your fave? What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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Daydream In Fruit

Balloon Garland | Summer Fruit Print ($50) | Confetti System Pinatas | Flats ($19.88) | Melissa & Doug Playtime Fruits ($15.96) | Pencils ($12/20) | Canvas Fruit & Veg Tote Bag ($295) | Stacking Rings ($15) | Mini Envelopes ($1.94/20) | Fruit Centerpiece | T-Shirt ($49.71) | Fruit Bracelet ($55) | Betsey Johnson Watch ($85)

With summer solstice happening yesterday and summer weather fully on the rise here in Portland, I’m daydreaming in all things summmer. Trips to the river and coast, bicycling to picnic nearby, and all the summer bounty – especially fruit! I’m so excited to go pick berries soon and be stuck with an overabundance so that I “have to” make pies and muffins, and jam. The best!

Do you like fruit motif-ed things? What’s your favorite fruit?


{Collecting Rainbows} Wooden Tooth Boxes

These cute boxes make losing teeth and the excitement of the tooth fairy worth it. I might need to get one for my nephew!

Tooth Box ($3 each)

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Art Nature Photography

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Lissy Elle Laricchia’s Let’s Play Pretend

Girls grew up on fairy tales. I won’t deny that I still hope to someday wake up and land in one. Not so much for the story line or plot, but simply to live in a world where anything is possible, animals talk, and things can be oversized or miniature without a second glance. It’s truly something magical. Photographer Lissy Elle Laricchia has found a way for this world to come alive. In her world and in her photographs. This series aptly named “Let’s Play Pretend” is hauntingly and playfully beautiful. I’ll trade in my tape measure for a giant tea cup any day. (Via Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard.)

{Lissy Elle Laricchia} Let’s Play PretendFlickr

What’s your favorite fairy tale?