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Daydream In Edible Rainbows


Edible Butterflies ($64/96) | Sugar Bead Sprinkles Set ($6.75/3) | Twizzlers Rainbow Licorice ($19.80/18) | Happy Lab Praline Pastilles ($14.95) | Dean & Deluca Rainbow Sanding Sugar ($5.50) | Rainbow Cotton Candy (Floss Sugar available here) | Rainbow Ice Cream Cone

I’m so excited for summer and all the al fresco dining we’ll be doing now that we have a backyard. In the mean time, I’ll be daydreaming in fun and colorful foods available in all colors of the rainbow! Don’t they just evoke thoughts of carnivals, fairs, and happy childhood memories?

What’s your favorite colorful food?

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{Color Destination} 100% Chocolate Cafe


Daydream-In-Color-Color-Destination-100-Chocolate-Cafe-Chocolate-Bins Daydream-In-Color-Color-Destination-100-Chocolate-Cafe-Colorful-Packaging-Seating Daydream-In-Color-Color-Destination-100-Chocolate-Cafe-Souvenior-Tokyo-Chocolate



Today we’re switching it up and having a Color Destination post. I’m working a few hours tomorrow, so today doesn’t really feel like Friday. At work, at the end of every official month we have Chocolate Fridays. We have candy bars for everyone in the building. So, today’s I’m pretending by “travelling” to 100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo Skytree in Japan desgined by Wonderwall (via Spoon & Tamago). Seriously, just look at their website and you’ll wish you were there right now.

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{Collecting Rainbows} Chocolate Mugs

My favorite thing to wrap my paws around when the air starts cooling down is hot chocolate. There is something so comforting about it. Topped with a few marshmallows and this adorable pastel chocolate cup ($17) and I’d be golden!

What’s your favorite warm drink?

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{Taste} Outstanding In Field

Outstanding In The Field

I first heard about this farm dinner event from Oh Happy Day!, the queen of pop-up dinner parties. I couldn’t resist getting tickets for the Portland dinner. We arrived at Stargazer Farms and learned about how this was where they domesticated lillies as we know it when it was settled in the 1800s. It was almost on a cliff overseeing two rivers. I heard they even had a private beach they could walk down to. It also had an active landing strip. It was so neat hearing the owners and farmer talk about their adventures of restoring this once active farm and made it their own. The Outstanding In The Field crew set up a long table on the farm and we essentially ate where our meal came from. The guest chef was Chris DiMinno from Clyde Common so I knew it’d be good food! It was also so fun to strike up conversations with our table neighbors for the night. It seriously made A and I consider moving into the country and having our own farm so we could have dinners like this with friends every night.

Have you ever been to or hosted a farm style dinner?

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{Color Palette} Mexican Ice Pops

I can never resist a fresh juice popsicle. Especially when they are this pretty. I’ll gladly have one in each flavor please! (Via Mex In The City)

What’s your favorite flavor?

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{Color Inspiration} Solar System Chocolates

Chocolatier L’éclat of the Righa Royal Hotel Japan released a line of chocolates that revolve around the solar system that I spotted on Spoon & Tamago. These little sweets look and sound delicious! They have a set of planets (¥3200/set) as well as one with famous meteorites (¥3000/ set).

The planetary flavors include: Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (cream lemon), Earth (cacao), Mars (orange praline), Jupiter (vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea) and Neptune (capuccino). Yum!

Isn’t it kind of a funny thought thinking of someone staging chocolate meteorites falling?

If you’re into these chocolates, you might be into this Daydream In Space post too!

What planet chocolate would you choose to bite into?

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{Taste} Portland: Siam Society

Siam Society was a new to us find. A talked about how it used to be a deserted building he and his friend want to buy to convert into an awesome venue. This night, A and I stopped in for a short notice date night. The tables were booked, so we opted for a seat at the bar. Sometimes we find it more fun and easier to have conversation since we’re sitting next to each other. The bartender was friendly and made sure we were always cared for through the night. We have a weakness for housemade sodas and so A got a ginger mint soda & I got the hibiscus version. Both were flavorful and refreshing. It transported us to Thailand a bit. We got the mussels in cream sauce for an app and roasted lamb and a curry chicken with crispy noodles for our entrees. We wanted to drink the cream sauce the mussels were in. Is that weird? Both meats were extremely tender and complexly flavored. We had to get dessert when I saw they had cardamom ice cream. It was creamy and perfumed with the spice. It paired perfectly with the chocolate cake. It made for a happy Saturday night.

Siam Society2703 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211 | 503-922-3675

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Daydream In Marble

You know I love me some pretty patterns and bright colors, so it shouldn’t be any shock to you how much I love seeing marble pop up all over. The fun part about marble is that is can totally make a bold statement or just add a bit of interest because it can be almost graphic in use or flowy and watercolor-esque. Being a pisces, I love it when patterns can go with the flow of the situation and need. Enjoy the finds below!

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like the marbled look?

PS: Get ready for a week of giveaways to celebrate our one year blogiversary starting this Saturday!

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Daydream In Insects

I know I know that normal people do not daydream in insects, but with Halloween just around the corner. I thought the idea of little bugs everywhere is perfect. Besides, some of these finds really have me reconsidering my next insect sighting scream to looking at them more closely for inspiration instead.

Top to bottom and left to right:

Are you squeamish about insects? Do you have a favorite?