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{Lust List} Neutral Winter Essentials


Camel Black Trimmed Cape ($18) | White Knit Infinity Scarf ($4) | Polka Dot Mittens ($5) | British Style Lace Up Boots ($35)

All of a sudden, it’s winter here. It was 32 degrees F this morning when I got out of the car and I was cold to the core! So, I’m lusting after stylish neutrals to add to my wardrobe that I’ll wear time and time again.

I recently partnered up with Everbuying and I’m seriously loving everything they have! The lastest fashions at wholesale prices plus free shipping. The pictures provide great styling options.

I think my favorite thing about winter are all the accessory options! Cute gloves or mittens, scarves, and hats all topped off with a jacket. Check out their jacket collection. There’s a mix of both classy and on trend. I also have a soft spot for cute sweater dresses.

What are you shopping for this season?

Note: This post is written in partnership with Everbuying. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

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Daydream In Daisies


Fluttered Daisy Top ($118) | Triple Daisy Head Wrap ($28) | Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain Studs ($48) | Topshop Moto Daisy Ripped Shorts ($60) | Daisy Garland ($33) | Daisy Braid | Knitted Daisy Net Tights ($16) | Daisy Star Cosmetics Case ($58) | Daisy Print Dress ($17) | Jeffrey Campbell Lita Daisy Boot ($165) | Vans Daisy Sneaker ($55)

Daisies are the perfect thing to daydream about during our flower week! In fact, they’re A’s favorite flower. So simple yet it packs so much happiness. So today is dedicated to these cute flowers and all that they inspire!

Do you like daisies?

Color Fashion

Daydream In Aqua & Neon Yellow


Matchstick Diamond Sham ($18-22) | Colorblock Utility Shirt ($66) | Ivory Spotted Bandeau Dress (£76) | Sperry Audrey Boat Shoe ($48) | Aqua and Neon Yellow Tassel Earrings ($25) | Perfect Dot Lounge Pants ($58) | Multi Bead Bracelet Set ($8.31) | The Wild Thing bareMinerals Eyeshadow ($30) | Sasha Skirt (Girls) ($36)

The neon trend has been keeping its staying power and recently I’m loving the pairing of neon yellow with one of my all time faves – aqua. It’s a light hearted combo that has me daydreaming of sunny skies.

Do you like the combo of aqua and neon yellow?

Color Fashion

{Color Inspiration} Fall 2013 Fashion Week By Color

Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-London Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Milan Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-New-York Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Paris

I’m loving these cities’ Fall 2013 Fashion Weeks mapped by color via Fashionista. There’s no better way to see what colors are in store for the next season! (If you want to see more color maps, see the Queen’s outfits by color too.)

What colors are you going to be wearing?

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{In The News} Joe Fresh At JCPenney



Joe Fresh Belted Print Pocket Dress ($39) | Joe Fresh Sheer Allover Print Blouse ($29) | Joe Fresh Print Morocco Dress ($29)

Have you heard that JCPenney is opening up new Joe Fresh shops in 681 of their 1,100 stores? The Joe Fresh brand is designed by Joe Mimran, who founded Club Monaco Inc. I’m loving these fresh colors and patterns and the prices range from $4 to $69. You can also shop for these items online. JCPenney is definitely turning around. I heart these little collabs. I chose a few of my faves above.

Which piece is your fave?

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Daydream In Hot Pink & Light Purple


Dorothy Perkins Butterfly Print Umbrella ($17) | Party Straws ($8/50) | Marie-Helene De Taillac 22-karat Gold Spinel Chain Ring ($1175) | Scalloped Circles ($7/48) | Markus Lupfer Heart Embellished Cardigan ($450) | Nasty Gal Sugar High Satchel ($19) | Markus Lupfer Milkshake Sweater ($442) | Leigh & Luca Vintage Birds Scarf ($156) | Acne Satya Dress ($413) | Pink and Purple Room | Sophia Webster Satin and Leather Peep Toe Pumps ($490) | K Jacques St. Tropez Patent Sandals ($300) | Frisia Lips High Heel Sling Back ($695)

I think I subconsciously knew I was going to write this post because I definitely paired a hot pink silk shirt with a light purple floral scarf today. This seemingly saccarine sweet combo appeared to me when I saw that adorable sequinned heart cardigan by Markus Lupfer. Then, suddenly it was everywhere I looked! The funny thing about this combo is that it’s so feminine, but could easily be paired with a darker color like black to tone down. Plus, wouldn’t it look great with leather?

Do you like the combo of hot pink and light purple?

Color Fashion Patterns

{Color Palette} Sequinned Plaid


Photo of Clarabelle

Who knew sequins could look so chic with plaid! PS: For being MIA this weekend/Monday! It was my birthday Saturday and we celebrated all weekend. It was tons of fun!

What’s your favorite unlikely combo?

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Daydream In Feathers



Feather Cape | Boutonniere ($16) | Tote Bag (£9) | Feather Collection Box via Happy Mundane | Feather Flower Arrangements by Flowerwild | Bow Bridal Fascinator ($200) | Gucci Runway Feather Ponytail | Feather Hands | Feathered Hat | Wing Light ($98) | Miss Wu Bella Feather Print Dress ($395) | Feather Faux Lashes ($20) | Quill Pen ($60)

I’ve been obsessed wtih feathers for as long as I can remember because my Chinese name is made up of the word feather. They’ve been “in” for a while now, but I still can’t get enough. The silky plumes exude luxury and girliness. Just love them in everything from flower arrangements to fashion. If you’re into that wing lamp, by the way, you might also enjoy this gilded wing post.

Are you a fan of feathers?

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Daydream In Midnight


J.Crew Leather Trim Peacoat ($425) | Tao Earrings ($45) | Wit & Wisdom Reversible Dot Print Skinny Jeans ($78) | No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Dot Brocade ($148) | Everett Upholstered Chair ($500-650) | Cabinet ($800) | Glinting Midnight Collar ($138) | Recycled Leather Cardholder ($10) | Ciate Power Dressing Nail Polish ($15) | Michael Kors Runway Blue Dial Watch ($250) | Right Here Heels ($60) | Quilted Lips Patent Clutch (£245)

Ever since the Orla Kiely Lust List post, I can’t get this beautiful and mysterious color out of my head. It’s deep rich tone that pairs so perfectly with sparkles is ideal for holiday parties and everyday wear alike. I love the moodiness it can give off in furniture like that cabinet and chair as well as its ability to be matched with rose gold in an unexpected watch. So versatile and wonderful for the season.

Do you like midnight?

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Daydream As A Ballerina

Tulle Skirt ($62) | Ballerina Wall Clock ($12) | Ballerina Tutu Necklace (€75) | Dance Slipper Socks ($12) | Ballet Flats ($160) | Christian Louboutin & English National Ballet Collab | Wooden Toy (€68.60) | Longchamp Ballet Bag | Ballet Inspired Wedding Shoot | Green Sequin Outfit from Ruche Lookbook

I took ballet when I was about 5-6. I remember having a Russian dance teacher that was has hard on us as she was tall and elegant. She would rubber band our feet together so that we wouldn’t forget our form when we stood in place. I would find my fellow dancemates at school recess to practice because we were so scared of our teacher! Being a short little kid (and adult), I should’ve known I really wouldn’t have a dance career as a ballerina, but I tried! I even wanted to change my name to Diana Ballerina (Diana being my bff cousin’s name). After seeing Ruche’s En Pointe lookbook, I was hooked again.  So now a couple of decades later, I still wish I had the elegance of a ballerina and I could wear tutus to work.

Did you ever take ballet?