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{Collecting Rainbows} House Salt & Pepper Shakers


Little houses always draw me in. I don’t know if it’s because I was always trying to find someone to play monopoly with as a kid or just because they’re cute. I love these little house salt and pepper shakers ($8) because they’re colorful and make a small street when lined up! Very cute for a christmas or hostess gift!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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{Collecting Rainbows} One Trip Grip Handles

I’ve been slowly trying to get used to cooking more now that I actually have room to groove. I’ve also been trying to catch tips on saving money on groceries since there are some projects around the house I want to save up for. One tip I’ve heard is making just one trip to the supermarket a month. This cuts down on impulse buys and buying without planning. I love being efficient (industrial engineer in me) so these one trip grip handles ($5) would come in super handy for bringing in all my reusable bags from my trunk to the kitchen. These will also be extra handy if you’re a Black Friday shopper!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Clutch Love

There is a colorful clutch from k. slademade ($72-96) for every outfit. I love the fun zipper and leather combinations!

Which one is your favorite?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Jane Tran Bobby Pins

I’m a total dork when it comes to my hair. I never know what to do with it. I attempt hair tutorials on Pinterest and fail…miserably. These bobby pins from Jane Tran ($12-15) though make me want to try again. There are so many fun designs and colors. It’s really hard to not find one you like!

What color and design would you choose?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Totem Tights

Halloween will be soon upon us. I’m debating whether or not to dress up. I know that if I don’t for work, I should at least wear some funky tights. These totem tights from Patternity (£48) via Honey Kennedy fit the bill. Love how cool the pattern is!

What color would you choose?

Color Design

{Collecting Rainbows} Retro Phone Headset

One of the things I’m excited about having a house is having a land line. Is that totally weird? I always misplace my phone and I end up running around trying to find it when I hear it ring. I’m loving these retro phone headsets ($14) though. It’d probably make it that much easier to find my phone.

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Number Mugs

A while back, A asked me what the dealio was with numbers. We go to a lot of vintage fairs that paint/screenprint numbers onto burlap, chairs, and what not. I was afraid to admit to him at the time that I kind of liked them. These number mugs ($8) are a modern take I love probably because they’re so colorful! Via Swissmiss.

What number/color would you choose?

Color Fashion

{Collecting Rainbows} Library Of Color Nail Polish

This Library Of Color Nail Polish set ($85) is so fun! I would have so much fun following along to online tutorials to make designs on my nails.

What color of the rainbow would you experiment with first?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Square Color Chip Boxes

Leif’s little square color chip boxes ($56) are colorful, fun, and perfect for stashing little tidbits or for wrapping something special for a friend. I’m loving all the colors!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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{Collecting Rainbows} iPhone Popsicles

It’s not technically summer anymore, but how can anyone resist these adorable popsicle iPhone cases ($25)? Besides, the stick can bend back to be used as a stand. How cute and convenient!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?