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{Partnered Post} The Power Of Color Coordination On Your Blog


Thanks to the Internet, millions of people now have the ability to share their thoughts, ideas and creativity with the whole world through blogging. However, just because someone can start their own blog doesn’t mean that others are going to want to spend their time reading it, especially if it isn’t eye-catching and well designed.

One’s blog should not only reflect who they are as an individual, it should also appeal to others; after all, without an audience, what’s the point? Color coordination plays a key role in making a blog aesthetically appealing. When it’s good, it’s great and when it’s bad, people will really be put off. Color coordinating one’s blog plays an integral role in its readability, so read on for more information.

Color affects everyone

In web design, good color choice should never be neglected. A poor color combination can have just as negative an effect as poorly written copy, slow load times and noisy images. No one wants a blog that’s got too much going on, but a blog without a sense of cohesion and design principles isn’t much better.

Whether one wants to admit it or not, color affects them, both physically and mentally, not to mention subconsciously and consciously. Some colors elicit feelings of agitation or relaxation, while others may spark memories. In fact, some studies have shown that color can play a role in the acceptance or rejection of a service or product. This is particularly true when it comes to the Internet, because it is such a visual experience.

Picking a color scheme

Even with the greatest content ever, a blog with clashing hues just isn’t going to cut it. The color scheme should welcome visitors while still representing the blogger’s point of view and theme. Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to finding a suitable color that will appeal to readers while still looking fresh and original.

Often, it is helpful to consider the colors that fit with the blog’s theme. For example, a blog about healthy lifestyle choices and eco-friendly products might benefit from soft colors like blues and greens. Alternatively, a blog centered on beach vacations might look lovely with a scheme consisting of blues, browns and tans. The key, however, is not to become fixated on any one color, but to choose several.

Bloggers don’t have to have any prior experience in web design or art to pick the perfect color palette, thanks to the Internet. There are a number of color palette sites that cater to individuals looking for the perfect color scheme for their blog. These sites allow users to play around with different color combinations to make the decision process much easier.

Incorporating pictures into the color scheme

The written word is very powerful, but everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is precisely why it is so important to include images with every blog post. However, the pictures chosen should mesh with the color scheme; it is possible to manipulate an image’s color balance before posting, though this can be time-consuming and tedious for those unfamiliar with the process. Another solution is to visit sites such as Dreamstime to purchase stock images, which are available in a wide range of styles and colors.

The bottom line is that there is no strict set of guidelines when choosing the color scheme for a blog. It really depends on the blog’s overall theme, mood and context of its content.

Note: This post was provided by a Daydream In Color partner. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration. Thanks for tuning in!

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Daydream in Ombre

Ombre is a French term for shaded. It’s usually in the form of gradually changing from a light to dark color or gradients of different colors. It can be woven directly into the fabric or sometimes it’s achieved through dip dyeing.

I’m not sure when my love affair of ombre began. Probably when I was young before I could even figure out how to pronounce the word. It probably goes right along with my desire to own things (dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc.) & supplies (ribbon, sequins, paper, fabric, etc.) in pretty much every color available just so I can arrange them in rainbow order and enjoy the ombre-like effect in the shades of each color. You should see my closet!

Before I go any futher into discussing my rainbow coding everything I own, I’d like to share with you some of my ombre finds! I’ll confess. I had to finally post this post because my ombre inspiration folder was bursting at the seams! It’s a popular trend indeed.

What’s your favorite color to see in ombre? Do you love it most on cakes? clothes? hair? paper?

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake Photo By Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty

Gray Ombre Shoes By Luisacativo via Design is Mine

$55 Via Accessorize

$73 by KronKron From Olive Shoppe via Modish

Via Freshly Picked via You Are My Fave

$ 48 By Perch Ceramics via Fancy House Road

DIY via Once Wed

$58 by Ayofemi Jewelry

Via You Shall Above All Things, Be Glad and Young

$470 By Bottega Veneta via Net-A-Porter

Turkish Antique Kilim Rug from Sukan via SF Girl By Bay

Via The Beauty Department

$120 via ABC Home

Invitation by Studio Lin via Oh Joy!

$149 by Tutu Du Monde via Hip Hip Hooray!

$2195 by Jayson Home & Garden via SF Girl By Bay



Watercolor Style Dyes & Ruffled Silk by Felicity Brown via Ali Loves Curtis

Color Fashion Photography

{Color Palette} Seoul Fashion Week 2011

The vibrancy of color is unbelievable.

Via B is for Bonnie By StreetFsn

Art Color Design Patterns

Daydream in Ikat

As an engineer, how and why things work naturally intrigue me. It’s part of my job to think of unique ways to achieve the same thing with different methods. And that refers to both the physical sense (e.g., how can I made something that will work the same, but using a simpler method) and the emotional sense (e.g., how can I make the transition for this employee to a different and more efficient workstation without resistance). It’s no surprise that when I found out about the process of producing those bright patterns, I was reading it up like a sponge. There are of course many ways of dying textiles and I am definitely NOT an expert, but I’d love to share with you what I’ve found as well as many items I love that show off the beautiful pattern created using ikat.

The word Ikat comes from the Indonesian language and means either cord, thread, or knot. It is actually a method and not any particular pattern and it’s used in many cultures all over the world. It’s a method of weaving that involves resist dyeing the threads before weaving. The dyeing can be applied to either the threads that are on the loom (warp) or the threads that are being weaved into the threads on the loom (weft fibres). The material, such as cotton or wool, is tied into bundles and dipped into wax so that the dye can’t permeate into those areas. The bundle is then dipped into dyes and often in mutiple colors depending on the result desired. The skillful weaver then has to decide which threads to use to create an often symmetrical pattern.

Isn’t that just incredible? Such much skill and work is invested into make such unique patterns. What art/design/craft processes intrigue you? Do you love learning about how things come about? What else would you love to learn the process of?

Meanwhile, below are some great ways to incorporate this wonderful style of dying and weaving or things inspired by ikat into your lives.

$16 for set of 3 Via Furbish Studio

$34 each Via Nordstrom

$20 for set of 2 via Furbish Studio

$25 for set of 3 via Furbish Studio

$71.20 for one place setting Via Best Wishes of Boca By Vera Wang

$35 each via Furbish Studio

$14.90 Via Avenue

$230-$245 via ABC Home

$15 Via The 15 Dollar Store

$138-$198 via Anthropologie

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Tim Walker Flowers

This is a new type of post I’m going to try out. I see wonderful inspirational pictures everyday and I want to share them with you with a color pallette picked out to maybe inspire you to go for some unexpected combinations in your projects and design. Hopefully it will inspire me to incorporate them into one of my projects or Friday Freebies as well! What do you think?

Photo by Tim Walker

Fashion Patterns

Daydream in Chevron

Chevron is easy to love with their bold presence & often bright colors. They’re on everything from home goods to fashion. Below are  some spotted in fashion.

By the way, it’s snowing in Portland today! You’d think we always get snow, but any talk of the stuff and everyone’s a jumble. I trudged into work to a half filled parking lot and the snow was sticking to my flats so as I walked I gathered more and more. Pretty soon I was walking towards the front door in the craziest snow platforms. We’ll see if I make it home tonight! Anyways, today’s topic is  just the eye candy to make you forget about the winter!

{via Coquette}

Chevron Tote

{from Virginia Johnson}

{from BellJar}

{from Jewels in the Hay}

Color Fashion Paper Party Photography

Daydream in Confetti

More and more I’ve noticed the use of confetti in photo shoots and I’m loving it! It’s adds just the right splash of color and fun.

Circus Party Photoshoot | Bear In Confetti by Lola Thomasina | Bando Photoshoot

What do you think? What are your favorite things to use in photo shoots?

Color Fashion

Daydream in Gold Sparkles

There’s just something about sparkly gold things that make my eyes and smile grow wide. Do they do the same for you? If so, here are some for you to oogle!

Gold Rush Ring ($95) by Dolly Bird Designs | Gold Sequined Peter Pan Collar ($98) from Story via Wit + Delight | Miu Miu Pumps via Funky Trend | Gold Headband ($80) by Quirky Beauty

Do you like gold sparkles? How have you been incorporating them into your life?