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{Color Inspiration} Fall 2013 Fashion Week By Color

Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-London Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Milan Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-New-York Daydream-In-Color-Fashionista-Fall-2013-Fashion-Week-By-Color-Paris

I’m loving these cities’ Fall 2013 Fashion Weeks mapped by color via Fashionista. There’s no better way to see what colors are in store for the next season! (If you want to see more color maps, see the Queen’s outfits by color too.)

What colors are you going to be wearing?

Fashion Patterns

{Color Inspiration} Bobby Pin Patterns

I know I’ve brought up Jane Tran bobby pins ($12-15) before, but the patterns really are inspiring. It’s fun to imagine incorporating them into outfits.

What pattern is your favorite?

Art Design Home Decor

{Color Inspiration} Page By Page Lamp


Remember when I said that sometimes I panic from indecisiveness and I don’t end up making any decision at all? Well, this totally solves my problems. At least when it comes to choosing a lamp ($59). I can change it daily with my mood. Kind of like these flowers. This would be a fun gift for anyone on your list!

Which lamp do you like most?

DIY Paper

{Color Inspiration} Minesweeper Postcards

Pre-dial up days, I would sit at the computer writing papers and I’d take a break by playing solitaire and minesweeper. Not to brag, but I got really good at minesweeper. :) I evenually graduated to the biggest screen and I lived for that little smiley with the sunglasses that popped up when you won the game without getting blown up. I got so excited that I could continue my “streak” with these awesome minesweeper postcards ($2). These are perfect for stocking stuffers or just to send you friends for no other reason than to entertain them.

Did you ever play minesweeper?

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{Color Inspiration} Dior Garden Couture FW2012


I know it’s chilly weather, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at beautiful and colorful spring things for inspiration. Raf Simon’s FW2012 collection was introduced in such a marvelous way. Rooms were covered floor to ceiling in gorgeous peonies, dahlias, carnations, delphiniums, roses, goldenrods, and more to bring out the feminine silhouettes of this collection. The result is a magical and colorful setting for the beautiful new line. Via The House That Lars Built.

What flowers would you want floor to ceiling in your own magical room?

Art Color Design Home Decor

{Color Inspiration} Fedro Woven Rocking Chairs

These colorful woven rocking chairs were designed by Lorenza Bozzoli for German furniture company Dedon via Designboom. She was inspired by her son’s video gaming chair. I love the idea of sitting in these minimal chairs to relax by the fireplace!

What kind of outdoor furniture do you have?


{Color Inspiration} CD Portraits

These anti-piracy CD portraits are super awesome. It’s crazy how much personality can come across with a CD medium. (via The Dot Creative)

Who’s portrait would you want in CD form?

Art Color Design Fashion Paper

{Color Inspiration} Jump From Paper Bags

These colorful Jump From Paper bags are so fun! They don’t even look real. As a cartoon fan, I love the idea of living them in real life!

Which one is your favorite?


{Color Inspiration} The Color Run


I’m not much of a runner these days, but The Color Run might change that. This looks like so much fun with friends. Plus, you get to be multicolored by the end of it because a different color marks each 1K of the run.

Would/Have you ever done The Color Run?

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{Color Inspiration} Josef Alber’s Interaction of Colour

Although I don’t yet own the book, I’m very intrigued by this online version with exercises. It’s really fun to make color palettes and test myself on how well I actually know my colors as well as their relationship with each other! Via Present & Correct.

Have you read this book?