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{Color Inspiration} Deco Rugs


I’ve been wondering what kind of rugs to get for each room and I remembered these Deco Rugs designed by Catherine Martin really caught my eye. I love how sophisticated they look. They really change the look of a space. Via Hopscotch.

What kind of rugs do you have in your home?

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{Color Inspiration} Art Bombs

Throwing art bombs on canvas to make art. This just looks like tons of fun. Maybe even for an art bomb fight? A would totally be on board…Find the art bomb tutorial here.

What would you do with your art bombs?

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{Color Inspiration} Rainbow Paint Chip Wall

I am having thoughts of following Liz Apple’s lead and doing this in one of the rooms in our new place. I’m often struck with an indecisive panic and end up not making a decision at all. I’ve never really had the ability to actually decide on paint colors and furniture in the past so this is definitely new territory for me! I love the way her spontaneous paint chip wall looks and I never have to worry about not liking the color!

What have been your favorite paint colors for your home?

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{Color Inspiration} The Graph Of Ideas

I am a nerd and I love graphs. This graph of ideas by Brendan Griffen really sends my head spinning. He attempts to draws links between the world’s greatest ideas. Not only is it colorful, it makes me draw connections I never thought about!

What do you think are some of the history’s greatest ideas?

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{Color Inspiration} Pantone Skin Colors

It’s so neat to see all skintones classified into Pantone colors in the Humanae project. It truly brings out how unqiue and beautiful each shade is.

What Pnatone color are you?

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{Color Inspiration} Origami In The Streets

In high school I had a friend that was a champion origami folder. He used to teach me random tricks and tips while we were in Japanese class. He would fold intricate roses and make things up on the fly. It was kind of amazing. These beautiful and colorful origami installations in Vietname and Hong Kong by Mademoiselle Maurice remind me of him. If I saw these on the streets, it would instantly brighten my day.

Have you ever folded origami?

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{Color Inspiration} Studio Boot’s IXXI Pattern Wall Tiles

I’m a big fan of graphic patterns with geometric shapes because they’re so simple and bold. I love the idea of making my own pattern on the wall with these wall tiles by Studio Boot from IXXI available in a pink and yellow set (€149 each). Each piece is printed with different colors on each side and it’s up to you to arrange them however you want. There are so many possibilities! They also do custom photos and mosaics that are also really fun! The squares would be perfect for instagram photos (follow me: daydreamincolor) !

Do you like the idea of wall tiles? How would you arrange yours?

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{Color Inspiration} Hanging Typography

I never tire of awesome projects that use everyday items. This hanging typography blew me away. I would’ve never guessed that straws could look so trendy and cool! (Via ManMade)

Have you made anything unusual out of everyday items before?

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{Color Inspiration} Mark Mawson Underwater Shots

Summer is in full blast and my favorite activity to do here in Portland is to go swimming in the river. There’s just something in the water that makes your whole body relax and feel free. I’ve always wanted to be able to take pictures to capture these Summer moments, but I don’t want to be one of those people too busy capturing the moment rather than enjoying it. Plus, I don’t have the skills!

You may remember when I featured Mark Mawson’s Aqueous photogrphy series a while back, I couldn’t resist featuring him again when I saw his perfectly captured underwater shots. They really look like they’re from another beautiful and imaginary world.

Do you like swimming in the Summer? Have you ever tried any underwater photography?

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{Color Inspiration} Float Away Scarves

Over sized scarves have a permanent place in my daydream brain. Ever since my BFF brought me back a pretty blue one from Brazil during her travels a few years ago, I’ve used it as a shawl, a beach towel, a cover up, a picnic blanket, and even rolled up as an impromptu sack. So my mind wanders with ideas of fun whenever I see beautiful over sized scarves. These float away ones by Faliero Sarti at Maryam Nassir Zadeh just have me daydreaming in every which way. (Via Design For Mankind)

Do you like over sized scarves?