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Color Design Food Home Decor

{Color Inspiration} Chapeau Porcelain Dishes

These adorable Chapeau porcelain dishes stole my heart with not only their beautiful and subtle colors, but their organic and simple shapes. You can mix and match the tops to fit your needs. I want a bunch so that I may grow a little pattern of leftovers in my fridge! They’ll be available at Alma’s Room soon. (Via Design Crush)

What is your favorite way to keep foods?

Color Nature

{Color Inspiration} Wildflower Bouquets

You may remember how wildflower patches make my heart sing. Well, when I saw that Amy Merrick was teaching a hand tied wildflower bouquet class you can’t imagine my desire to drop everything and fly to New Hampshire to learn of the art. These beautiful whimsical bouquets just remind me of bike rides and picnic and everything else lovely spring and summer weather have to offer.

Do you like wildflowers? Which color bouquet is your favorite?

Color DIY Home Decor

{Color Inspiration} Best-Selling Paint Colors

Since we’ve been house hunting, I’ve been paying more and more attention to the paint in every room and what would look best with all of our varied vintage collections. I was naturally very interested in what paint colors other people were buying and the trends of each color. I was excited to see that Benjamin Moore lists out the best selling paints by color to feed my curiosity. (Via Curbly)

What’s your favorite paint color?

Color DIY Nature Paper

{Color Inspiration} Color Scavenger Hunt



Scavenger hunts are the best. They remind me of summer and camp and discovery and adventure. I fell instantly in love with Elsie Markley’s idea of a color scavenger hunt. This is definitely going on my summer to do list!

Do you like scavenger hunts?

Art Paper

{Color Inspiration} Rainbow Serpent Book

Australia-based Rhonda Ayliffe took bookbinding to a whole new level when she made this rainbow serpent book. She used the pages of 5 volumes of an enclyclopedia, arranged them in color order, and created this colorful and winding creature. Amazing!

Have you made anything from books before?

Nature Photography

{Color Inspiration} Daily Birds

Birds are one of the coolest animals. They build nest house out of whatever they can find. They communicate with each other through song and chirps. One top of that, they exude elegance as they soar through the sky. I’m loving Don Pancamo’s Daily Birds on Google+. They’re beautiful and it’s fun to learn the types of birds out there. PS: While you’re there, check out Daydream In Color’s Google+ page!

What’s your favorite bird?

Color Design

{Color Inspiration} Pantone Queen

Lots of you loved the Rainbow Queen post and so I just had to post this collaboration with Pantone and Leo Burnett to make this awesome Pantone deck with all the Queen’s famous outfits. Via Yatzer

What’s color outfit of the Queen is your fave?

Art Home Decor Paper Patterns

{Color Inspiration} Catalina Estrada Wallpaper Collection

I grew up in a house that had a few wallpapered rooms. Our dining room had cream stripes and another had blue borders. The more I look at the latest wallpaper offerings, it’s hard not to imagine filling each of the rooms in my future home with a unique print. These new ones from Catalina Estrada via My Owl Barn are really not helping the situation. I love each one more than the next. They can be found on Bloom Papers and Coordonné.

{Catalina Estrada} Website - Shop - TwitterFacebook

Do you like wallpaper? Which is your favorite?


{Color Inspiration} Plexus Installation

The intricate webs woven by Gabriel Dawe just draw me in. I would love to see this in person and wonder in awe of how it was made. (Via Inspired to Share.)

Have you made anything out of string before?

If you’re into these string pieces, you’ll also love these ones in nature.

Color Fashion Photography

{Color Inspiration} It Was All A Technicolor Dream


Photos and lookbook via Nasty Gal

Eye-catching neons and smoke signals. All things I love. Not sure if I can pull off these looks, but it would sure be fun trying!

Are you mixing neon into your wardrobe?