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Party Sweets

{Color Palette} Sprinkle Ombre Birthday Cake


I’m a big fan of sprinkles & a big fan of ombre. That’s why this cake is perfect for celebrating my BFF’s birthday! We all went to Cabo for an “early celebration” this month and I miss her already. (Get the recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes.)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

Nature Vintage

{Color Palette} Three Wooden Oars


I’ve kayaked once in the past with A’s parents, but I’ve yet to try my hand in an old fashioned row boat. These beautifully worn oars have summer thoughts written all over them. (via Prepfection)

Have you ever rowed before?

Party Photography

{Color Palette} Floating Balloons


Today is my Dad’s birthday. So, these “virtual balloons” are dedicated to him. Plus, they make an awesome color palette. (Photo by Natsuki Photography)

What’s your favorite time to give balloons?

Color Nature Vintage

{Color Palette} Desert Of Flowers


Vintage looking desertscapes are inspiring me today (via Nasty Gal). It’s funny how many colors can actually show up in the desert. If you’re into deserts, you might be into this color palette too.

What’s catching your eye today?

Nature Vintage

{Color Palette} Sunshine Ranculous In Cans


I’m loving cheerful colors today and what better way to sum it up than in this pretty ranculous display in shades of sunshine and red (via Simplypix).

PS: This week is unofficially brought to you by flowers! Check out yesterday’s post filled with flower party ideas & DIYs!

What colors are you feeling today?

Garden Nature

{Color Palette} Ladderful Of Apricots


Summer’s all about the bright sun and bountiful fruit trees. I can’t wait for the tress I planted to bear fruit so that I can eat them sun warmed and fresh off the branch (via Bell Bottom Blues).

What’s your favorite summer fruit?

Color Travel Vintage

{Color Palette} Rookie Road Trip


Photo via Urban Outfitters

I’ve been dying to go on a road trip lately. I’m not sure why. A mini vacay with no destination and lots of memory making and picture taking along with way please! This vintage color palette has me thinking we should treasure hunt along the way too!

Have you taken a road trip lately?

Garden Nature Portland

{Color Palette} Lavender Picking


Lavender is definitely a calming scent for me. The vibrant colors of this color palette (via The Bride’s Cafe) have me dreaming of the lavender festival we went to a few years back and pining for some lemonade made with this lavender syrup. If you’re in the Portland area, here’s the info on the festival this year July 13-14, 2013: Oregon Lavender Festival.

Do you like the scent of lavender?

Nature Travel Vintage

{Color Palette} Fields Of Orange


This beautiful photo via Sara Gossett reminds me of when my cousins and I visited the poppy fields as kids. I remember being so blown away as a kid at the pure intensity of color. I may need to find and share that photo soon.

Have you ever visited the poppy fields or wild flower fields nearby?

Food Sweets

{Color Palette} Sugared Strawberries


For Father’s Day yesterday, I made mixed berry shortcakes for our little BBQ outside. This little color palette is making me crave more today! The little sugar crystals just glisten on the bright red. (via I Bleed Cake)

What’s your favorite berry?