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{Lust List} Remodo Design


Recently, I was lucky enough to pair up with Remodo to try out their new design packages. It’s primarily for teens, kids, and the college-bound to figure out their style and have Remodo‘s awesome design team help them and you design their room. Since I don’t have kids in the house, I thought I’d try it out on my own bedroom. Since I love pretty much want everything in their shop, I knew the designers had my back and would design a room I would love.

The process was simple. You fill out a questionaire with questions about what you like and don’t like as well as the current state of the room like if there are pieces you want to stay in the room, the flooring, color, etc. You give them a budget and their in house designers get to work to make something just for you. How fun is that!

After that, you can purchase the designer selected items directly from their cute shop.

Check out what my designer designed for me above! I’m loving that little pink basket hamper & the black and white city photos.

You lucky readers are in for a treat!

Remodo is offering $10 off your order. Use code Shop10 at checkout.

They are also offering 25% off their design package, which is valued at $125, to work with a real designer. Use code WWAD2013 at checkout.

Note: This post is written in partnership with Remodo. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help us provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

What room are you going to design?

Art Fashion Patterns

{Wish I Was Wed} Rhys Lee X Gorman

This beautiful collaboration has me wishing I was either Lisa Gorman or painter Rhys Lee. The beautiful painterly and graphic patterns paired with adorable clothing cuts equals a match made in heaven! (Is it just me or does this model remind you of Demi Lovato? I think she’s awesome. I’m such a dork.)

Which is your favorite pattern?

Art Design Travel

{Wish I Was Wed} Matthew Tapia

{Matthew Tapia} Tumblr

I’ve always been interested in typography. I don’t even know the basics, but I remember in college commenting on the fonts of different store signs with my friends that thought I was a dork for even bringing it up. I’m absolutely loving Matthew Tapia’s work. It’s so refreshing and fun.

Do you like typography and hand lettering?

Art Design Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Evelin Kasikov’s Portrait Project

I’ve wished I was Evelin Kasikov for some time now with her CYMK embroidery, alphabet, and all sorts of cool things. Her portrait project is no less inspiring. I love her simple color palette for each and how much they resemble her subjects.

{Evelin Kasikov} Website | The Portrait Project | Shop

Have you ever embroidered on paper?

Color Design Home Decor

{Collecting Rainbows} Dave Hakkens’ Plugbook


I love Kickstarter. It gives any talented individual a chance to make a product that people love and for fans to back them up! You may remember Dave Hakkens’ work from my blog (here and here). His latest is a plugbook that touches on so many things I deem important! Organization and innovation all in a simple and stylish “book.” Check out his Kickstarter page. I know I will definitely be getting one of these. Maybe even one for each bookcase and each in a different color. If you love it too, back him up! This is definitely one of those {Collecting Rainbows} posts where you’ll want to collect them all!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

Art Guerilla Art Nature Paper

{Wish I Was Wednesday} A Common Name’s Geode Project

Street art always impresses me. A glimpse of something that will brighten your whole day. I’ve toyed with ideas in the past, but nothing comes close to this really awesome Geode Street Art project by Paige Smith of A Common Name in Los Angeles. They’re sparkly, unexpected, and look so real! Another crazy thing is that they’re made of paper. It always seems so fun to pop in these surprises. I want to be her so badly right now!

{A Common Name} Website - Project - Blog - FacebookTwitter

Do you like street art? What’s your favorite street art that you’ve come across?

Art Color Design Home Decor

{Wish I Was Wed} Uusi Studio

How cute are these wooden modern animals & I can’t even describe my love of these limited edition prints “Make Believe.” I grew up eating up every word of each fairy tale that I read and these capture each so simply and beautifully.

{Uusi Studio} WebsiteShopBlog

via Bloesem

Did you ever read fairy tales?

Design Home Decor

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Designer Luc van Hoeckel


I love coming across budding designers that really are thinking differently about the functionality of objects in our lives and how to improve them. How to make them not only easier to use and solve small daily problems, but making them beautiful and desirable.

Luc van Hoeckel recently submitted his new work and I was really intrigued by his projects, which included inventions like integrating herbs and plants into windows, a lamp that expands and contracts based on the focus of conversation and how many people are at the table, and breathing tiles that allow the grass from underneath tiles to grow up into patterns. His latest project eliminates the need for handwritten and hard to read memos and tie-ins to each other. Instead, the messages can be recorded on a simple circular device that hangs on the wall. Little lights flash as the message wheel fills. I can definitely see this being a great invention for a family for the kids to tell their parents where they’ve gone or for parents to remind kids of their after school classes. I, on the other hand, would probably leave love notes to my pet bunny (aka: my child).

{Luc van Hoeckel} Website

What messages would you record on the Record Me?

Art Color Design Paper Patterns

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Lim Siang Ching of Pattern Matters

From the moment I saw these beauties, I couldn’t get them out of my head. The fact that they’re made from paper, the movement, the bright patterns, the thought of moving the gear/tab/what-not each day. It just appeals to my every sense (minus taste though they do remind me of candy)! These are the product of Pattern Matters founded by Singapore-based graphic designer and illustrator Lim Siang Ching.

Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project inquiring on possible ways to augment the role of pattern by looking into the design process and tactile exploration through pattern making. It demonstrates the way of how this design element of pattern can be adopted differently on various platforms in graphic design. The main objective of this project is to inspire designers to look at pattern in every possible angles. Pattern Matters also aims to demonstrate that pattern is a crucial form of design element in graphic design which eventually evident that pattern is not merely a decorating tool.

I love their vision and approach. They also show the process of making each of their pieces. It definitely takes a lot of time and patience. I’m excited to see more of their work in the future! I’m sure they will pretty much all land in my {Color Inspiration} posts at some point.

{Lim Siang Ching of Pattern Matters} Website

Do you like colorful patterns?

Art Color Design Guerilla Art Patterns Photography Portland

{Wish I Was Wednesday} The 10 Best for Year One

The {Wish I Was Wednesday} was my way of showcasing the incredible talent that surrounds us. There is so much to learn from illustrators, photographers, designers, and others that pursue their life’s passion. It’s so rewarding to delve into their portfolios and websites to better understand their thoughts, background, and influences so that I can introduce them to you each week.

Here are your 10 favorites of Year One:

1. Marc Johns

2. Jen Wick Studios

3. Sasha Prood

4. Klas Fahlen

5. Dave Hakkens & Interview

6. Andrew B. Myers

7. Klaus/Leontjew

8. Myeongbeom Kim

9. Jordan Elsie of Horrible Adorables

10. Tatsuro Kiuchi

What was your favorite {Wish I Was Wednesday} this year? Who would you like to see featured?