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{Freebie Friday} You Are Loved Mini Valentines

It’s finally time to prepare for the next holiday! Valentine’s Day is approaching in a quick 4 weeks. Whether your single or not, I love Valentine’s Day simply because I love telling my friends, family, and coworkers how much they are loved (usually with cards and baked treats). I never turn down an opportunity to make someone feel special!

I thought I’d dedicate a whooping three {Freebie Friday} posts to get your creative juices flowing on how you want to tell the wonderful people in your life that you love them. Don’t worry. There will also be fun things you’ll want to make for yourself!

Today, it’s all about getting a short and simple message across! Join me in making some adorable mini valentines.


  • Printer
  • Paper (copy, colored, cardstock, and/or patterned)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive


  1. Make the heart accordion.
    1. Click the “Heart Accordion” template to open. This template is enough for 4 cards.
    2. Print the template onto colored copy paper.
    3. Cut along the solid lines.
    4. Fold or use your scoring tool and ruler to crease the dotted lines and fold so the heart half is on the top. Fan fold is probably the easiest.
    5. Cut along the inside of the heart. Make sure the folded edges are not cut off or else it won’t form an accordion!
    6. Unfold your little hearts!
  2. Make the card.
    1. Click either the “You Are Loved” or “I Love You” card template to open. (If you want to right your own message, use the “Blank Card” template. This template is enough for 8 cards.
    2. Print the template onto copy paper.
    3. Click the “Blank Card” template to open. This template is enough for 8 cards.
    4. Print the template onto colored or patterned cardstock. (For my sample pictures, I used August Empress‘ beautiful and free seamless geometric watercolor patterns to print my own patterned paper.)
    5. Cut along the solid lines.
    6. Apply adhesive to the back of your front card (either “YOU” or “I” or your blank card) and the back of your blank card (your colored or patterned cardstock card).
    7. Attach the first heart of your accordion on the first card’s adhesive. and place the blank card on top to seal the heart inside.
    8. Trim the excess of the blank card.
    9. Fold the heart back and forth into the card.
    10. Do the same with the back card (either “ED” or “YOU” or your blank card) and your 2nd blank card.
  3. Make the envelopes.
    1. Click the “Mini Envelopes” template to open. This template is enough for 4 cards.
    2. Print the template onto colored copy paper.
    3. Cut along the solid lines.
    4. Following the numbers on the flaps, fold the side flaps in along the dotted line and then fold the bottom flap up.
    5. Apply adhesive to the meeting inside flaps to secure the envelope.
  4. Add finishing touches.
    1. Slip your mini valentine inside and seal with some washi tape or a small seal.
    2. Address your mini valentine to a loved one.
    3. Spread the love by slipping it on their desk, lunch, door, or pass them out in class!








This DIY was linked to other fun Valentine’s Day crafts on Lala Land.

 Do you tell your friends and family that you care for them on Valentines Day?

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Daydream In Horses

Today’s post is an early birthday dedication to my dearest cousin D. We are the only two girl cousins on my mom’s side and so we’ve been really close since we were teeny tiny.

I remember beign in Kindergarten and we built every puzzle in their game closet ver a few days to fill a room and making tickets for our relatives to come to our puzzle museum.

If I were to have a sister, she would be her.

Although our family moved away when we were young, we’ve remained close while growing up. She was my very original pen pal. We’d mail each other long letters with little finds from our lives tucked inside. Somehow we’ve found love in food, arts, and crafts on our own, but we share our love for it together. I can always count on her for advice or to have a heart to heart and we both feel a bit lost without knowing the latest about the other.

She always had a thing for horses. I remember her horse painting hanging on the wall. I think her friends and I have really blown her love of them out of proportion because we always think of her when we come across them. I’ve always made it my goal to give her at least one horse related thing with her birthday gift each year, so it only seemed fitting to have a whole Daydream post devoted to these beautiful creatures.

After looking through this collection of things and pictures, I think I might be falling for them too…

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like horses?


Art Color Paper

{Color Inspiration} Color Spectrum Installation of Paper

I’m a total stationery and office supply hoarder/addict and when I saw this installation by Jordi Ferreiro on Design for Mankind, I was just so happy. I can imagine someday having a wall in my studio covered in all the textured paper, envelopes, and colors I have on hand and then just picking them out for projects like paint samples. I’m smiling and giddy just thinking about. That’s how much of an addict I am!

Do you love stationery and office supplies?

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Daydream In Lace

Lace is sophisticated, classic, romantic, and just gorgeous in its detailed patterns. I’ve loved it since I was young draped over our family piano. Although I’m not one to pull it off in a full outfit, with the 60′s & 70′s fashion revival it’s popped up on most everything from vests, accessories, and even paper invitations and celebrations that are very easily incorporated into your life! Let’s look at our finds below.

Do you like lace? How do you like it best?