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Art Design DIY Home Decor Paper

{Loved & Noted} Live Simply, Canvas Furniture, DIY Batik Dye, & Cardboard Alphabet


This week I’m really trying to think about only the basics I need with this Live Simply print ($20).

Canvas hanging furniture would be perfect for small spaces.

I’ve been dye-ing (pun totally intended!) to try my hand at batik since I read a book about it from the library. This version by Kelli Murray is so simple and pretty.

This cardboard alphabet by Weekday Carnival is so simple yet effective.

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Art Home Decor

{Wish I Was Wed} Melissa White

{Melissa White} Website

From the moment I saw Melissa White’s work I stopped everything I was doing to find out more. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for gold and I love the gilded look of her handpainted design in wallpaper. She trained with an artist specializing in Elizabethan painting and one of their projects was replicating painted cloths in the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum. How amazing is that? I hope to have something this amazing in my home someday! (Via The City Sage)

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Daydream In Macarons


Macarons Silk Scarf ($110) | Macaron Candles ($24/4) | MOR Macaron Lip Balm ($10) | Macaron Party Jar ($21) | Macaron Bracelet (€39) | Fabric ($4.60) | Macaron Wrapping Paper Background ($2.50-8) | Macaron Cafe Box of Macarons ($53) | Macaron Pill Box ($10) | Water Transfer Nail Stickers ($4.80) | French Macaron Cushion ($32) | Laurdee Illustration ($11) | Macarons Art Cards ($10)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love each and everyone of your for making my blog worthwhile.

Last year A got me a beautiful pink and gold tulle wrapped box of macarons and flowers arranged in a milk glass vase for Valentine’s day. I’m excited to see what today has in store! Meanwhile, I’ll be daydreaming in in one of my favorite cookies ever. They’re so colorful and yummy. How can you resist!

Do you like macarons?

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Daydream In Arrows



Cake Toppers ($8) | Feather Arrow Fascinator ($225) | Wood Arrow Marquee ($170) | Arrow Stamp ($7) | Pillow ($25) | Mint & Copper Arrow Ring ($18) | Gotcha Print ($23) | Arrow Valentine’s Day Card ($6) | Arrow Bouquet ($108) | Arrow Head Wrap ($16) | Arrow Stripe Rug ($79) | Arrow Tote Bag ($24.50) | Arrow Fabric ($9) | Arrow Wall Decals ($45)

Arrows are awesome. Their bright colors, as signs, as captions. I’ve always loved doodling arrows. I figured with Valentine’s Day coming up, it was the perfect time to daydream in arrows. Maybe use them to hint at what you want from your sweetie this year!

Do you like arrows?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Mister Finch

Mister Finch’s soft sculptures made me realize that even little stuffed insects can be pretty and darn adorable! His use of vintage fabrics give each one such charm and individuality. I kind of want them all!

{Mister Finch} Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Blog | Flickr | Shop

Which is your favorite?

Color Fashion

{Color Inspiration} Float Away Scarves

Over sized scarves have a permanent place in my daydream brain. Ever since my BFF brought me back a pretty blue one from Brazil during her travels a few years ago, I’ve used it as a shawl, a beach towel, a cover up, a picnic blanket, and even rolled up as an impromptu sack. So my mind wanders with ideas of fun whenever I see beautiful over sized scarves. These float away ones by Faliero Sarti at Maryam Nassir Zadeh just have me daydreaming in every which way. (Via Design For Mankind)

Do you like over sized scarves?

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Daydream In Paper Sailboats

Belle & Boo Paper Boat Greeting Card ($4.17) | Sail It Fabric Fat Quarter ($11) | Paper Boat Candles Designed By Roman Ficek | Sagaform Paper Boat Serving Set ($32.63) | Cloth Paper Boat Necklace By Alt Design($18) | White Sailboat Automated Box By Cartoon Monster ($23) | Sailboat Print Dress ($250.67) | Saily Lamp By Pagani Perversi (€85)

As the weather warms people came from all over town to the docks nears my place to kayak, sail, and lounge in their yachts. You may remember my paper sailboat freebies from last year and how I placed them by the waterfront. I was inspired again by paper sailboats for upcoming long weekend. It kind of makes me want to build a giant one to climb into and float on under all the bridges.

Do you like boats? Have you ever sailed?

Art DIY Fashion Home Decor Paper Patterns Vintage

Daydream In Cross Stitch


Vela Cross Stitched Collar and Sweater Clip ($50) | 1950s Cross Stitch Day Dress ($158) | Indiska Cross Stitch Plates via Frau Haselmayer | Cross Stitch Wooden Blank Disc ($7.50)| Stitchin’ Bee Embroidery Kit ($50) | Vintage Stitched Pumps ($36) | Cross Stitch Sampler Letter Set ($11.50) | Cross Stitch Felt Necklace ($18.60) | Finding You Cross-Niche Tee ($39.99) |  | Aldo Mellison Printed Wedge T-Bar Sandals ($107.43) | Light Switch Plate Cover ($8.50) | Skinny Cross Stitch Belt ($28) | Cross Stitch Heart ($75) | Cross Stitch iPhone Case Kit

In an elementary school summer school class is where I learned to cross stitch. It was the perfect craft to keep our little kid hands busy. I even remember meeting my childhood penpal in that class. We kept in touch all the way through high school and we shared many kid secrets, fears, and exciting moments through hand written letters every week. We originally bonded over this old timey craft and I’m delighted to still see it every where. Revived into a cool new trend even!

Do you like to cross stitch? Do you like the motif on objects other than fabric?

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{Lust List} Fresh Breath Of Mint

Ban.do Chiffon Pom Pom Duet Set ($25) | American Gold Sugar Cane Romper ($242) | Botkier ‘Valentina’ Shoulder Bag ($295) | Paper Dot Ribbon ($15)

You can find more minty goodness on the Daydream In Mint post.

What are you lusting after today?

Design News Patterns

{In The News} Lotta Kuhlhorn At Ikea

I was so excited to see on True Up that Lotta Kuhlhorn now has a line of fabrics at Ikea among other designers this season. You may remember her lovely designs on a past {Wish I Was Wednesday} post. Now I just have to figure out how I want to use these beautiful patterns…

How would you use these pretty fabrics?