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{Color Palette} Box Full Of Surprises

Photo by Lobster And Swan via Oh, Hello Friend

I’ve always been a fan of little surprises. I love making small things and leaving them on people’s doorsteps or desks. This picture has me itching to make something beautiful. Plus, you can get vintage ribbon in my shop to package them oh so pretty!

Do you like making little surprise packages?

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{Weekend Recap} Lavender Festival, Sauvie Island, and Christmas In July

This weekend whizzed by. I spent a lot of the weekend watching rom-com’s as I crafted for Potter + Butler’s Christmas in July. So, as the rules state, I’m making a gift for my exchange partner & one for spontaneous gift giving. I’ll share the one for my partner here and since my random gift will be to someone that may read this blog, I’ll post the results of that later. I visited my recipient’s blog and discovered that she has a thing for pink, so I tried to make the package match that theme.

Clock made with cork, paint, and a vintage plastic doily:

Crepe paper gift toppers with adhesive backing to instantly spruce up gifts & pink chocolate gummies & candy:

The rest of the weekend, I spent relaxing at the Blue Heron Herbary on Sauvie Island, which was part of the Lavender Festival Tour this weekend in Portland. We kicked back with lavender lemonade and I brought home a huge bunch to make some of my own. Maybe even into a soda. I’m sure I’ll share the results!

How was your weekend? Do you like lavender?

Color DIY Paper Party Patterns Printables

For You Patterned Paper Ideas

We made it through the short week! This Sunday I have a friend visiting and I’m super excited to show her Portland. She’s never been, but she’s only here for an interview aka a short while, so somehow I need to fit the city into 2-3 meals. That’s a toughy! We’ll see how my tour guiding skills will be. I’m seasoned now. For ever visitor I put together an Excel spreadsheet depending on if they’ve visited before with things to eat for each meal/snack & things to do in between. Yes! I’m a total nerd, but my guests love it because they can just pick things from a list I already compiled of my faves. It includes all the contact info and why this place is special vs. another. A lot of people like the versatility of this instead of a formal itinerary because you just might be in the mood for something else that day! Anyways! Let me know if you’d like to see my Portland picks spreadsheet or if you’re visiting & want some recommendations!

So enough about my nerdiness and on with the show. Last week, I shared with you some free neon “For You” patterned paper inspired by my post about seeing the neon pink all over the design and fashion world and I promised to show you some fun ways to use it.

Last night, I used it to wrap a couple of small gifts and made some gift toppers too. They’re pretty fun to make and work well with this patterned paper because the squares make it easy to fold everything to the right size!

These bows would be great gift toppers. As you can see, you can change the size and thickness of your bows easily with the size of your paper & folds. An alternative would be to add some ribbon or elastic or headband as you tape the bow centers on to make an instant accessory or as the “party hats” for a little girl’s birthday party (or heck even my birthday party!). They can also be hung on string for decor. The bags would be great for favors for the same party too. I make cookies and other treats for coworkers all the time and I’d probably slip a couple in these bags to put a surprise on their desk.

Let me know if you’d like to see a tutorial for the bag or paper bows. I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


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