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{Lust List} Capturing Colorful Memories


My head is still in Cabo by the pool with my friends. So, I’m naturally daydreaming about how to capture and keep those thoughts forever. We brought back a water bottle full of Cabo San Lucas sand. It’d be super cute in that colorful glass terrarium ($34). I’m also loving those rainbow instax mini pictures ($18) and the perfect metallic picture frame ($11) in multiple colors of course!

 How do you like capturing memories?

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{Lust List} Glass Dreams


If dreams were made of glass, I’d like to think they would look like these amazing glass pieces by Decicio ($900-1100). If I had one, I would definitely fill it with an overabundance of flowers.

Which one is your fave?

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{Color Palette} Through Stained Glass

Photo via Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite things when I visited Europe was stepping inside the beautiful churches. The way their walls oozed of history and the way the light shined through the stained glass. It was incredible. In this case, this installation was at Venice’s Biennale, a showcase of contemporary art. Aren’t the colors just wonderful?

PS: We’ve been busy moving into our first home! With unpacking, cleaning, and figuring out knobs and light switches, I’ve been a bit preoccupied! I’m now back to daily posts.

Do you like stained glass?

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Daydream In Pressed Flowers

Skull Print ($15) | Cube Earrings ($39) | Studio Sign ($50) | Washi Tape ($15.50) | Rug ($19) | Candle ($6) | Switchplate ($9) | Scarf ($62) | Tray ($15) | Red Resin Bangle ($44) | Blouse ($60) | Mt. Rainer Flower Map ($25)

As the summer continues going strong, wildflower hills are slowly becoming golden fields. I remember how I used to love picking a few blooms each year and leave them in the pages of books I was reading in hopes of keeping them around forever. I thought I’d find some pretty pressed flower goodies so that these pretty colorful petals may live on.

Do you like pressed flowers? Have you ever pressed your own?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Colored Glass Bottles

In the summer months, it’s always important to keep hydrated. I usually forget until I’m about to run someone over to ge to the nearest water. These bright colored glass bottles from Dean & Deluca ($12) would surely remind me! They’d be extra yummy filled with rosemary water!

What color of the rainbow would you choose?

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Daydream In Neon Yellow

Zest Glass Pitcher ($23) | Carrera Champion Aviator Sunglasses ($145.43) | Eco Highlighter Pencil ($2) |  | nOir Jewelry Highlighter Bracelet ($120) | Neon Belt Bag ($15) | Velvet Torch Stripe Scoop Back Dress ($44) | Paul Smith Skinny Belt ($125.44) | Baby ‘Dalton’ Desert Bootie ($37) | Juicy Couture Gianna Striped Flat Espadrille Shoes ($272.69) | Atelier Biagetti Couch via Design Sponge

The neon craze has been here for a while and I’ve always loved the neon pinks and electric blues, but I have to admit that I never thought I’d have a thing for neon yellow. Recently, I just can’t get it out of my mind! Maybe it’s my deprevation of sunshine or maybe seeing it in stripe form. I don’t know, but I’m so hooked. What about you? Do you love neon yellow?

If you’re hooked, you’ll enjoy this color memory post.

PS: I’m going to try out a simpler “Daydream In” format. Let me know what you think!

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{Color Inspiration} Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic Convergence is a beautifully colorful passenger connector between the North and South tripod of the Miami International Airport by Christopher Janney. I would love to sit there all day just to see the sunshine dance on the floor.


The video below for the installation of Harmonic Convergence is also very intriguing.


Do you like airport art installations?

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{Collecting Rainbows} Colored Glass Tealight Holders


When I used to be a traveling consultant, one thing I looked forward to every weekend when I made it back to my LA apartment was a long soak in my oversized tub with bubbles and salt. (Yes, it was totally one of those chick flick movie scenes.) I set up all these little colorful tea lights, some relaxing music, and a good book. It was sootheing on my eyes and muscles and I felt so rejuvenated afterwards.


I thought about how sweet these colored glass tealight holders from West Elm would be set up all over the bathroom for a relaxing moment to yourself. They can even be monogramed just for you or a friend as a gift.


Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself to recalibrate after the busy holiday season!


I love their variety of muted colors because they are perfectly calming. Pair these up with a vial of bubble bath or epsom salts for a lovely night to yourself.


What color of the rainbow would you choose?