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Daydream In Peach And Gray


Carpe Diem Peach & Gray Pillow ($55) | Fabric Peach & Gray Bouquet ($90) | Peach & Gray Birdcage Veil ($100) | Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief ($7) | Peach & Gray Fabric Bunting ($32) | Lace Peach & Gray Dreamcatcher ($20) | Bloom & Grow Tote ($25) | Peach & Gray Dresser ($425) | Peach Botswana Agate White Coral Bracelet ($50) | Peach & Gray Infinity Scarf ($22)

The light with a touch of sherbet combo of peach and gray is really striking a chord with me lately. It started with that awesome applique pillow and now I can’t get the pair out of my head.

Do you like the combination of peach and gray?

Art Design DIY Home Decor Paper

{Loved & Noted} Live Simply, Canvas Furniture, DIY Batik Dye, & Cardboard Alphabet


This week I’m really trying to think about only the basics I need with this Live Simply print ($20).

Canvas hanging furniture would be perfect for small spaces.

I’ve been dye-ing (pun totally intended!) to try my hand at batik since I read a book about it from the library. This version by Kelli Murray is so simple and pretty.

This cardboard alphabet by Weekday Carnival is so simple yet effective.

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Color Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Morning Web


Photo by Maria T Pons

The amazing photo of dewdrops on a spider web have me wanting to take a stroll to notice and appreciate all the little things. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Do you take morning strolls?

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Daydream In Stone Marble


Marble Title Background | Marble Wallpaper (€67.50) | Marble Pastry Board ($130) | Michael Kors Marble Print Dress ($1013) | Marble Salt Box ($26) | Vintage Marble Lamps ($695/2) | Marble Cake Stand ($128) | Marble Butter Keeper ($16) | Marble Print Flats ($78) | Marble Rolling Pin ($90) | Marble Cheese Board With Slicer ($13) | Marble Mortar & Pestle ($14-25) | Marble Cord Necklace (£28) | Saarinen Round Dining Table ($1800-4645) | Marble Fruit Bowl ($50)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of marble. Since getting our new home, I’ve been obsessing about the stuff and I want every antique marble table or marble top dresser we come across. I don’t know what it is. Its beautifully natural pattern, its cold smoothness, or maybe even the thoughts of rolling out pie dough on a cold winter’s day. I just can’t get enough of it these days. I was lucky enough to get a marble pastry board from my bff one year that has a permanent place on my counter for when the baking (or cold stone-ing) urge hits. Now I was to deck out the rest! (If marbling in the colorful graphic sense is more your thing, check out this past daydream post!)

Do you like marble?

Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Faux Fur

Beanbag ($54-159) | Velvet Tech Case ($48) | Faux Fur Earmuffs ($36) | Faux Fur Throw ($74) | Faux Fur Stocking ($38) | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow ($18) | Faux Fur Wrap ($35) | Faux Fur Wine Bag ($9)

I often joke that I just want to use my pet bunny Jake as a pillow. He’s so soft and sits there all day cleaning himself, which makes him even softer. Furry and soft things remind me of him when he’s not in the room and make me so happy. He uses his softness to bribe us for sweet treats such as carrots and berries, so he definitely wouldn’t approve of other furry things in the house. Maybe I’ll sneak a furry stocking for him or earmuffs for the cold when he’s not looking.

Do you like furry things? Which is your favorite?

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Daydream In Birch

Birch Branch Wall Hooks ($12/2) | Birch Shadows Tapestry ($230) | Birch Bark Straws ($8) | Birch Bark Strips ($10) | Blue Birch Wrapping Paper ($12) | Birch Necklace ($130) | Birch Cup | Birch Votive Holder ($38) | Woods Wallpaper ($198) | Birch Storage Boxes ($30/4)

This may seem like a totally random thing to daydream about, but A and I just decided on a theme for the powder room last week. Snow white. We were inspired by our recent addiction to the show Once Upon A Time and the mayor/evil queen’s office. Since our decision, A and I chose a glossy espresso stain for the cabinets. My best friend visited Sunday and with her motivation, we started staining (it’s our first project and I was/am super nervous!). It’s been a slow process because of the drying between coats, but we’re loving how it’s coming along. Just three more coats on the cabinet door fronts! It’s definitely a lot more modern. We started searching for the perfect tree/birch wallpaper (there are lots), and suddenly I started noticing birch and its pretty snow white branches everywhere. I wanted to share with you because it’s perfect for white and woodsy holiday decor too.

Do you like the look of birch? Have you started any home improvement projects lately?

Food Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Blue Crayfish

Photo by Jacques Strappe

A couple of months ago we headed to IKEA for inspiration and happened upon their yearly buffet. There were buckets of crawfish, swedish meatballs, and other delicious things. I’ve been craving crawfish, crayfish, lobster, and other yummy crustacean since! Anyone know where to get a good lobster roll?

What’s your favorite crustacean or do you not go there?

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{Lust List} Spotty Dotty

Bow Knot Gray Polka Dot Skirt ($179) | House of Kami Valentine Necklace ($110) | Satin Polka Bow Clip ($20)

What are you lusting after today?

Home Decor Nature Photography

{Color Palette} Roses On The Patio

Photo by A Creative Mint

I’ve talked about before how excited I am to eat and hang out outside in our new place. I’m also excited to pick flowers from our future garden and set them on the table for our al fresco meals. Gosh. I’m such a romantic. But it’s seriously these romantic thoughts that helped get me through the stresses of getting my first home!

Do you eat outdoors?

Color Food Home Decor

Daydream In A Gray Kitchen

Latern Kitchen | Large Range Kitchen | Espresso Station | LA Swedish Kitchen photographed by Petra Bindel | Table Island Kitchen | Kitchen Towel ($8) | Gray Sea Salt ($15) | Lowell Bowl ($90) | Marble Cheese Board ($15) | Potholder Set ($14) | Gold-Dipped Flatware ($38)

With all the different colorful kitchen accessories I have, it’s nice to sometimes step back into the neutrals. I’ve been loving gray in every form, so these pretty kitchens and goodies fit the bill!

Would you like gray in your kitchen?