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{Lust List} Touch Of Sparkle & Color


Kate Spade Sinclair Sunglasses (On Sale $89.90) | Devlin Pleated Skirt (On Sale $58.90) | Tasha Collar Necklace (On Sale $37.90) | Enzo Angiolini Gold Peep Toe Pumps (On Sale $66.90) | Danielle Nicole Faux Leather Clutch (On Sale $37.90)

Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale starts today (through 8/4) and I have a lot of stuff on my wish list. They all seem to have a touch of color or sparkle. No big surprise.

What are you lusting after today?

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{Lust List} Let’s Go Fly A Kite


Fredicks & Mae Kite ($64) | Seychelles Emerald Platforms ($84) | Rockland Backpack ($84) | BKR Glass Water Bottle ($24)

It’s been perfect kite flying weather lately. I’ve flown one as a kid, but I’m not sure if I could manage now. But, with this awesome Fredricks & Mae version, I might just be convinced to try again. We’ve been trying to bike around more, so these coordinating accessories would be perfect for a ride to the park and a kite attempt!

Have you ever flown a kite?

Color Nature

{Color Palette} The Sun Is Shining


Photo via Stay Gold

Even after buying a home in Oregon, I still am and will probably always be a California girl. I miss the sun and the palm trees and all my colorful sun dresses (which I try to wear here anyways with tights). I’m definitely longing for summer!

How are the Summers where you are?

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{Color Palette} Disco Ball Dance


Photo via Sophie Tajan

I never really thought much about disco balls, but now when I see them in the most uncommon places I want like 20 just hanging from the ceiling or to stand on in this case. The sparkle catching globes just scream fun! Now where can I inconspicuously sneak some into the house. Maybe the “music” room?

Are you a fan of disco balls?

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{Color Palette} A Spring Greenhouse


Photo via Mountains To Move

As you may know I don’t have a green thumb, but having a yard for the first time with room to grow, I’m dreaming big (maybe a little too big). Armed with a bunch of beautiful seed packets by BFF gave me in a pretty orange lacquer box, hours of research online on how to sprout seeds, and a potential purchase of a ton of grow lights and heating mats, I may finally attempt this big brown thumb hurdle of mine. We’ll see. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll blame it on not having a beautiful pretty greenhouse like the one above.

Do you have a green thumb? What do you grow?

Garden Nature Vintage

Daydream In Planters


Vintage Bathtub With Stand ($250) | Cast Stone Planter With Sage DIY Kit ($18) | Alpaca Garden Planter ($58) | Green Jonna Planter ($20) | Stackable Planter ($59)

I’ve been reading a bunch of books from the library about the advantages of container gardening. I’ve yet to figure out what I’m doing in my own garden, but in the meantime I’m definitely daydreaming of a colorful and eclectic garden with fun planters.

PS: I still love these honeycomb planters too.

Do you garden in planters? Raised beds? Straight into the soil?

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{Color Palette} Sweet Indoor Fort


DIY on A Subtle Revelry

Since watching Moonrise Kingdom, A and I have been talking about converting our secret attic room into a cute “tent.” This beautiful inspiration on A Subtle Revelry had me lusting after a sweet and feminine version. I’m extra loving those stars & giant flowers.

Do you have an attic room? What have you done with it?

Color Home Decor

{Color Palette} Colorful Dining Room

Photo via Digsdigs

I need a bright pick me up today, so when I saw this picture I knew it would do the trick for anyone else out there that needs a color dose. I’ve been trying to bring color into our dining room to make it a fun place for people to hang out. I love this inspiration.

What is your dining room style?

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{Color Palette} A Simple Boxwood Wreath

Photo by La Buena Vida

Merry Christmas! I hope you are spending time with loved ones on this day.

What are you plans for today?

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{Color Palette} Sparkly Confetti

Photo via Icing Designs

Today is my cousin D’s birthday. What better to celebrate with than sparkly confetti! I hope you have a wonderful and special day, D.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your birthday?