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{Color Palette} Ornamental Antlers


I’m always intrigued by animal heads. They speak to me and freak me out at the same time. But, I’m loving this holiday version decorated with sparkly ornaments (via I Suwanee). Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you celebrating today?


{Color Palette} Bundled Up With String


This adorable winter carnival image by Oleg Oprisco puts me in the mood to start my Christmas shopping! How cute are those packages.

Are you in the mood to start shopping?

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{Color Palette} Jolly Holly Cake


I’m always excited to go home and visit the folks and my niece and nephew! I always feel the pressure to bake some sort of goody to pack with me on the plane. While browsing ideas, I came across this sparkly holly cake that would surely make my little niece and nephew jolly. (via I Bleed Cake)

What’s your signature holiday treat?

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{Color Palette} A Simple Boxwood Wreath

Photo by La Buena Vida

Merry Christmas! I hope you are spending time with loved ones on this day.

What are you plans for today?

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{Smell The Roses} Christmas Tree



I’ve wanted to cut down a tree for years, but I never had the room or a reason. Finally having the room in the living room this year to have a tree was quite exciting! With the encouragement of my friend E, we went to a tree farm in a town nearby and picked out our fave (after much debate and walking). A started the sawing and we realized the teeth on our saw were all bent and messed up. So, we resorted to notch making around the perimeter and A pushing the tree over. Haha. Luckily we purposely chose a littler tree with a small trunk! I can’t get over the delicious smell of pine. I just want to sit there all day to take it in. We are definitely ready to make it a yearly tradition. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Have you ever cut down your own tree?

DIY Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} Special Delivery Tags


If I were more on top of things, I would’ve shared with you all my recipes & packaging for this year’s holiday box (I may still share them in January). But as time would have it, I’m headed to the Bay Area tomorrow morning & I still need to wrap gifts & pack. If you’re crunched on time like me, I’m sure these tags will come in handy for those last minute gifts you’re trying to find! These Special Delivery tags are what I used on my boxes this year, which were pine themed (pine green, coral, kraft colors).



  • Template
  • Printer
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon or twine to attach tag to your gift


  1. Click the template to open.
  2. Print on desired paper.
  3. Cut along the outside of the coral tag.
  4. Punch a hole in the center of the kraft colored circle.
  5. String ribbon or twin through the punched hole and attach to your gift!








Are you done with your holiday shopping?


{Lust List} For The Photographer

Pencil Sharpener ($18) | Camera Bank ($20) | Stardust Camera Strap ($130) | Whistle While You Work Flash Drive ($50) | Camera Clutch ($75) | Photo Hangers ($8.50) | Camera Lens Mug (£10) | Glass Camera Ornament ($11)

A and I have gotten a lot more into photography the past two years and so my eye is always out for fun gifts for him and other people into photography. There are so many cute things nowadays! Today’s Lust List is dedicated those that love the art of photography or collecting cameras.

Do you know someone that’s into photography? Are you?

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{Color Palette} Pink Christmas

Photo by Cuckoo Mama

We cut down our Christmas tree last weekend. it’s our first Christmas tree in this house and the first one I’ve ever picked out and cut down. We picked up some ornaments from some vintage shops and I began decorating. After I finished I realized that I just about chose the girliest colors ever. The whole tree glowed of pink, purple, and gold much to A’s dismay. He was a good sport and said he liked it though. Haha. The air is now rich with sap and our house officially smells like the holidays!

Do you usually get a tree for the holidays?

Color Fashion Vintage

{Lust List} Vintage Red, White, & Blue


First Prize Rosette ($105) | Silk Button Down Top ($48) | Vintage Stitched Pumps ($36)

What are your 4th of July plans?

DIY Paper Printables

{Freebie Friday} This Year I Will Goal List

With New Year’s approaching, a lot of us are thinking about how we want to change the things we do and how we do them. Whether it be reading more books, exercising more, eating better, or even spending more time with family. We’re all thinking about how we want to better ourselves. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about how I want this year to be different, but now I tend to focus on smaller goals and celebrate them. Little things like finally getting around to cleaning the receipts out of my bulging wallet or maybe planning out at least a week’s worth of meals to cook at home are just as worthy of that satisfied completion feeling.

I thought I’d spread this train of thought through today’s printable (nabbed the color palette from this post). Each week you can write down one achievable goal that you want to conquer along with any action items you can check off along the way. When you’re done, just write in your completion date and feel accomplished! If you are into New Year’s resolutions, you can do the same thing and feel accountable for any goals you may have set.


  • Template
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1. Click on desired template to open.
  2. Print on paper.
  3. Cut along solid lines.
  4. Fill in goal, any action items needed to achieve the goal, and post it up for you to visualize and remember!


 This week we’ve:

Do you like setting goals? New Year’s resolutions? What are your goals going to be?