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{Wish I Was Wed} Matthew Tapia

{Matthew Tapia} Tumblr

I’ve always been interested in typography. I don’t even know the basics, but I remember in college commenting on the fonts of different store signs with my friends that thought I was a dork for even bringing it up. I’m absolutely loving Matthew Tapia’s work. It’s so refreshing and fun.

Do you like typography and hand lettering?

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{Color Inspiration} Molecular Art

Today’s {Color Inspiration} comes from an unlikely source. Remember back to those biology classes? Those cell drawings? Aren’t they pretty incredible? Besides being colorful, it’s wonderfully illustrated so my brain can comprehend. Take a look at these molecular paintings/drawings by author, artist, scientist, and ph.D. David Goodsell or should I say “Good Cell” (I crack myself up with my nerdiness) via Jill Bliss.


Did you like or dislike taking biology?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} ConiLab

I love displaying things in my office and home that make me feel good. Whether it be a little feather I picked up on a recent hike or an inspirational quote on the wall that drives me through the day. ConiLab’s beautiful and simple screenprints fit the bill. I love their simple and clean design and words. They are just enough to make me smile and be inspired.

{ConiLab} ShopWebsiteTwitter

PS: It’s your lucky day! ConiLab is giving Daydream In Color readers 10% off with code “CONIDAYDREAM” until the end of March! Use it well!

What in your office and home help you stay happy and motivated?

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{Color Inspiration} Disastro Ecologico Wallpaper Series

Similar to Mark Mawson’s Aqueous series I posted about a while back, these ink water mixture photography series called Disastro Ecologico by Alberto Seveso (via Behance) have me staring. Best part about them? They’re free desktop wallpapers so I have something to stare at while I’m “working.”

What’s the wallpaper on your desktop?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Federico Pietrella

With my birthday coming up, I thought this post was completely appropriate.

Artists toy with mediums, materials, inks, paints, and everything under the sun, but sometimes, I’m just completely in awe of their choice and the result. When I saw Berlin-based Federico Pietrella’s date stamp paintings on Colossal, I was just staring at the screen. I don’t even get how he did it. There is so much conveyed in the detail of each piece that it’s hard to imagine them being created with just a stamp!

{Federico Pietrella} Website

Have you experimented with unusal mediums, materials, or inks?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} The 10 Best for Year One

The {Wish I Was Wednesday} was my way of showcasing the incredible talent that surrounds us. There is so much to learn from illustrators, photographers, designers, and others that pursue their life’s passion. It’s so rewarding to delve into their portfolios and websites to better understand their thoughts, background, and influences so that I can introduce them to you each week.

Here are your 10 favorites of Year One:

1. Marc Johns

2. Jen Wick Studios

3. Sasha Prood

4. Klas Fahlen

5. Dave Hakkens & Interview

6. Andrew B. Myers

7. Klaus/Leontjew

8. Myeongbeom Kim

9. Jordan Elsie of Horrible Adorables

10. Tatsuro Kiuchi

What was your favorite {Wish I Was Wednesday} this year? Who would you like to see featured?

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{Color Inspiration} The Chromatic Typewriter

A has always been into the past. All things vintage. He’s there. He used to type all his papers with a Royal typewriter all the way into high school just because he 1) wanted to be a rebel & 2) was just so into it. After graduation, his parents donated a lot of his “old” stuff to Goodwill and recently we found a lot of it at a local antique shop. Literally his exact stuff. Old erector toys he made and there we found his Royal. His old song lyrics still on the ribbon that he had specifically hand-wound to fit this typewriter. There it sat for over $200. He was so bummed!

I have to admit that like A, I still romanticize about clanking away at an old typewriter to get my thoughts to paper. There’s just such a satisfying sound. With this project by artist Tyree Callahan I saw on ManMade, I have all the reasons I need to buy an antique typewriter (as if I ever needed one to begin with).

The Chromatic Typewriter is a 1927 Underwood typewriter that Tyree replaced the typebars with ink pads. Each cooresponding key is labelled with the color and the shift key even works with each key to activate another color. This amazing work of art makes creating original pieces incredibly easy and beautiful.

Are you into vintage typewriters? What do you think about transforming them into something new?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Shane McAdams

We write with them every day. We grab one with a notepad right before a meeting. The only time we really worry about them is when they’re out or we can’t find one as we dig in our purses. But, Shane McAdam took ball point pens to a whole different level of interesting. He has several ball point pen paintings as well as a series called Synthetic Landscapes that just really draws your eyes into the landscape through his use of ball point pen ink.

Shane extracts the inks and heats them with solvents. Then he uses natural forces like gravity and wind to create each piece. Some of them are even labelled with the brand and color for reference (e.g., Paper Mate Green).

If you’re in the New York area, he’s having an exhibit called The Fair And Open Face Of Heaven at Allegra LaViola Gallery from January 6 through February 4, 2012. I’d definitely check it out if I was on that coast!

{Shane McAdams} Website

Do you use ball point pens? Do you have a favorite brand?

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{Wish I Was Wednesday} Marc Johns

I’m going to start a series called {Wish I Was Wednesday}. There are so many artist, designers, photographers, crafters, etc that are incredibly talented and I wish I could be. This is my way of sharing them with you in case you’ve never seen their work. Hopefully it’ll be inspiring enough to get you through hump (middle of the week) day!

The first artist up is Marc Johns that I discovered through Design Love Fest.. His simple ink and watercolor drawings are adorable and funny. They are totally random and that’s part of their charm! He also draws on sticky notes, which are equally awesome. He has lots of his artwork and merchandise in his online shop and a book!

Which piece is your favorite?