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Color DIY Nature Paper

Daydream In Cherry Blossoms


Paper Flowers ($36/6) | Submerged Flower Centerpiece DIY | Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance ($14) | Cherry Blossom Chocoates ($25) | Cherry Blossom Headband ($60) | Double Cherry Blossom Paper Garland ($8) | Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set ($200) | Cherry Blossom Branch Ring ($35) | Branches In Boots | Letterpress Invitation

Yesterday was Spring Equinox and also the start of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. How I’d love to see all the pink blossoms that dot the city. Instead, I’ll be daydreaming in delicate flower crowns, pretty rings, and a spritz of cherry blossom perfume. By the way, how good do those cherry blossom dark chocolates filled with cherry almond liquid caramel look! I also found these adorable cherry blossom sticky notes. Come back tomorrow for a free cherry blossom notecard to print out and celebrate Spring!

PS: If you are looking for more cherry blossom inspiration, try making a crown like this.

Do you like cherry blossoms? Do you have any blooming near you?

Color Design Fashion Paper Party Vintage

Daydream In Kelly Green

Eames Rocker | Pen | Madewell Suede Peep-Toe Wedge ($188) | Cardigan ($35) | Facet Flower Studs ($8) | Espresso Maker ($300) | Bib Necklace ($30) | J.Crew Lucienne One-Shoulder Chiffon Dress ($250) | Sequins ($.69) | Navoh Nicky Crossbody Bag ($65) | Edge Painted Invites

Bright kelly greens always catch my eye. They’re fun and perfect as a statement piece. They’re fun mixed with patterns and color blocked with other bolds or pastels. I’ve been noticing a lot of flirty kelly green dresses in stores with ruffles and pleats in maxi dresses and hi-lo skirts. Let’s daydream in this punchy color together!

Do you like kelly green?

Fashion Home Decor Paper Patterns Portland

Daydream In Tribal Print

Being in the Pacific Northwest pretty much makes you a fan of Pendelton. Their bold colors and graphic patterns are just hard to resist. I’m finding that I love the print on pretty much everything else too. I thought I’d share my finds. Let’s daydream together…

Tribal Blanket Photograph by Alexandra Valenti via Gretchen Jones | Navajo Cape | Mango Wood Vase ($35) | Tribal & Stub Belt ($14.50) | Feast Placemat ($12) | Aztec Bangles by House of Harlow ($80 each) | Agadir Twists Rug ($498-1998) via Poppytalk | Cynthia Vincent Coin Wallet ($95) | Cynthia Vincent Juno Wedges ($195) | Bella Figura Ikaty Wedding Invitation Suite via Parcel Post

Do you like tribal print?

Art Color DIY Fashion Food Home Decor Paper Party Patterns Sweets Vintage

Daydream In Marble

You know I love me some pretty patterns and bright colors, so it shouldn’t be any shock to you how much I love seeing marble pop up all over. The fun part about marble is that is can totally make a bold statement or just add a bit of interest because it can be almost graphic in use or flowy and watercolor-esque. Being a pisces, I love it when patterns can go with the flow of the situation and need. Enjoy the finds below!

Top to bottom and left to right:

Do you like the marbled look?

PS: Get ready for a week of giveaways to celebrate our one year blogiversary starting this Saturday!

Fashion Paper Party Sweets Vintage

Daydream In Lace

Lace is sophisticated, classic, romantic, and just gorgeous in its detailed patterns. I’ve loved it since I was young draped over our family piano. Although I’m not one to pull it off in a full outfit, with the 60′s & 70′s fashion revival it’s popped up on most everything from vests, accessories, and even paper invitations and celebrations that are very easily incorporated into your life! Let’s look at our finds below.

Do you like lace? How do you like it best?

Color Fashion Paper Sweets

Daydream in Red, White, & Blue

As we gear up for this long weekend, I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate in patriotic colors whatever your plans may be. This is also to gear up for tomorrow Freebie Friday, which I’m really excited about! It’ll incorporate our nation’s colors into something fun & cute! Stay tuned.

Do you like the combo of red, white, and blue?

Art Design Fashion Food Home Decor Nature Paper Patterns Sweets

Daydream in Space

I hope ya’ll had an amazing weekend and Mother’s Day! It was pouring rain most for most of it here in P-town, but I was still able to make it productive. I made it to Crafty Wonderland and since I was such a laze when it came to downloading my pictures, I’ll do a little switcharoo of my normal weekend recap and daydream posts. You’ll have to wait until Thursday to see some of the amazing things they had at the event!

Onward we go. So, recently I was the lucky winner of a $25 gift card to 20 Best Twenty where they have the cutest shop filled with independent sellers and rotating curators.  For example, the current curator is J from J’s Everyday Fashion. It’s such a great concept! Doesn’t it just feel like you’re shopping with a girlfriend because they’ve already picked out their faves from across the web? Meg Sonnenberg, their creative director, was also such a sweetheart when we were discussing the details via email.


Anyways, after much consideration, I finally landed on buying this amazing Atomsphere print below by We Are Brainstorm. Their other work is also equally amazing!

Since then, my head has been stuck somewhere in space and I thought I’d share some of my “shooting stars” so you too can be inspired and surround yourself with the same.

$16.77 – 20.13 By Kate Blake of Mara Madra via Creature Comforts

$585 Astronaut-like Helmet Light via ABC Home

$32 via Anthropologie

By Diana Hulme for her nursery via Say Yes To Hoboken

$21 for 24 via The Celebrate Shoppe

$275 By Sarah Lewis

By Minted via Elizabeth Anne Designs

By Paper, Plate, and Plane

Contact for custom helmet & pricing. Hand painted By Danielle Baskin

$37.99 via ModCloth

$2,575 By Christopher Kane via The Man Repeller & Gretchen Jones. The one below seems to be from the same collection.

By Celestial Buddies via Craft

And last but definitely not least. There are tons of inspirational art pieces and prints besides the one I chose out in the 20 Best Twenty store that I love!

$7.95 from Patina

By Brent Couchman via Eight Hour Day

Via Gretchen Jones

$25 by Dante Terzigni via Happy Mundane

Via Gretchen Jones

$ 95 By AGC916 via BB-Blog

via Gretchen Jones

By Cody Trepte via Design Crush

 Do you like space and cosmic things?

Color Design DIY Fashion Home Decor Paper Party

Daydream in Royal Blue

With Royal Wedding fever upon us and in full swing tomorrow, I thought it’d be appropriate to look for some ways us romance loving onlookers can celebrate in a colorful way. What could be more fitting than royal blue! With it’s deep richness, it says bring on the classy, but don’t forget the vodka! Do you love it or hate it? Are you following the royal wedding? Here are some ways to use royal blue celebrate with the beautiful couple in style.

Cookie Recipe Collection as Wedding Favors DIY Project by Weddings & Cookies

$80 by Julia Vallelunga of La Raffinerie via Creature Comforts via That’s Happy

$30 via Nordstrom

$49.99 via ModCloth

$678 via Neiman Marcus

$6 via Your nearest drugstore (I recently bought this color & it’s so lovely especially layered on)

$89.99 via ModCloth

By Mary McDonald Interiors via Prepfection via Design Darling

$28 by Yves Saint Laurent via Hip Hip Gin Gin

Skyy Vodka via Your local liquor store

By Bespoke Press via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Spa at Parker Palm Springs via Paris Hotel Boutique

Art Color Fashion Home Decor Nature

Daydream in Emerald

Hope you’re wearing green today! Of course, here at Daydream in Color, we have to pay a tribute to any holiday that requires wearing a specific color. For some reason, this year I was thinking about Emerald City. This was the fictional capital in Wizard of Oz. Everyone was made to wear green tinted glasses, so that everything appeared green, but in reality it wasn’t greener than any other city. Well, with that, I invite you to take off your green tinted glasses for a moment to enjoy fun things I’ve found to incorporate green into your life! Do you love green? Do you find ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe and home?

By Brigit
By Nathalie Ouederni via Design Work Life

By Kara Ross
Via Real Butterfly Gifts
Via Twig & Thistle
Via Janey Clothing
Via Twig & Thistle

Via Avenue 7
Via Ika Bags

Art Design Paper Party

{Wish I Was Wednesday} Luci Everett

This Wednesday I wish I was the talented graphic artist Luci Everett. She has a an impressive portfolio filled with music artwork, invitations, brand identity, and filled books. Here’s some of her work to enjoy to spark your creativity.

And I saved my favorite for last. A little party book that’s “a portrait of a playful tradition.” Wouldn’t it be fun to document a party or event in such cuteness? Then you could have the volumes on your shelf like yearbooks.