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DIY Home Decor

{Loved & Noted} DIY Cookie Tin Lamp, Sunshine Honeycomb Wall, & DIY Stencil Floor Pillows


With my garden fever really needing a rest, I’m resorting back to my previous obsession – home decor. I still have a lot of decorating,  designing, and DIYing all over the house. That’s why these adorable DIYs are on my radar.

How awesome is that sunshine honeycomb wall by Vintage Revival?

Those DIY stencil floor pillows by Handmade Charlotte are a must for our potential Moroccan room.

What a creative way to reuse a cookie tin – into a lamp!

What DIYs have you been eyeing lately?

The {Loved & Noted} series touches on inspiration from creatives and fellow bloggers all over the world.

Fashion Home Decor Party

Daydream In Seagrass



Seagrass Pendant Light ($159) | Scalloped Seagrass 2-Tier Tray ($49) | Seagrass Wrapped Pitcher ($13) | Seagrass Tumblers ($23/4) | Seagrass Placemat ($24) | Seagrass Beehive Skeps ($26) | Seagrass Hawaiian Beach Mats ($30) | Oversize Seagrass Basket ($129) | Seagrass Straw Hat (£20) | Seagrass Linen Fragrance Diffuser (£18) | Seagrass Purse ($54) | Seagrass Cylinder Floor Lamp ($80) | Seagrass Hanging Basket ($15) | Seagrass Armchair ($499)

With Father’s Day on Sunday, we’re thinking of inviting A’s parents over for a BBQ. That plus the warm summer air is making me think of all things outdoors and coastal. That led me to all things seagrass and its cool and casual vibe. So, here’s some inspiration for spending a day outdoors with our dads!

PS: If you’re still in need of a Father’s Day card, check out this bowtie one and this pop card!

Are you a fan of seagrass?

Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lucite


CC Skye Lucite Clutch ($275) | Louis Ghost Chair ($410) | Lanvin Lucite Wedge Sandal ($1590) | Alexis Bittar ($275) | Lucite Trunk | Jonathon Adler Lucite Lamp ($487) | Natasha Couture Bead & Chain Necklace ($24) | Nesting Tables ($130)

With Spring around the corner, lucite is bound to be another fun trend. Since getting the nesting tables above, I can’t seem to stop looking at any piece of furniture that features lucite. It not only helps make a space look bigger, it’s fun when they’re injected with a hint of color. That clutch and those wedges (a pretty splurge!) would definitely go with everything.

Are you a fan of lucite?

Color Fashion Home Decor

Daydream In Lavender


Urbanears Headphones ($60) | Mini Chandelier ($60) | Michael Kors Griffin Sunglasses ($105) | Open Back Contrast Panel Dress ($25) | Faceted Triangle Bracelet ($11) | Maybelline Eye Shadow ($3) | Pauls Boutique Maisy Suede Patent Bag ($114) | Skinny Belt ($11) | Plum & Bow Corsage Shower Curtain ($44) | Cordy Roy Mouse ($24)

I’ve always been drawn to all shades of purple. Maybe because my birthstone is amethyst. The light hue of lavender has been fluttering my heart lately especially with the coming spring.

Do you like lavender?

Home Decor Partner

{Partnered Post} Flip A Switch


I’ve been slowly figuring out a way to deck my closet out in art deco details. A installed a mini chandelier and I’ve been deciding on a fabric to line my shelves. It’s already decked out with a half mannequin and little milk glass figures. One of the things I think will make it look great is a new brass switch plate to turn the chandelier on and to hint of what’s to come inside. If you’re in Great Britian, there are lots of options from this shop. Buy decorative light switches from Harbro Electrical here.

Note: This post is written in partnership with Harbro Electrical. All words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help me provide colorful inspiration to all you lovelies. Thanks for tuning in!

Design Fashion Home Decor Nature Patterns

Daydream In Feathers



Feather Cape | Boutonniere ($16) | Tote Bag (£9) | Feather Collection Box via Happy Mundane | Feather Flower Arrangements by Flowerwild | Bow Bridal Fascinator ($200) | Gucci Runway Feather Ponytail | Feather Hands | Feathered Hat | Wing Light ($98) | Miss Wu Bella Feather Print Dress ($395) | Feather Faux Lashes ($20) | Quill Pen ($60)

I’ve been obsessed wtih feathers for as long as I can remember because my Chinese name is made up of the word feather. They’ve been “in” for a while now, but I still can’t get enough. The silky plumes exude luxury and girliness. Just love them in everything from flower arrangements to fashion. If you’re into that wing lamp, by the way, you might also enjoy this gilded wing post.

Are you a fan of feathers?

Art Design Home Decor

{Color Inspiration} Page By Page Lamp


Remember when I said that sometimes I panic from indecisiveness and I don’t end up making any decision at all? Well, this totally solves my problems. At least when it comes to choosing a lamp ($59). I can change it daily with my mood. Kind of like these flowers. This would be a fun gift for anyone on your list!

Which lamp do you like most?

Fashion Home Decor Patterns

Daydream In Scales


DIY Shower Curtain ($33) | Art by Katie Rose Gill | Leather Lamp Designed by Johanna Vighagen Sten (Photo by Louise Alexandersson) | Dragon Scales Jotter ($5.75) | Blue Bobo Scales Pillow ($88) | Break Into A Scallop Dress ($75) | Kate Spade Deco Geo Quilt ($350-400) | Pixel Rug by Piodao Group | Scale Earrings ($46) | Tights ($20) | Vintage Sequin Purse | Carnaby Scale Vase ($68)

There’s something so fun about the graphic pattern of scales. I used to doodle them all over my textbook covers. Today we’re daydreaming in them from quilts and pillows to dresses and earrings.

Do you like scale patterns?

Design DIY Home Decor

{Lust List} Pink Geometric Lights

Pink Decahedron Pendant ($589) | Gem Lamp ($165) | Geometric Lampshade DIY

It’s funny because A was just saying he’s so lucky because I like masculine furniture. I think it’s because I’m big on metal, wood, and leather plus I know he doesn’t want a giant fluffy pink couch and nor do I. I’ve been daydreaming in feminine colors and patterns for my office/craft room though. I will definitely have some shade of pink. I’m digging these pink geometric lights lately. It pops even in the middle of a rainstorm.

What are you favorite colors to decorate with?

Color Fashion Food Home Decor

Daydream In Eggplant

Drinkware ($25/4) | Shimmer Eggplant Nail Polish ($3) | Set In Stone Short Necklace ($178) | Georgina Shams ($88-98) | Sunset Throw ($49) | Avalon Table Lamp ($218) | Ceramic Vase ($49) | Faux Fur Stole ($52) | Marc Jacobs Lizzie Embossed Tote ($378)

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors. The deep hue of eggplant sends me thinking of comforting eggplant parmesan and cozy faux fur stoles perfect for slipping over a cozy fall dress. I’m loving that it’s one of the hottest colors this Fall.

Do you like the color eggplant?